These were the six best anime series in 2015

2015 is over &# 8211; So it's time that we look back and look at what appeared to grandiose anime series and were also completed. We present here six grandiose title of 2015!

These were the six best anime series in 2015

The Anime 2015 was a great year. Not only some series were terminated from the previous year, but also many new seasons of known titles have been published. Also completely new series have been able to establish themselves and have now been partially confirmed for other seasons. We devote ourselves here to the six best anime series in 2015 &# 8211; and a special mention on the last page.

not're sad when your favorite series is not on this list &# 8211; the competition was strong. Just write in the comments, which series has really flashed you in 2015!

These were the best anime of last year:

one punch you

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One Punch Man

12 episodes

As the title suggests, it comes in One Punch One is a young man who only needs one shot to defeat his opponents. He goes by the name Saitama and looks quite plain - but he is not to be underestimated. For this reason, but he is also bored, after all, not an adversary is a challenge for him. So he sets out to find someone who can give him a decent fight.

One Punch One is an anime of a different kind He does not take itself too seriously -. And, moreover, he makes fun of many cliches of the genre. However, the series might not be suitable for everyone; the first episode should you look and then decide if you like the style but definitely.

assassination classroom

Assassination Classroom

22 episodes

After a strong creature has already destroyed 70 percent of the moon, it now takes a course for Earth. It explains that the world will also be destroyed within a year, but it will give humanity a chance to fight back. For this reason, it is simply summarily class teacher at a junior high school and teaches his students not only ordinary things, but also various forms of killing. The Japanese government promises to that of the class a huge sum of money, which can kill the essence - but that is far from easy. It has extensive superpowers; and besides, he is the best teacher to the class ever had.

Assassination Classroom lives from the ludicrous Grundpremisse, the not so intimidating nature and the easy narrative style. Who expects a deep and impressive history with a lot of seriousness here definitely wrong.


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