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The CPU Control Download gives you the ability to determine the allocation process on a multicore system itself. Instead of so each process running on two CPUs, you can selectively assign only one processor running their applications.

For example, you can with the CPU Control Download such specifically optimize the system that the antivirus program and the firewall on CPU1 and CPU2 to the graphics program is running.

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CPU Control

CPU Control Download: The different modes

  • The CPU Control download provides you a total of five different modes:
  • Automatic: In this mode, each process restarted alternately assigned to CPU1 and CPU2.
  • Manual: This mode requires the installation of a separate list, in which it determines the handling of the processes.
  • CPU1: All processes run exclusively on CPU1, which is useful when older programs do not work on a multicore system.
  • CPU2: All processes run on CPU 2.
  • From: CPU-Control is disabled and does not make any assignments.

Note: The language of CPU-Control you can switch to German by going "Options" button and selecting here under "Languages" "German".

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