PS4: Enter PSN code and redeem (vouchers, pre-order and Co.) – Here’s how

Do you want to recharge your PSN wallet or unlock other content for the PlayStation 4, z. B. Vorbestellboni, you can do this via a code in the PlayStation Network. So you do not have to look far for the function for input, we show you here how to redeem a PSN code.

PS4: Enter PSN code and redeem (vouchers, pre-order and Co.) - Here's

z can by entering the PSN codes. B. extends the PlayStation Plus membership by voucher or PSN wallet to be extended.

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PS4: Redeem PSN Code

Goes for the code entry as follows:

  1. Starts the PlayStation 4, connects the console to the Internet and log you with your PSN account, for which the code content to be assigned one.
  2. Controlled via the main menu on the PlayStation Store.
  3. Left her now controls "Redeem Codes" to the option.
  4. In the new window now you can enter the 12-digit code on the keypad and the PS4 controller. It must not be selected in advance the purpose for which the PSN code is used. The system automatically detects if is behind the PSN DLC code, a downloadable game, an extension of the PS Plus membership or PSN wallet.

PS4: Enter PSN code and redeem (vouchers, pre-order and Co.) - Here's how

Of course, this way is also possible via the PlayStation 3, so that you present your content can unlock on the old-gen console.

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Redeem PSN code on the PC: PS4

Those in a hurry or currently can not access its console can also redeem the PC the PSN code. Opens this the Webstore in the browser. There is also the option to redeem a voucher code found.

Note that the code must be valid also for the store that her visits. In the US, selling PSN wallet codes for can. B. will not be redeemed through a German PSN account. Moving the code contents to another PSN account is also not possible.psn code-redeem

We show you also what costs the PS4 online games for you.

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