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You want to install a new video card because Games stutter with the old or graphics-intensive programs like Photoshop falter despite insufficient memory? We show in this guide how. We also explain the meaning of V-RAM, DirectX, SLI and Crossfire.

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If the games no longer run smoothly on a PC or bucking graphic programs such as Photoshop start despite insufficient memory, you need a new graphics card normally. The famous graphics chip maker AMD are its brand Radeon and Nvidia with the GeForce brand. We show how it incorporates these and what you have to respect it.

Important: Before you buy a new graphics card or installs, you should consider whether your PC is even enough space for it.

Installing Video Card: AMD or Nvidia?

Often discussed when searching for the right graphics card is the question of whether AMD or Nvidia is better. However, it can not be answered generally. The Nvidia graphics cards tend to be better adapted to on games. However, AMD graphics cards are designed to provide more power in the budget range. Usually you will seek but for the best price-performance ratio for your claims. However, it also depends on other components, which indicate the performance of the graphics card and determine - as the model number, the size of the V-RAM and the DirectX version.

installing the right graphics card: What is there to consider?

The Asus NVIDIA GeForce GTX750TI OC brings for money neat performance.The Asus NVIDIA GeForce GTX750TI OC brings for money neat performance.

Before you incorporates a graphics card, you should be sure you that it's also the right thing: Reasonable graphics cards with which current games can be played on medium settings, there are already priced at about 100 euros. For a good mid-range graphics card, you should plan about 200 euros. If you invest moreinstalling graphics card - Here's, remain almost nothing to be desired and you can gamble in 4K resolution, if the games support.

See Asus NVIDIA GeForce GTX750TI OC: mid-range graphics card*


The model number indicates the most about the performance of a graphics card normally. They often made up of the brand name and the integrated graphics processor (GPU) of the graphics card. As an example: The graphics card Radeon R9 290's Radeon brand name and R9 290 GPU. The GeForce GTX 970 GeForce GTX 970 and the brand name is the built-in GPU.

The latest GPU series from Nvidia is currently the 900 series; AMD is the R9 3XX series. but higher numbers do not always mean necessarily faster graphics cards. for example, the GeForce GTX 960 from Nvidia from the year 2015 is not stronger than the older graphics card GeForce GTX 770 from the year 2013, which incidentally also recommended for the game The Witcher third Hence the video memory matters.


But just because a graphics card has a lot of video memory (V-RAM), it need not be better than another with less memory. In games it depends as well as its optimization how much V-RAM they need. Current graphics cards have typically but enough V-RAM. A guideline: With 2GB of GDDR5 memory it is already doing well. For graphics cards starting at 200 euros, it must then be already 4 GB V-RAM.

directx 12

DirectX is a collection of application programming interfaces for graphics and game developers. it also contributes to the quality of play. Make sure that your new graphics card at least 11 or even better support DirectX DirectX 12th With the latter shall ye can combine AMD and Nvidia graphics cards as required - in an SLI Crossfire-like mode.

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Installing Video Card: active or passive, high-profile or low-profile?

Low profile graphics cards are designed smaller and fit into tighter housing.Low profile graphics cards are designed smaller and fit into tighter housing. Source:

The most powerful graphics cards have an active cooling with a fan as it also has the CPU on the motherboard. These are known as high-profile. For installation in the PC, this means that you have to einrechnen more space in the housing for active and high-profile graphics cards. They show sometimes twice the space of a standard video card. When installing these can then cover PCI slots or other connections so that they can no longer be used. If your PC is too small, is possibly a low-profile version of the question.

Low profile graphics cards are designed smaller and designed for use in narrow and limited PC cases. Often these then also have a passive cooling in the form of cooling fins or radiators. Advantage: low-profile graphics cards consume less space in the computer case and less power, but are also more performance than their big brothers.

The MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G is twice as high as ordinary graphics cards. Source: MSIThe MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G leaves little player wishes, but is twice as common graphics cards. Source: MSI

See MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming: high-end graphics card*

installing graphics card SLI and Crossfire

This SLI bridge connects multiple Nvidia graphics cards, which then jointly calculate the graphic.A SLI bridge connects multiple Nvidia graphics cards then calculate the graph together.

