Spotify: playlists to SD Card – Instructions

Spotify opens you the wide world of music. Do you want to stream music on the go, you can also save on an SD card you play lists on Android. Here you learn how the drop Spotify data works on an external memory card in Android smartphones.

Spotify: playlists to SD Card - Instructions

The depositing of the music collection on the SD card, especially if you travel a lot and do not want to unnecessarily burden its data volume when listening to music advisable or wants to hear and offline music via Spotify. The offline enjoyment of Spotify is only possible for users of Spotify Premium.

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Spotify: save playlists to SD card - Here's how

Spotify selects the memory depending on availability when depositing the playlists on the Android device itself. However, you can lend a hand and pretend Spotify to choose the external memory for storing music.

  • Thus saving the playlists works on the SD card, it must having more free space as the internal memory the device.
  • Songs were already in internal memory stored, they must first be cleared by hand to then outsource the songs on the SD card.
  • Gets this Application Manager Android device and selects the entry for the Spotiy app.
  • Here you select the "Empty the cache" and "Clear data" options.
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Download Spotify music on the SD card

In this way the Spotify playlists are first completely erased. Now you can make the next steps to automatically save the Spotify music on the external memory card:

  1. Starts the Spotify app.
  2. Log in with your premium account.
  3. Stores initially have no music offline.
  4. however, controls the settings and provides for the music quality of downloaded content, the "Extreme Quality".
  5. Although the memory requirement of stored offline music will be higher in this way, however, that the songs on the external and not the internal memory will you go so sure.
  6. Your playlists created can you now can download as usual using the slider on the device.

Spotify: playlists to SD Card - Instructions

Do you want to curb data usage when streaming music with Spotify, you will find special Spotify tariffs on offer at Telekom. To further internal space on the Android smartphone to save, you can also outsource images on the SD card. With us you will also find an overview of the summer hits, 2015.

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