WhatsApp: line break or sending with Enter key?

With WhatsApp can simply sending short messages. Which is what the normal keyboard. Depending on the setting, sent a message by tapping the "Enter" key on the mobile device or insert a line break in the text.

Depending on your taste you can adjust the setting. Shipyard also a look at our exciting other WhatsApp tricks in the video:

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WhatsApp: line break instead of sending

By default, a new row is inserted through the "Enter" key. Speed ​​recorder or users that have used the Enter key to send to other messenger services can adjust the setting quickly.

  1. Expresses this in the chat window on the three dots at top right.
  2. Opens the "Settings".
  3. Selects the settings for "chats".
  4. Here you can choose above if "Enter" to be used for sending or for adding a new line. Sets or removes the check in the "Enter = Send" to the desired option. The gray text on the line indicates which setting is currently active.
whatsapp-new-lineWith this setting, you can insert new rows by Enter.

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WhatsApp: line break on the PC and Mac

For some time, you can also use the PC and Mac WhatsApp. For this, you need to connect in advance of a QR code with the browser, the WhatsApp account. Then you can as usual recourse to the Messenger features. Do you want to insert a line break in the text here, just keep the Shift key pressed before her then presses Enter. Now, a new line appears before you can send the message.

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