Firefox: Disable JavaScript – Manual

On many websites interactive content such as videos and other functions are implemented using JavaScript. Some sites, however, malware and other nasty content may access through JavaScript on the computer. Here you learn how to disable the Firefox browser.

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Note that many websites require JavaScript. Turns her to run JavaScript content from interactive content on Web pages can not be displayed.

Tip: To activate your Javascript in all major browsers: enable Javascript (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera) - Here&# 8217; s.

So you can disable JavaScript in Firefox

firefox-abouat-configWhen JavaScript is a programming language that can be built into websites to play videos, menus, sounds and other multimedia content. By default, JavaScript is enabled in Firefox. Do you want to have more control over your visits in the network, you can disable JavaScript in your Firefox. The deactivation is also worth a dangerous drive-by downloads to verhindern.Bis several versions there was this still an own button in Firefox Preferences. In current versions you have to take a detour to turn off JavaScript in Firefox. This goes like this:

  1. Give into the browser address bar "about: config" the command.
  2. The warning message now appears confirmed her with "I'll be careful, I promise!"
  3. Of course, the warning should be taken seriously. Incorrect settings that are made here can threaten the security and stability of the Firefox browser.
  4. In the top search bar you will search for the entry "javascript.enabled".
  5. If the value assigned to "True" is JavaScript turned on.
  6. In order to turn off the multimedia browser content, click the right mouse button on the entry.
  7. Selects the "switching" option.
  8. The value will be automatically switched to "False" JavaScript is disabled.


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Firefox: Turn off JavaScript by changing

now controls the desired website. Note that the setting to the entire browser effect and is therefore also valid for other websites. Do you want to turn on JavaScript again, simply click once on the entry and sets about "switching" the value to "True". can now as usual be surfed.


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