Minions names: As the yellow characters in the movie called?

After the sympathetic-goofy-funny Minions in the two "I - Despicable" have made films for many laughs, the beings now get in early July their own starring appearance in Minions movie.

Minions names: As the yellow characters in the movie called?

Even if the Minions language is sometimes very difficult to understand the Minions do not wear fancy, but quite ordinary name. The translation of the term "Minion" from English means something like "favorite", "servant" or "lackey". In the first two films, the yellow beings are -more or less- the move as a helper for Gru. The similar-sounding French name word "mignon" "sweet," means "irritant" or "cuddly". In the yellow essence you have it, therefore, to do with "cute helpers".

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Minions names: As the yellow characters in the movie called?

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Minions have the name?

In the first film Gru names some Minions directly by name. This is seven Minions who have taken a greater role in the film:

  • Dave: Clever Minion, who is helpful and courteous, but quickly becomes restless.
  • STUART eyed Minion, sincere but naive
  • Kevin: In the first part is a one-eyed Kevin Minion, first with short hair, then with long hair combed. In the second part there is another Minion named "Kevin", this time in large format.
  • Jerry: Jerry also appears in two films in two different versions. In the first part Jerry needs to Edith, Agnes and Margo careful. In the second part is Jerry Jerry is a small, chubby Minion which excels as a coward.
  • Tim: In the first part Tim Agnes should buy a unicorn, in the second part Tim is a police officer in the performance of "Y.M.C.A" to see.
  • Mark: Mark is disguised as a mother to see. He is also the initiator of karaoke singing.
  • Phil can be seen as a baby in the first Minions movie.

Minions names: So they are called

The Minions movie starts on the 2nd of July in German cinemas. The film tells the story of the yellow, cheeky creatures before they encounter their villain Gru Boss. Already you can buy delicious Minions Tic Tacs. Set the mood for the film you can you with the trailer for the Minions movie.

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