iCloud: Apple removed tool for checking the activation lock

With an iCloud account connected iPhone or iPad are secured with an activation barrier that thieves will complicate resale. But now Apple has the side with which can be pre-check the activation lock is removed. Why is unclear.

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Activation lock: Effective action against receiving stolen property

The activation lock ensures that iOS devices that are connected to an iCloud account, not to be used without knowing the iCloud password of the rightful owner - even not when someone has performed a recovery of the operating system. That should make it difficult thieves and receivers of stolen goods, stolen iPhones and iPads to sell; actually should have declined after the introduction of the lock with the iOS 7 in 2013 thefts.


Who wants to buy a used iOS device on eBay or other online platforms, of course, can not give a prior in hand, to check whether the activation lock is active the device. Here is a tool managed at iCloud.com Remedy: Potential buyers could enter the IMEI or serial number of a device and received by Apple to provide information if the device is provided with an activation lock or not. So if an eBay seller could name only one IMEI or serial number, confirmed a lock on the Apple or wanted to call any number, the final was obvious that they were stolen.

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Apple removed tool - without replacement

Now, Apple has suddenly taken this tool that was previously accessible via iCloud.com/activationlock from the mains. It seems not to be a temporary measure: Also the support document that referred previously to the tool, never mentioned this. So there is no way to check in advance whether a device is provided with an activation lock or not. What Apple has moved to the move and whether there will be a replacement in the future is unclear.

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