Insert skins and use own pictures is Ennes these games phenomena which, grouse and Co. must be seen within the ranks of simple games á la Flappy Bird. The simple gameplay attracts numerous players in front of the screen that want to market only a short time before the screen and then invest in their cell for hours. To customize the game experience, you can select in skins for your character. Insert skins and use own pictures

So you no longer touches as monotonous single-color cell by the court, but have a colorful, appropriate your interests pawn. Meanwhile, it has managed from the browser on the smartphone screen, the game of skill. The skins can be selected on both the PC and on the Android and iOS versions of the game. Tips and Tricks

play with skins

Will you select a skin in, you can do through the game name before starting this. Of course, you have to compromise on your own behalf, but are allowed for hunting with a colorful cell on the playing field.


  • (Figure 1.6):
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  • (Figure 6.6):

So you can use skins in

  1. Starts the game in the browser or on Android / iOS.
  2. In the field where you can actually enter your game name, you must enter a special designation. Behind every name is a different appearance for the character hidden.

Among the skins, diverse Memes, flags and other, mostly funny little picture for the game found. Et al following skins for are currently available:

  • 4chan
  • 9gag
  • Argentina
  • australia
  • croatia
  • Doge
  • Ea
  • germany
  • Facepunch
  • Facebook
  • italy
  • Japan
  • NASA
  • poland
  • russia
  • Feminism
  • Stussy
  • Wojak
  • Yaranaika
  • And much more.

The list of available skins is continuously extended by developers. An overview is it such. B. at

agario-skinsAn overview of available skins at insert your own skins?

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to integrate completely custom skins in You can submit their own creative proposals to Reddit and so give developers an incentive to insert your own skin in the mini-game. So that the image can be used in the game, some conditions must be observed:

  • The image of the skin must have 512px size of 512px x.
  • The picture should be hand drawn and correspond to the already available skins.
  • Selects an appropriate name.
  • The skin image should be hosted on
  • Begging will not help!

Skins wish to Reddit*


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