Samsung Gear VR advertising with the bouquet: What is the song? (+ Video)

End of March not only the Samsung Galaxy S 8 was presented, but also the first time the commercial for virtual reality goggles Gear VR shown. Starred in the short clip plays an ostrich. The funny video You can watch in full here. In addition, you learn here how the song from the latest Samsung Gear VR advertising is 2017th

Samsung Gear VR advertising with the bouquet: What is the song? (+ Video)Source: © Samsung

The advertising clip is now seen in the commercial breaks of TV programs in Germany.

1380Samsung Gear VR Advertising

Samsung Gear VR: The advertising with the bouquet in video

The ostrich is threatened with extinction in its African homeland, the Sahara. Even if it is a bird, the ostrich can not fly. This is different at least with the "Gear VR" glasses in advertising. The ostrich is the technical equipment and experienced here the virtual reality that brings him to take off at the end of the clip. The advertisement is running under the slogan #DoWhatYouCant.

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What is the song from the "Samsung Gear VR" advertising?

the "Samsung Gear VR" advertising is accompanied by a song from which can get to hear a familiar voice. In fact, the song comes from advertising by Elton John. "Rocket Man (I Thin It's Going to Be A Long, Long Time") already appeared in 1972. The Briton Elton John is one of the singers who could sell the most records worldwide. As early as 1995 he was II by Queen Elizabeth. Appointed "Commander of the Order of the British Empire". In 1998, he was then in addition to the "Knight Bachelor" appointed and must since then call "Sir". Amazon one finds the song as MP3, via Spotify listen here the classic in the stream.

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The new VR goggles Samsung Gear VR celebrates its launch this week. Compared to the old model, above all, the new controller is striking here. Those who already have an old VR glasses from the Gear series, can also be bought separately to the controller. It supports all Galaxy S models from Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note. 5

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