Captain Obvious: The obvious importance of the superhero name

If you have been called more often lately, "Captain Obvious", or did you see the supposed "superhero" in film and television, you wonder now sure what it does with the character or the name on it. We explain to you in this obvious advice with "Captain Obvious" and its properties.

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"Captain Obvious" is not a real superhero, as we know from the Marvel and DC Comics universes, but rather a sarcastic term for someone who unnecessarily often pronounce clearly visible.

What does "Captain Obvious"?

The name "Captain Obvious" is in this case from the English word "Captain" which can be translated leader, commander or captain and the word "Obvious" - to German obvious apparent self-evident - together.

Here is the "Captain" as meant in the comic book as a popular title for a superhero - "Captain America," "Captain Planet," "Captain Marvel"&# 8230; "Captain Obvious". However, the latter superhero has only the absolutely unnecessary, "super power" to press the clearly visible in word form and pronounce.

Captain Obvious Cover

The sarcastic term for someone who can not keep to himself the obvious it is known in this country primarily as memes or reaction on the Internet and in film and television. So "Captain Obvious" occurs, for example, in the late-night talk show "Neo Magazine Royale" to explain obvious facts. The hotel-booking site has "Captain Obvious" used for their advertising and "South Park" presented by "Captain Hindsight" their very own spin on the "Captain Obvious" formula.

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Typical "Captain Obvious" sets and situations

The obvious to say, in most cases simply unnecessary, may from time to time but also rude or disrespectful. The most typical sets of "Captain Obvious" include such phrases as:

  • "It's raining."
  • "It's getting dark."
  • "If I knew how this works, I could help you."
  • "The funeral was really really sad."
  • "We need to return to school Monday."
  • "Hindsight is immmer smarter."

But even hints like "You are bleeding yes" while cleaning his wound with a handkerchief, or "Caution, the hot chocolate is hot!" To a "Thank you, Captain Obvious" are commented.

What "Captain Obvious" stories have already experienced it yourself - and you were even ever one who absolutely had to stating the obvious out loud? Let us know in the comments.

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