Game of Thrones: – The Winds of Winter When the new book 11 (Volume 6) appear?

When is Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire &# 8211; A Song of Ice and Fire) Book 6 (Book 11) finally released? Fans and we GIGA anticipating the release &# 8211; and not just for months but for years. We have summarized all Newsschnippsel and rumors on the possible start date of The Winds of Winter for you. And these are now quite a lot.

At least is at least determine how the new band will be called: "The Winds of Winter" is the title of the most recent, as yet unpublished Game-of-Thrones-book. In German, there is no designation.

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A Song of Ice and Fire from Amazon*A Song of Ice and Fire from Amazon*

New book written by artificial intelligence?

The wait for the new Game-of-Thrones-book is no end even after the final of the seventh season on TV. Also, the developer Zaff Thoutt appears impatient, but not watching idly. Instead, he has commissioned an artificial intelligence so, tell the tale of Game of Thrones. The recurrent neural network has been working through the 5376 pages of books published so far. On this basis, the continuation will now arise. In GitHub you can read the first five chapters.

Thoutt initiated each chapter, then let the rest of the writing and creative work but the AI. The neural network does have some grammatical problems, but the story can be told conclusive. With Green Beard a new character is inserted in the sixth book. Jaime Lannister, meanwhile, kills his most beloved sister Cersei. Also Daenerys caught it in the sequel. The dragon mother is poisoned by Varys. Of course, there is the story is not an official sequel by George R. R. Martin. Nevertheless, the project shows impressively how an AI pick a language along with style and can reproduce itself.

When will the new book?

The big question remains: When will the sequel appears: Book 6 &# 8211; The Winds of Winter?

Rumors of a release date for the new band, there are many. So the new plant should be already in the spring of 2016 in the trade. Nothing came known. Already, the TV series has overtaken the action in the books. Remains to be seen what form R. R. Martin the history of the series expands or whether he does is different from the TV implementation. George R. R. Martin to suffer from writer's block, which prevents him from completing the eleventh book. In 2011, there should have been the first notes to action in early 2016, however, he still looked a long way to completion of "The Winds of Winter". With a release not before 2018/2019 expected.

Even mid-2017 it does not look better to a realization. George R. R. Martin has therefore postponed the sixth volume again. At the same time he tried the aufgehitzten minds of the fans to calm and confirmed that there will be two more books in which the Targaryen will be the focus. The volumes are to play in front of the story of "A Song of Ice and Fire" and bear the title "Fire and Blood". It's quite possible that the volumes will be a template for the announced Game-of-Thrones spinoff. The first book of the two-part story was already finished.

Game of Thrones: - The Winds of Winter When the new book 11 (Volume 6) appear?© HBO

The first volume is to describe the dance of the dragon and the war within the Targaryen dynasty. Volume 2 is primarily intended Robert Baratheons and Eddard Starks broach fight against King Aerys. Among other things, it could give clues to the origin of Jon Snow.

  • With the post was first written the first volume end of 2018 can be expected.
  • The Winds of Winter could even come out until then.

game of Thrones &# 8211; A Song of Ice and Fire: from Game of Thrones to book 6 &# 8211; The Winds of Winter

LOS ANGELES - MAR 19 George R. R. Martin arrives at An Evening with The Game of Thrones at the Chinese Theater on March 19, 2013 in Los Angeles, CAActs only as nice: George R. R. Martin writes books with bitter evil characters.

A Song of Ice and Fire, a really great work and in many ways: It is one of best-selling books of our time, winner of countless prices and is touted by fans and critics as the new Lord of the Rings. The series was nominated for the World Fantasy Award, as well as for Nebula. Martin is now to find even on the list of most influential people in the world. The fifth part of A Dance with Dragons, sold so well that a sixth edition had to be printed before the book was even officially in the store. Overall, the series of novels sold until the appearance of the top band Beyond the Wall more than 8.5 million times. New York is even talk of 15 million copies by 2011.

Best Game-of-Thrones Memes

game of Thrones &# 8211; A Song of Ice and Fire: These books are published so far (Books 1-5 / Books 1-10)

In the original English:

  • A Game of Thrones: 1996
  • A Clash of Kings: 1998
  • A Storm of Swords: 2000
  • A Feast for Crows: 2005
  • A Dance with Dragons: 2011
  • The Winds of Winter: ???
  • A Dream of Spring: ???

Striking here is that the TV series was named after the first book of the novel series (Game of Thrones) &# 8211; probably for reasons of better memorability. Interesting that the title for the next two editions, namely books 6 and 7, have already been established: The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. Especially in the latter title could almost suspect that this tells us something about the plot.

the-winds-of-winterFor example, the US version will look like.

