Owl: Their importance in the mythology of shamans, Illuminati and tattooed sailors

Mischief-bringing bird of death and guardian of the secret knowledge of the world: The owl is very firmly rooted in the different cultures of the world and has for many human communities a deep symbolism with quite very different tradiertem meaning. Similar to the anchor and the owl was soon discovered as a tattoo motif and serves to this day as a decorative design for all kinds of everyday objects.  

Owl: Their importance in the mythology of shamans, Illuminati and tattooed sailors

Silently glides through the night and is able to hear the pitter-patter of a mouse under a three-meter-thick layer of snow. It follows a perfectly targeted attack and the owl glides back into the darkness of night.

Although there are about 200 species, the prototype of the owl in the local climes is probably the eagle owl or Bubo Bubo, as he is called by experts, the biggest owl bird on earth. Owls are actually, apart from Antarctica, found on every continent and people have always been fascinated by, but also worried.

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owls &# 8211; Facts about the significant bird

When observing owls birds quickly notice that they differ miraculously by other birds:

  • The special optics: All species have in common specific features, these include the round head, eyes forward, the little curved beak and geplusterte, squat figure. These features are clearly visible to other birds and owls are often attacked by them, hated, as they say in the jargon.
  • The plumage: No other bird can fly so silently as owls can. This of course, is that they have a very soft plumage, but this alone would not produce silence: that they can fly really silent, is due to the small barbs on the outer sides of their flight feathers, using which the air resistance is broken. This unique technical gimmick makes the owl to the queen of hunting within the birdlife.

owl meaningful

  • Digestion: Owls not separate like other birds through their vent out, but get rid of unnecessary organic matter by the emergence of so-called choking Gewölles. The Gewölle a mouse actually contains a complete skeleton and associated Fell &# 8211; a very efficient form of exploitation and conservationists the discovery of such Gewölles is always a reason to celebrate.
  • Life cycle: The vast majority of species of owls are nocturnal.
  • Owls can not see in three dimensions: to feel their way around they are to move to rely on his head; Movements which repeatedly lead to amusement in humans.

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Owl: importance as an interpretation of nature observation &# 8211; Luck or death of birds

Rarely, it can be easily traced where originate certain superstitious assumptions or rituals. The fact is that no other bird the opposites of death and birth, fortune and misfortune as comprehensively combines, as in the case Owl &# 8211; and the world. Apparently, especially depending on the geographical region, the owl can be interpreted as good or bad sign, she is in league with witches and devils or guarding the Philosopher's Stone.

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  • The idea is that the owl would be in conjunction with Sheol, while stirring alleged therefore, that it was customary in many places, aufzubahren just deceased at home for some time and provide them with the night a candle to the bed. The nocturnal owls were then attracted by the insects that gather around the light at the window of the dead. The unusually high volume of owls but was correlated less with the insects, but rather with the presence of a dead and already was the owl with Sheol in the league, a border crosser with sinister meaning which comes to fetch the souls of the deceased.
  • Already in the Bible, in ancient Greece, in ancient Egypt, Japan and in Hinduism the call of the owl was an omen for great misfortune or death, or was it the worship due to the special contacts with the dead. Even in Shakespeare the owl announces upcoming murders in the dramas Julius Cäsar and Macbeth.
  • Similarly, there are also places, for example in Switzerland, as is true of the call of the owl as a good sign of a healthy pregnancy or an impending birth.

The owl as a symbol of intellect, enlightenment and wisdom

From the pop culture, children's books and cartoons, we know the owl in the role of clever, bespectacled scholar or the loving and wise mother figure. It is believed that we tend because of certain similarities of facial features to attribute the owls human characteristics and a certain enlightenment.

owl meaningful

  • The Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena, was the owl, specifically the Little Owl, as sacred. And the equivalent Roman goddess Minerva was assoziert with an owl. Everyone has probably ever worn coals to Newcastle, so did something foolish. Therefore, this formulation is because the coins of the rich city of Athens showed a imprinted owl and were also briefly referred to simply as owls. to wear those owls in a very rich city, is nonsensical.

owls meaningful

  • Also in the interpretation of the Illuminati, the owl was a sign of rationality and intellectualism, so they put the owl of Minerva on an open book and used as a symbol of their community.
  • One of the most quoted sayings of the philosopher Georg Friedrich Hegel compares the philosophy of law with the activities of the nocturnal owl of Minerva.
  • Not only in Athens but also in the United States is paid with owls: Who is the one-dollar bill looks exactly discover: a miniature version of the owl of Minerva resting on the edge of the edge of the first A feast for Masonic enthusiasts and conspiracy lovers!

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The meaning of the owl as a totem

In Western countries in recent decades shamanism catchment has kept the usually refers to practices of North American natives. very rarely, however, is original rituals or archaic knowledge, most are they western interpretations and esoteric content, mediated in finding the power animal.

owl meaningful

The fact is that very few have ever determines a power animal from over 500 Indian nations and none of the extant shamans of indigenous origin money would require to determine a power animal or other rituals, because it is perceived as highly dubious.

The meaning of the owl as a totem should be actually established itself, through in-depth observation of the real animal. What you says the owl about yourself? How can she accompany you and support helpful? What qualities it brings, what challenges you shall ask you?

  • The owl is a companion to travel to the world of the dead, make the contact with the souls of dead people.
  • The owl has pronounced sense: You should sharpen your powers of observation!
  • They left flying through the darkness and relies on her intuition &# 8211; they can help you successfully cope with apparently hopeless situations and not to lose hope.
  • The owl does not hide and defying brave their enemies.
  • She is a master of the hunt, which achieved with little effort, but precise approach a maximum &# 8211; so can you!
  • Owls can sit for hours in contemplation &# 8211; Self-reflection is a means of healing the soul.

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The owl as a tattoo

Owl tattoos include, as well as swallows to the timeless Old School designs and trimmed even the bodies of the old sailors. These were birds in general as a good omen, because they were a sign of the near country. The owl was also as a protector and companion, even in life-threatening storms, and a guarantor of wise action.

Today, the owl is mainly a woman motif that represents wisdom and wise intuition and therefore it is no surprise certainly no one that even Justin Biebers eighth tattoo is an owl.

Cats, which indeed mystical connections to the land of the dead and special wisdom is assumed interestingly often a special wire to owls, there are countless examples of such friendships:

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