What is hiberfil.sys and why can not I delete this file?

You have discovered among your hidden files on the computer the file "hiberfil.sys" and wonder what it's all about? Because the file are includes several gigabytes ye also not sure if that should really be. We clean up with your questions and explain how you can get rid of the lumps.

What is hiberfil.sys and why can not I delete this file?

Let her (up to version 7) Show all hidden system files in Windows you, you encounter quite possibly the "hiberfil.sys". What is striking is this file because it includes several gigabytes and can not simply delete that. The reason is that it is responsible for hibernation.

Has her but no laptop and can therefore give up the power saving mode, you would like to eliminate the memory-intensive files and possibly equal disable hibernation. We explain how to do it.

Remove hiberfil.sys

To disable hibernation in Windows 7 and thereby remove the "hiberfil.sys" file, it does the following:

  1. Opens on typing "CMD" in the Start menu, the command line
  2. now give in the console following command:powercfg -h off
  3. or
powercfg / hibernate off

The energy saving option "hibernation" is now missing and the previously used space is released.

the command does not work, it could be because you are not logged in as administrator. Opens cmd.exe with a right as an administrator.

Attention: Hibernation is not to be despised for laptop users. In contrast to the energy-saving mode, which stores all currently open work processes in memory while verbr├Ąt a lot of power, hibernation saves all documents and settings and shuts down the laptop. Here, the idle state is much more energy efficient than energy-saving mode and should at long disuse without possibility of recharging the computer is used.

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