In the German translation:

The new design of the translated into German book Rich: The Game of Thrones. Who's command of English, but should engage in any case the original edition. The new design of the translated into German book Rich *: The Game of Thrones. Who's command of English, but should engage in any case the original edition, because the transmission is not well done to the German in our eyes.*
  • The Game of Thrones: 1997
  • The legacy of Winterfell: 1998
  • The Throne of the Seven Kingdoms: 2000
  • The seeds of the Golden Lion: 2000
  • Storm of Swords: 2001
  • The Queen of the Dragon: 2002
  • Time of crows: 2006
  • The Dark Queen: 2006
  • The son of the Griffin: 2011
  • A Dance with Dragons: 2012

It is noticeable right that there are twice as many plants in the German translation as the original. This finds its justification in the fact that a novel in English is divided in German in two volumes. Possible reasons for this:

  • German texts need for the same text content a bit more space (about one third).
  • English books often have thinner paper.
  • Last is expected to play a role in the profit optimization of the original.

A Song of Ice and Fire from Amazon*A Song of Ice and Fire from Amazon*

The German translations usually appear one to two years later than the original text. Up to a German publication of Book 11. So a few years will pass.

beautiful songs*Game of Thrones: - The Winds of Winter When the new book 11 (Volume 6) appear?By the way, Martin not only has written A Song of Ice and Fire, other exciting works written by him. Many of them, such as the short story collections, one can see at Amazon. *Game of Thrones: - The Winds of Winter When the new book 11 (Volume 6) appear?Game of Thrones: - The Winds of Winter When the new book 11 (Volume 6) appear?

When the continuation Book appears 6/11 book? &# 8211; The Winds of Winter

When will Book 6 of Game of Thrones?

The question of questions: When can we expect the next book (continued by Book 6 in the original / Book 11 in the translation) expected? A specific date is still not exist. But there have been indications that the publication could be in the not too distant future &# 8211; For example, beginning in 2016:

  • Martin has published in 2013 and 2014 some text snippets from books, he seems to move forward something.
  • The last volume was published in 2011 (A Dance with Dragons), Martin thus had only four years time, to take care of the new band.
  • Martins publisher Anne Groell announced that Martin is going well and is not planning that the series books obsolete (this year season was 5, so are series and books par). These plans, however, have become obsolete.

What does this mean for a specific release date? In the coming months we will probably not with Book 6 &# 8211; must expect The Winds of Winter, but there is a realistic chance that the sixth part of the series will be published in the first half of the 2018th

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Best on

Excerpts to Game of Thrones &# 8211; Book 6

Sansa-gotCompletely without but you do not on the content of Book 6 to happiness. There are already read a section on Tyrion, which will appear as in the book (unfortunately only in English):

Somewhere off in the far distance, a dying one thing screaming for his mother. "To horse!" A man yelling in what Ghiscari in the next camp to the north of the Second Sons. "To horse! To horse "High! And shrill, his voice Carried a long way in the morning air, far beyond his own encampment. Tyrion knew just enough Ghiscari to understand the words, but the fear in his voice would have been plain in any tongue. I know how he feels.

There are also on Martin's own page to read a chapter in full (in English only). This is about the daughter of the Prince of Drone. The chapter is titled with the name Arianne. Who's command of English, should best pure read directly.

When will Book 11 of A Song of Ice and Fire?

The German translation of the book series is published about six months to a year later. And then only the first part, because the novels are always split in the German speaking in two volumes. Before 2016 is not expected to book 11 and certainly not with the Book 12 of A Song of Ice and Fire with high probability so.

The Big Game-of-Thrones Quiz

With our quiz to GoT you can sweeten the wait a bit:

An ode to George R. R. Martin

Not only do we eagerly await the new part of The Winds of Winter, two artists have even composed a special song about this:

Here, the same song with an appearance by Martin himself who has something to say both:


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Sources: Tyrion-section image of Martin: LOS ANGELES &# 8211; MAR 19: George R. R. Martin arrives at &# 8220; An Evening with The Game of Thrones&# 8221; at the Chinese Theater on March 19, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA, A yellow and black sign with the word spoiler alert isolated on a white background, Warning of Spoiler Alert

How long will we have to wait? Even years after the start of the series, the hype continues unabated to "Game of Thrones". Moreover, there is to tell numerous stories of Westeros. Until the release of a new band, we can pass the time with the new episodes of the seventh season of Game of Thrones we have.


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