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By Nox App Player download you get a free Android emulator with which their apps and games for the mobile operating system on your Windows machine can run.

Meanwhile, a lot of interesting apps and games are available for Android devices, but can not be executed easily under Windows. Nevertheless, to enjoy these applications under the Microsoft operating system, you need an emulator like the Nox app player download. This emulates on your Windows computer, a tablet with Android 4.4.2 and supports apps from the Google Play Store and APK files. The latter can you start in a particularly simple manner by her simply drag & Drop into the program window of the emulator draws Due to its high efficiency of Nox App Player Download is particularly suitable for games. The emulator can be operated both with the keyboard, as well as with a gamepad and supports multi-instances.

Nox App Player

Nox App Player Download: Screencast- and GPS function

With the integrated in Nox App Player screencast feature videos of running applications can be recorded, for example, to share them with friends. In addition to view apps, any GPS location, which you can use, for example, features that are only available in certain countries.

New features in the latest version

In the current version of Nox app player some new features have been implemented. Thus, the user interface has been completely redesigned with the new Theme Center you can easily change the appearance of the emulator. Furthermore, the engine of the Nox App Player has been improved. All new features you can read the manufacturer under the previous link.

  • powerful
  • APK support
  • Outdated version of Android

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