Sky Receiver: Exclamation mark lit – what to do?

Will you bring the program of pay-TV provider Sky on the TV, you need a corresponding receiver including smart card. In some cases, it may happen that the Sky receiver displays an exclamation mark and not want to start properly. Find out here what you can do with corresponding problems.

Sky Receiver: Exclamation mark lit - what to do?

The exclamation point is displayed in the front LED strip next to the power light. Here, the icon can have several causes that do not have the same point to an error or even failure of the receiver.

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Sky Receiver: Exclamation mark lit at the start, no picture

  • The icon appears when the receiver is busy and z. B. boot after the start command.
  • It must not necessarily indicate an error.
  • At startup, the receiver can find an update for the receiver firmware that must be installed.
  • This process can take several minutes to complete, so that the impression appears, the receiver would be defective.
  • If the exclamation mark does not disappear even after one hour, is perhaps but a fault.
  • Starts the Sky program even after a long wait is not trying turn the receiver off and on.
  • If the restart does not help, take the receiver completely from the mains.
  • Wait a few minutes and starts the receiver again.
  • Maybe it came with the update to complications, so that the update process is performed again on this path.

Sky Receiver: Exclamation mark lit - what to do?

Sky Receiver: What does the exclamation mark?

Sky receiver via the settings menu can be reset to factory defaults. So bug in the firmware can be removed. At reset, however, personal settings will be deleted.

Under certain circumstances, the fault lies not at all directly on the receiver, but to connect to the Sky signal. Elsewhere, you can check whether a major disruption in Skyvorliegt. Controls whether all the cables to the receiver is properly connected. Under certain circumstances, storms or snow can cause reception interference.


If this does not fix permanently, you can cause a device replacement for the Sky receiver. Contacted this Sky hotline and describes your problem, in which the exclamation mark is displayed permanently on Sky receivers without a picture on the TV screen will appear.



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