Rambo 5: Facts & amp; Rumors – Rambo retired?

According to Sylvester Stallone Rambo 5 should be the last part of the franchise, but now seems to be clear that we can no longer look forward to a furious finale with legendary final fight us. Unfortunately, there are no longer just rumors, but now it seems a fact that Rambo 5: Last Blood is at least not come up with Stallone on the canvas. 


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Hard action needs a rock hard body and tons of adrenaline and afterwards the celebrated muscleman Sylvester Stallone does not seem to want to get involved. His words are clear and clearly show the end of the Rambo V-Dream:

&# 8220; The heart is willing, but the body says: &# 8216; Stay at home!&8217; &# 8230; It is then beaten up neatly like fighters who return for one last round and, Let the rather make someone else.&# 8221;

sly feels too old

according to this statement, the 69-year-old Sly is therefore no longer give the cult war veteran. Instead, he is content that, in his eyes the story is told to end with John Rambo, the last part of the series. The uncompromising and brutal civil war scenario had awakened in their own words of Sly Stallone, no desire in him to make such again. It's pleasant to see that an actor can obviously conclude relaxed and satisfied with one of his most famous roles.

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No Rambo V, but a Rambo television series? Rambo: New Blood

The new TV series Rambo: New Blood is definitely in the planning of the TV channel Fox. According to rumors, the master of tough action in the series should see and participate as a producer. This is denied everything, Fox will run through the thing without Sly, who can apply and no enthusiasm for this project: &# 8220; I do not want herumstänkern, but it's pretty tricky to try to replace a character by his son. The new series is in fact predominantly Rambo's son &# 8211; J.R. &# 8211; turn.

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One consolation is there missed the required grinding of the recent theatrical release of Creed in Germany, though no longer active in the boxing Rocky, but a young talent.

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