If you want to install two graphics cards, you have a dual-GPU system. For multiple graphics cards, it is then correspondingly multi-GPU system. Here, working together typically graphics cards from the same manufacturer. When installing these are connected to a so-called bridge. AMD is the joining technology CrossFire, Nvidia is SLI. then in the PC housing space for multiple graphics cards must of course be enough.

However, two video cards do not equal mean twice the performance. Usually these increases only by 25 to 50 percent. Also, the V-RAM each graphics card is not added, but rather is cloned. So two graphics cards, each with 2 GB V-RAM still working in conjunction with basically 2 GB V-RAM.

Before installation: Provides the power supply enough power for the graphics card?

Before you installs a new video card, you should check whether your power supply provides the necessary current for it. On the power supply you can find the maximum delivered watt amount usually. With a gaming PC, it should be a power supply with at least 500 watts. If you use multiple graphics cards simultaneously or have installed other components that require a lot of power, it should have a 600-watt power supply be upwards.

For a mid-range computer with low-profile graphics card, a 400 or 500-watt power supply may be sufficient.

installing graphics card - Here&# 8217; s

To install the graphics card, you need a bit of tact. Source: howtogeek.comTo install the graphics card, you need a bit of tact. Source:

To install the graphics card into the PC, making her the following:

  1. Turns the PC, pulling the power plug from the power supply and screw the housing. the case now presents along the ground, so you can look in from above.
  2. Touches a heating best before you unpack the graphics card and touches, so that static electricity discharges. This can damage graphics cards.
  3. Current graphics cards are installed in the PCI Express connector - or more briefly: the PCIe 3.0 x16. Old graphics cards still used the AGP slot.

    Graphics cards sit on the PCIe 3.0 port, 16-lane (x16).Graphics cards sit on the PCIe 3.0 port, 16-lane (x16). Source: Asus

  4. Checks the indentation at the contact points of the graphics card with those on the mainboard. The graphics card has to fit exactly into the slot.
  5. So that the connections of the graphics card peep through the computer case, you must remove the local metal covers or solve the old graphics card. Uses this as a small screwdriver for this screw Dreher set *.
  6. the new graphics card pushes gently at the level of the contact points centrally locks noticeably into the PCIe slot to them.
  7. Fixes the graphics card with the screw from the metal cover or the old graphics card on the PC case.
  8. Under certain circumstances, you must now connect the graphics card with a power cable of the power supply. Look to the manual for the graphics card.

After her your graphics card you have installed, you close all the necessary cables and drive the PC high. Windows will install only once new default graphics driver. However, you should take advantage of the graphics card drivers from the manufacturer to get the full power. How to do it, learn it here: How can I update graphics card drivers.

If your graphics card works, you can then check on the Windows Experience Index, whether a bottleneck in PC system exists: Windows 10: View Performance Index &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s.

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Graphics card installed: identify bottleneck with Windows Experience Index

If you have installed your graphics card into the PC, you can check on how it compares to your remaining PC hardware. Under certain circumstances, you discover such a bottleneck, also called bottleneck that slows down the entire PC.

Windows Experience Index: If you want to install a new video card here should also upgrade the RAM the same.Windows Experience Index: If you want to install a new video card here should also upgrade the RAM the same.

A good way to find out what hardware your PC will slow the most, so to find the so-called bottle neck or bottleneck, the performance index of Windows. This tests all essential PC components on their performance and then assigns numbers from 1.0 (poor) to 7.9 (good) as evaluation. If the numbers have, for example, all about the value of 7.0, then you have no bottleneck in the system. If several hardware components fail too bad, approximately in the range 4.0 or lower, brings a new graphics card may not be much, and perhaps it is worth upgrading and the memory or even to build a completely new PC itself.

To view the performance index in Windows 7, makes her feature

  1. Presses the key combination Windows + Break to open the window system.
  2. Under the text section System you click on the entry Classification next Windows Experience Index. There is, incidentally, the Windows Experience Index needs to be updated when new hardware is installed. Then clicking the Refresh button.

For Windows 8 you help View 8.1 of Article performance index Windows: Find it.

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