Super Mario Maker: Unlock editor tools – so you come quickly to new items

Testing their diligent the possibilities of the editor of Super Mario Maker and do not want to wait long until new editor tools will be released? Then looking at the following guide, because we tell you how you can quickly unlock all editor tools to help you more opportunities are available to build your creative Mario levels.

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The most important game element is in you Super Mario Maker the level editor is available, with which you can create your own levels. However you stands at the beginning only a basic set of tools and items for Level design available. We show you how the remaining Unlock editor tools quickly can.

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Super Mario Maker: Unlock all editor tools quickly

New editor tools be in the game regularly supplied with the moving van. This can make it appear you quickly through a little trick. Simply proceed as follows after her pointing &# 8220; Coming soon&# 8221; get new tools and objects:

  1. Use all your items in the tool-screen at least once. it must no red exclamation mark be seen in new items more.
  2. Now placed 500 items with your stylus in the level. You can place them at random and changes in between sometimes between the objects.
  3. Then you get the message &A delivery arrived earlier than expected; # 8220&# 8221; with corresponding Möbelwagen.

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Now you are allowed to you about new tools, level layouts and objects happy for your Mario modular. After a quarter of an hour gets her again the message &# 8220; Coming soon&# 8221 ;. then just once again repeats the same steps you so gradually unlock all editor tools. After 500 placed blocks the game recognizes your work and gives you new tools at hand.

Only with all editor tools you can build the most creative level.Only with all editor tools you can build the most creative level.

We show you also how you can unlock the builder costume for Mario.

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