use Windows problem reporting on or off – so both are made

Windows problem reporting, also called Windows Error Reporting may send information of your computer to Microsoft when hardware or software problems have occurred. Microsoft can then deal with the system errors and looking for solutions. Once there may be useful information, you will be informed. Here you learn how you can use Windows problem reporting and how you turned it off.

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Windows Problem Reporting - what good is it?

After a Windows Error Reporting you will receive a message from Windows, if there is a possible solution or relevant information in Action Center. If it initially is no solution, the details sent in the problem report can help Microsoft to seek a solution or create. Next you have to consider when you're looking for solutions and information:

  • Click then "check status of the computer" bottom left of the Windows icon, then click "Control Panel" under "System and Security" link.

Status of the computer Windows 7

  • If there are solutions or suggestions about your system errors, you see this in the "Security" or "maintenance" in Action Center.
  • You will receive a message from the Action Center when you should look at you specific operations.
  • Once you have opened a solution, you see detailed instructions for removing or reducing the system problems.
  • Solutions in yellow indicate that you should try to fix the error, your system is, however, not highly vulnerable to the problem.
  • Solutions in red indicate that a security threat is present or threatens a loss of data if the failure is not eliminated.

It is therefore advisable to leave it on Windows problem reporting.

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disable or change Windows Problem Reporting

Action Center

Click the bottom left of the Windows icon, then "Control Panel." Click on "System and Security", then click "Action Center". The "Action Center" window is displayed.

Action Center in Windows 7

Settings for Problem Reporting

In the left pane, you click "Change Action Center settings". click on "Settings for Problem Reporting" under "Related settings". The "Settings for Problem Reporting" window is displayed.

Settings for Problem Reporting

choose an option

Selects the setting that you prefer. It is generally best if you choose "Automatic search for solutions." But Do you want to have more control over what happens when your system has a problem, select another option. Do you want to completely get rid of Windows problem reporting, "Never seek solutions" selected. After your decision you click on "OK".

off Problem Reporting

The procedures above are applied to Windows 7. This may vary in other versions of Windows.

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