YouTube: enable AutoPlay and off Autoplay

For several weeks, YouTube will start automatically suggested videos new, after you have seen a selected clip. Find out here how you can disable this feature and how to turn on the YouTube Autoplay again.

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The AutoPlay feature, according to which the automatic playback of new YouTube video is automatically activated, rolled out to all YouTube users gradually. The operators are trying to continuously collect feedback to optimize playback by the wave-like playout function. Usually the video proposed clips play automatically.

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Switch off Autoplay: YouTube

The selection of clips from the world's biggest video portal is almost unmanageable. YouTube is committed to facilitate you with the autoplay the decision to see new clips by a self-selected video. Of course, the makers also promise increased advertising revenue by automatically playout additional advertising.

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  • The new Autoplay feature works independently of the already long known playlist feature for video portal.
  • If you interfere with the automatic playback on YouTube, you can disable AutoPlay.
  • Controls for the upper right corner on the reproducing side.
  • Clicking over there on the blue button labeled "Auto Play".
  • Alternatively, you can find the button to disable the YouTube Auto Plays in the playback window behind the gear icon.
  • As of now playing on YouTube will no longer be automatically continued with one of the video images.

youtube autoplay disable

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YouTube: AutoPlay activate on embedded videos

If you own a blog or a website, YouTube is known to offer the easy way to embed videos on your own site. This must be started by hand. Changed her the embed code, you can also activate a YouTube Autoplay. For this, simply right behind the YouTube video URL code snippets "?= REL0&autoplay = 1"Added, so that the section of code then looks like this:" src = "// = 1 "(without the quotes).

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With us you also learn how to turn off autoplay videos on Facebook.

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