The best porn parodies of Hollywood: Robocock, Sperminator, Assablanca are history

Well, still very wuschig because of the porn parody &# 8220; Star Wars&# 8221 ;? Under this tip of the iceberg now moans an overwhelmingly large number of XXX-Verhohnepipelungen richer blockbuster, taking the marketing efforts by major studios and rooms piggyback from both charming and trashy rip-offs.

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Porn Parodies &# 8211; The last successful Schmuddelfilmchen?

You would think that these films attract juicy plagiarism lawsuits by itself, but apparently allows the joker card &Parody; # 8220&# 8221; legal Plagiarize up to the exact copy. With loving plastic sets, patented hot amateur&# 8221; actors&# 8221; and wonderfully poetic Titelverwurstungen &# 8211; from &# 8220; Black Cock Down&# 8221; up to &# 8220; Bone in 60 Seconds&# 8221 ;.

The porn industry is actually the brink of extinction, thanks to the erstwhile savior Internet and the endless flood shaky amateur skin, but these parodies draw still. Because they are simple and funny trashy and of course cool. And thus serve as a kind of job creation scheme for nice getunete Hard Bodies, which also want to afford 2,011 tasteless jewels and hard drugs.

Giga was traveling in the vastness of the porn universe and came back completely exhausted. From wearing the numerous neutral plastic bags. In which a mixed bag of well-formed silicone Mountains lolling which forms the most beautiful of all possible framework for the now following table: a &# 8220; Best Of&# 8221; the coolest porn parodies made in Hollywood.

The funniest porn parodies

Alice in Wonderland: A XXX Parody
&# 8220; Animated erotica&# 8221 ;: Wow! And still creepy, trashy and pretty outrageous animated. Alice has the &# 8220; vocal dildo&# 8221; For, otherwise there&# 8217; s spat Mad Hatter Empire. Starring: Jessica Drake.


Batman XXX: A Porn Parody
One of the most successful porn parodies ever, thanks to great sets, actually capable performers and of course the completely wrong idea of ​​having sex with Catwoman. As a template in fact served no current film, but the TV series from the sixties!


The Incredible Hulk XXX: A Porn Parody
And even a porn parody that is not based on hit movies, but a dusty TV series. The reason is probably that as the gap in features, effects and cheese-factor remains within acceptable dimensions. David Banner is here a &# 8220; sexually frustrated scientist&# 8221 ;, which only can bring to the woman in green its potency again with full force.

The King&# 8217; s Piece
Or: The touching story of a porn star who no longer gets up in front of the camera and therefore requires the help of a busty Flufferin. &# 8220; You see, my husband is required to perform publicly&# 8221; &# 8211; including inter alia in the original sets of the great idol!

Official Friday The 13th Parody
A very logical porn contender because it always constantly going on the show yes to sex. Nice that Jason now time may put away a &# 8211; in Crystal Lake nudist camp where &# 8220; handsome guy drowned in the lake Because He had a giant penis.&# 8221;

Rezervoir Doggz XXX
Hach what we're been creative in title! Come on Deibel is stolen out: where otherwise the template will say yes paid extensively respect. Special mention should definitely be the dance performance by Lizzy Borden!

The Rocki Whore Picture Show: A Hardcore Parody
&It; # 8220&# 8217; s just a hump to the left&# 8221; for trashy porn version of a trashy musicals (with, um, porn content). In the leading role of the &# 8220; trans sexual scientist from Transylvania&# 8221 ;: Mac Turner.

Roseanne: The XXX Parody
This raises above all a question of who has everything in the world of repetitions &# 8220; Roseanne *The best porn parodies of Hollywood: Robocock, Sperminator, Assablanca are history&# 8221; viewed and thinking: &# 8220; man, it would have to make a porno&# 8221 ;. Next stop: a porn parody &# 8220; Golden Girls *The best porn parodies of Hollywood: Robocock, Sperminator, Assablanca are history&# 8220 ;.


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