Automatically gelikte images on Facebook – what is it?

Who currently reforesting through his Facebook feed, the one or the other like a friend is likely to attract attention to a post in which an alleged WhatsApp screenshot, or other image can be seen only in part. On the Facebook post even the entire screenshot and thus the punch line to the displayed text course is not visible. To see the whole picture, one should click on a given link.

The entire screenshot and the environment appear yet extremely dubious. The corresponding fan pages that make up the WhatsApp screen shots are, have only a few hundred fans, while the posts themselves come with thousands of Likes therefore. The pages carry this faulty names like "Whatsaaap" or "Whatzup". The links that you should follow in order to see the complete picture are shortened by a link shortener, which obscures the real goal.

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Gelikete WhatsApp images on Facebook on pages without fans: What's behind it?

It is still unclear who likes to be distributed to the images as well. Clearly, however, that "I like it" was in most cases the click of not carried out by the respective Facebook users, but must be done in the background.


If you notice that images were geliket with your Facebook profile, even though you are convinced to have not clicked "Like" us on, we recommend a look at the activity log. Here you can see and remove if you incurred Likes. The "Like" indication on the picture is then no longer displayed when your friends. In addition, any on you can tell if you registered in a dodgy providers or program has which distributes on your behalf in the background likes the WhatsApp screenshots. In this case, you can withdraw the setting via the activity log.

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Screenshots in WhatsApp on Facebook: your friends like this &# 8211; but not voluntarily

In addition, you should check with which services your Facebook account is linked. Again, the cause of the WhatsApp Likes on Facebook may possibly be determined and corrected. Procedure is followed as follows:

  1. Click after logging in to Facebook on the arrow above to enter the "Settings".
  2. Links you click now on "Apps".
  3. Below all the services, apps and programs are displayed in which you are logged in using your Facebook account.
  4. Checks to see if there is an entry here that occurs to you or unknown suspect.
  5. These controls if necessary with the mouse. The system displays a "X", over which the corresponding service can be deleted or edited over the pin.
  6. Especially the app &# 8220;PHOTO OPEN&# 8221; is the cause of the automatically assigned Likes on the Facebook pictures (Thanks to Leser Dennis).


Alternatively, you can also use the direct link for the setting.

, Especially with Facebook needs to look at the target of a link between two and three times for the future. Some programs are quite capable to drop on your behalf Likes or status messages without you spot yourself of it. Lest us also how to &# 8220; I like it&# 8221; can conceal specifications at.


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