Raspbian (root) Password: set, change & new award

If you have forgotten the Raspbian root password, in the first place want to put one or try to change the old password, you can find this all the required commands and methods for in foglendem counselor. The Password to set and change also goes smoothly &# 8220; headless&# 8221; over SSH.

Raspbian (root) Password: set, change & amp; new award

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  • put Raspbian root password
  • Change Password Raspbian
  • (Root) -Password Forgot? No problem!

put Raspbian root password

For normal Pi users the default password is &# 8220; raspberry&# 8221; preset. However, no other password is set at Raspbian default for root access. So you have with the command su full immediately superuser access. If you want to change that, and want to set a root password, you just enter the following commands in Terminal A (the current user must ensure the sudoers belong!):

  1. First, you should sign you as a super user. That goes with the following command:

    sudo su

  2. Now in the terminal no longer [user] @raspberrypi but root @ Raspberry Pi should be preceded.
  3. Now give the command:


  4. Afterwards you will be asked how the new UNIX password should read. Give your password now here.
  5. For safety, you have to repeat it again, so have no typos or similar crept in.
  6. The command exit turned their back to the previous user.
    put Raspbian root password
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Change Password Raspbian

To change the password of the current user, you open a terminal and then proceeds as follows:

  1. Typing the following command:


  2. You will now noted for which user the password to be changed and asked for the old password.
  3. Now type in the old user password and then the new one twice.
    Raspbian Password

If you want to change the user password of another user, you just need the user name after the command sudo passwd specify. If you want to change the root password, it just goes above before when setting the root passwords.
Raspbian password of other users

(Root) -Password Forgot? No problem!

If you have forgotten any of your passwords, that does not mean that you have to completely Neuaufsetzen the Raspberry Pi. With a simple trick that lets you create your password reset each user easy. Going for it as follows:

  1. Remove the SD card from your Raspberry Pi and plugged into another computer.
  2. Goes in search of cmdline.txt, which should be in your boot partition.
  3. Adds the following line of text at the end of the command init = / bin / sh added:

    dwc_otg.lpm_enable = 0 console = ttyAMA0,115200 kgdboc = ttyAMA0,115200 console = tty1 root = / dev / mmcblk0p2 rootfstype = ext4 elevator = deadline rootwait

  4. Save the TXT file so off and puts it back into the Raspberry Pi.
  5. When climbing you come to a command prompt, you give the command:

    mount -o remount rw

    and then the following command:

    passwd [username]

  6. The line [username] changes it to the user name whose password you have forgotten. So pi, root or the name of a specially create user.
  7. Finally, you must still enter the following two commands in sequence:

    exec / sbin / init

  8. The Pi should now start as usual. Ride back down him from the SD card, erasing the inserted at point 3 Command init = / bin / sh from the cmdlint.txt.
  9. the SD card is inserted back into the Raspberry Pi and ready!

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