Start Windows faster and faster booting (how-to)

How fast Windows is booted on many different parameters, a few of which we can easily influence. But with a few tricks you can start Windows faster!

The speed of the hard drive and above all of the processors can be increased only with financial expenditure. But even very fast computers need up their time at startup. But some of these factors we can influence and that is not all that difficult. Serious way you have to start by saying that the time saved is happening in the region of a few seconds. What really takes a long time, is the booting of the operating system kernel. And it enables you to change little.

Clean Startup and start Windows faster

While the PC starts several processes happen in succession. First notes the PC itself whether a boot sector on the hard disk, which can trigger an automatic OS boot. Depending on the setting of the motherboard of the computer is doing multiple drives in succession by until it is able to find. So here was as set a DVD drive our top priority, will cost the already precious time.

Then, the computer loads the operating system and to have to load some hundreds of sub-programs and drivers, to even the basis for further work was created. Then Windows starts to load all the programs of the so-called Startup group. This happens partly simultaneously. How quickly that happens depends first on the amount of the programs. Then the amount and velocity of free memory and the disk speed. But the latter two factors are neglecting actually. It is the number of programs that need to be loaded at every Windows startup so the boot process will be extended to the desktop. Fortunately, there are ways to delete program from the startup to speed up booting.

Sysinternals AutorunsIf you remove all the unnecessary program from the startup, Windows will start faster

The free and easy tool Sysinternals Autoruns gives us the ability to list all auto-start programs and processes and disable if necessary. Especially in the services however, you should be careful because they are for running Windows or some programs essential part and therefore must be turned off in any way. But Windows will start faster when you remove those programs from the startup that you rarely or never used and which can be start in this case by hand.

To clean the Startup group effectively, you should delete example, all those programs that you use does not really needed or only extremely rare, but the install when you set up, for example, the software of a new camera. As long as you do not delete the entries in the program, they are retained and are only disabled. So if something does not work on the next boot, you activate the entry again.

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