Skype: Old version install & amp; use – Is that possible?

Anyone who has a problem with the latest version of Microsoft's video chat program that can also draw on an older version of Skype &# 8211; there are, however, to observe some restrictions. Those who try to use an old computer Skype, quickly presents a problem and also those who want to use the 4 or 5's version of Skype to be disappointed tart. In this guide, we show you what options you have to use old versions of Skype and possible alternatives.

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With the major update of the sixth version of Skype, supporting older versions was gradually turned off. Currently you can not log in to Skype you with all the old desktop versions up to and including Skype 6.13. This can not be avoided, as the older versions are no longer supported on the server side.

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Old versions of Skype &# 8211; Which still running?

If you the latest version (7.27 Skype, as of September 2016) problems on your Windows machine, you can an earlier version to Skype 6.14 try out. However, if you installed an old version, you should the Turn off automatic updates, so that the software is not updated back to the level that has encountered the error. How do you disable the automatic update of Skype, we will tell you in the following:

  1. After installing the older version you Skype starts and logs you a with your data.
  2. Go into the menu bar on the Actions tab and select the item Options&# 8230; at.
  3. Now selects, select Advanced and click on the menu item Automatic updates.
  4. Selects here then disable automatic update and click on the button Save.
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Older version of Skype &# 8211; Video chat is not working?

If does not work even with the older version of Skype on your computer, the video calling and screen sharing, this could be due to a lack of instruction set extension of your processor. From Skype 6.X Microsoft uses the instruction set extension SSE2 for the video capabilities of their Messengers.

CPU-ZSo, if you problems with the video chat, have you can look for commands, whether your processor supports SSE2. If he does not, you can watch the video feature with the desktop version of Skype on this device does not continue to use. If you are not sure what CPU is in your computer, you can do this for example with the little program CPU-Z to find out. MORE INFORMATION on the subject you will find this in our article: What processor do I have? Own CPU find out!

Alternatives to Skype

If you &# 8220; only&# 8221; have problems with the desktop version of Skype, the first alternative to Skype would actually Skype &# 8211; because that video calling program, there are not only for Windows PC, but also for Android and iOS phones and Skype for Web there is also a browser version that you can try out their problems with the desktop Vaiante.

Skype for iPhonedownloadQR codeSkype for iPhoneDeveloper: Skype Communications S.a.r.l *Price: Free Skype - free Chats & amp; video callsdownloadQR codeSkype - free chat & video callsDeveloper: SkypePrice: Free With multi messengers you have multiple chat services in one. // Source: meetfranz.comWith multi messengers you have multiple chat services in one. // Source:

Another way to continue using at least the Skype chat, is a multi-messenger, which supports Microsoft's chat log. We've put siege to extend some of these all-Messenger to the following article for you: Multi-Messenger &# 8211; Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype & Co. together in a Messenger?

Who wants to move away from Skype finally can see the familiar from smartphones and tablet Messenger Viber, for example. This also has a desktop version for Windows, OS X & Linux and of course unsterst├╝tzt Videotelfonie. Another alternative for Android and iPhone users provides Google with the extremely simplistic held video calling app Google duo.

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