NZB files: Open, Download, Create – Complete info

In binary Usenet files are available for download, NCB is the file format for storing the data information. This guide shows you how to read their NCBs to create and find can and what Usenet clients (for example, UseNeXT) you can save yourself the confrontation with this format as much as possible.   

NZB files: Open, Download, Create - Complete info

Usenet is text-oriented above all, but of course also serves to upload and download files, such as movies or audio books. Because there is a size limit for individual contributions on Usenet, the NZB format is used. These make it possible to distribute a file on multiple posts. An NZB file contains references to all the related individual contributions and thus acts as a kind of index to which the fragmented data can be decoded and assembled. NCBs are therefore only small files of a few KBs that you can import it into your news reader, and then start downloading the actual desired file.

NZB files are used only in Usenet

Three ways to NCB

NZB files always are related to the Usenet. If you so someone sends to or NZB you find one on your computer, you will can not open probably because you need to special software, namely a newsreader. Comes the file from a trusted source, you can read with us as you free access to Usenet gets and then take a look. Otherwise, you can best ignore the NCB. Apart from the possibility that you sends someone NCBs, there are three main ways to get to one of these files:

  1. Your it generates itself Usenet search engines like, one of the most popular Usenet search engine, which is characterized by simple and intuitive use.
  2. Your they invite down in specific NCB pages, these are usually as to closed groups in which you have to be a member.
  3. Download from Usenet forums.

For vendors like UseNeXT or Firstload you dealing with NCBs are spared, since this convenient software allows you to search directly in the news reader, which you can also start the download directly.

Network server close without networks and server-no usenet and no NZBs

NCBs create yourself

Usenet would be without the so-called Upper &# 8211; So people who upload the data &# 8211; empty. Therefore, it is of course good, if you do not only benefits but also contributes even a little. Here you can see what's coming to you if you want to create yourself an NCB.

  • You have to create an info file so that users know what the content of the data. This makes it a simple text file in an editor.
  • The file that needs to provide her be split into smaller parts to a .rar archive. The individual parts should be between 14 MB and 49 MB in size &# 8211; some news servers only accept files up to 15 MB. WinRAR is a very good software to create this file pieces.
  • Thus a faulty download can be repaired, you should create your backup files. This .par files are, so to speak contents of the original file and can be very well prepared with QuickPar.
  • A detailed guide to newsgroups, newsreaders, and the Usenet NZB be found in this complete instructional PDF of Surfino.

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