Gay cinema: The Top 13 of the best gay films

What was long time even in the great dream factory taboo, is now mainstream. Meanwhile, trust many of the biggest names in Hollywood, whether homo or hetero, more and more frequently to the former controversial issue of homosexuality. While many gay films like &# 8220; Eating Out&# 8221; or &# 8220; Another Gay Movie&# 8221; cinematically rank between unbearable and excruciating, there are also great works that deal with same-sex love excellent. Reason enough to summarize our opinion best in a Top 13 Gay Films list. 

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Tom Hanks, Philip Seymour Hoffmann, Sean Penn and Christopher Plummer. These are just four of many Hollywood stars who have played gay characters in the past. These four each have even won an Oscar for it. What gay films are worth seeing and are among the most beautiful love films, learn it in our Top 13 of the best gay films, in no particular order.

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Brokeback Mountain - Large and emotional gay cinema

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Of course, there's always a lot of personal taste &# 8211; so do not be sad when just missing your favorite strips. You can use your top gay film to post in the comments. And who asks: &# 8220; Why should I as a hetero gay films or generally look at queer films?&# 8221; the think again about how many gays with enthusiasm &# 8220; Titanic&# 8221; should have looked at. There are now a wide range of queer and gay movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime, which ye can stream directly on your TV. These also include series like &# 8220; Orange Is The NewBllack&# 8221; or Mysterieserie &Sense8; # 8220&# 8243;. What gay and gay movies worthwhile for a movie night, you experience below.

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Top 13 of the best gay films: Brokeback Mountain

This list probably the biggest commercial success of all gay films may not be missing. In &# 8220;Brokeback Mountain&# 8221; touched the sad story of two cowboys who loved each other, but they could not be together, millions of viewers of all orientations to tears. Although it has been much discussed and often among critics as to whether the two protagonists to gay, bisexual or heterosexual who simply fell in love with another man, is - is from the broad mass of the gay community &# 8220; Brokeback Mountain&# 8221; however, largely hailed as a gay film. was awarded Ang Lees Epic, among others, three Oscars and four Golden Globes.

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Against Discrimination: Philadelphia

In 1993 was &# 8220; Philadelphia *Gay cinema: The Top 13 of the best gay films&# 8220; one of the first big blockbuster that dealt not only with homosexuality, but also with the disease AIDS and the resulting discrimination. Tom Hanks, who was honored for his role with an Oscar, plays a lawyer who is suing his dismissal in court. Bruce Springsteen, of the title song &# 8220; Streets of Philadelphia&# 8221; contributed also landed a huge hit with it and got the Oscar for Best Original Song.

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Top 13 of the best gay films: Free fall

German films make overseas rare sensation &# 8211; German gay films even rarer. An honorable exception is because the story of two young police officers who fall in love with each other and now have to deal with first. So ends this film deserves our remarkable top gay movies. An international trend is to follow &# 8220; Free Fall *Gay cinema: The Top 13 of the best gay films&# 8220; after his great success also now received a second part.

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Holding the Man - paced Schwulenfilm

The remarkable drama based on the novel, which tells the story of the actor Timothy Conigrave and accompanies a gay love from the beginning to the end. (Tim NachwuchsschaupielerRyan Corr) And high school Footballer John (Craig Stott) Fall in love in Australia of the 70s. Your Conservative environment in 1976 puts them make many a stone in their way. Nevertheless, the two fell protagonists hold each other and their feelings, they also weld together when she received the fatal AIDS diagnosis. But with &# 8220; Holding the Man&# 8221; it does not just keep ready handkerchiefs - thanks to the brilliant actors and the successful screenwriter round also funny elements the story. Thus, the film remains relatively clichés and highly emotional and secured a place among the top gay movies.

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Milk: A gay US politician in the struggle for equality

The best stories so often written by life itself. This includes the biography of gay US politician Harvey Milk, who from California started a revolution of equality in the late seventies, while neatly pushed headwind. Sean Penn was for his performance in&# 8220;Milk&# 8221; rewarded with a very special, naked man &# 8211; namely, an Oscar.

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Top 13 of the best gay films: Shelter

&# 8220; Shelter *Gay cinema: The Top 13 of the best gay films&# 8220; - Home is where you can find love. The published in 2007, US film shows once again the importance of the family as well as their own life goals. Zach (Trevor Wright) is a family man and takes care of his sick father, his sister Jeanne and their five year old son Cody. A sense of duty towards his family, the talented Zach gave up his dream to study at an art school. Shaun (Brad Rowe), The elderly, gays his friend's gift brother, Zach encouraged to apply again - what Sister Jeanne did not approve. It prohibits Zach even contact with Cody. There to see strong acting performances alongside the beach Body of the surfers. The drama about the family conflict has received numerous awards, including the audience prices on the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (2007) Best New Director and as Favorite Feature Film and the 2009 GLAAD Media Award.

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