manage DVD and Blu-ray Collection: So you keep track of your films

Although the video-on-demand services, the physical passion for collecting many film fans may have been somewhat muted, yet have at home many people have enough DVDs and Blu-rays on the shelf that often the index is lost. In this guide we show you how you can manage your DVD and Blu-ray collection, so you, whether with laptop, smartphone or tablet to always know what is in Movie cabinet or on the hard disk or to movies and series ,

Anyone who has ever started a collection, knows the problem: At some point you lose track. The first step is often desperation to create an Excel spreadsheet in which you want to hold on to what one possesses. But as an Excel spreadsheet is not only unattractive, it also makes a lot of work.

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Even if you have managed to transfer the lion's share in the table, it is often for the next two or three orders online or visit the flea market out of date. By the time one has cleared the movies on the shelf, updating the list of endless search task. so it must establish a simpler and faster way.

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Manage DVD collection: As simple as it may be

Manage DVD collection FlickRackto manage a simple as possible and fast way its DVD and Blu-ray collection and archive provides FlickRack. In the web service you can create a free profile and easily sorting your films in a virtual shelf. Her but now do not have to painstakingly detailed work to add back into FlickRack any movie from your Excel spreadsheet.

Although you can also easily add the movies by keyword or EAN from the browser to your collection, but you can also simply use the app. With the app you can watch the movies namely through the Add scan the barcode. So you can quickly work through your entire collection without much typing. And who wants to play it safe, you can also download his collection at any time as a CSV file.

If you have registered with FlickRack your DVD collection, you can access your collection so from any browser or the app. So you can quickly browse your movies and find out if you already have or a specific title if he must be added your collection next movie night or at the flea market.

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FlickRack also offers a feature that their films that have given it to friends, Mark and can bear the respective names. So you also keep an eye on what movies your collection currently not in your shelf.

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Manage DVD collection: Alternatives to FlickRack

Of course FlickRack is not the only service that offers such a virtual movie shelf. Online Diensta have the advantage that they are visible at any time with the browser over programs or Excel spreadsheets. But even with different apps you always have it your collection. The various services differ mainly in the additional functions and where they source their database of movies.

Here we have compiled some services and apps, which you can look at you also, when archiving your DVDs and Blu-ray and manage want:

  • WTM Media Shelf
  • My Movie Collection HD (iOS *manage DVD and Blu-ray Collection: So you keep track of your films & Android)
  • Moviethek (Android)

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