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With Game Maker Studio download you get a software with which you can develop your own games without having to cram himself programming languages. The program is suitable for creating games without programming itself. The game can be explained by simple drag & compile drop functions.

Advanced get in GameMaker: Studio made its own programming to the side with which to larger projects can be realized. The package includes various freeware images that you can use in your own creations, as well as games that demonstrate the functionality of Game Maker and also can serve as a template for your own games.


GameMaker: Studio - Step by step to own

In the free version is Game Maker Standard. With the paid versions "Professional" and "Master" will receive their additional features and creating opportunities for your own game, including team features, export for Ubuntu, Android, iOS and much more. In the official community for Game Maker Studio you can replace you with other amateur game designers and chat about the possibilities of the program. In addition, you will receive technical support here and could present your own creations.


On the website of the developer their tutorials found for an introduction to the game creation with GameMaker: Studio.

GameMaker: Studio - download and installation

With an easy-held user interface even beginners will find a quick introduction to quickly develop the first game itself. The games created in Game Maker are composed of the following resources:

  • Sprites
  • sounds
  • backgrounds
  • ways
  • scripts
  • Fonts
  • timelines
  • objects
  • rooms


The program can drag & Drop be changed. So different objects can be assigned to events that then composed as a whole to own. Example of these events are destroyed in collisions. In addition, the use of source code and variables is possible. Those looking for a free tool to create a platformers or puzzle game and it brings no programming skills, find the right program with the Game Maker. Through the use of scripting language Game Maker can: Studio also be used for larger game projects. The finished games can be carried out by .exe files independently of Game Maker. The free Game Maker: Studio version has limited functionality. Games internally generated are also equipped with a game maker watermark. For games without watermark you have to geifen Professional or master version.

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