Risen 3: Achievements – All the achievements and trophies at a glance!

In Risen 3 you can all sorts of achievements, gain trophies and achievements, if you hineinfuchst you fully in the pirate role-playing game from the Piranha Bytes Gothic-makers. So that you also missed as ambitious gamers not succeed, we have summarized all the achievements and trophies for you!

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As extensive role-playing stingy Risen 3: Titan Lords not increase with achievements, trophies and achievements that your Gamerscore and your respect for other players. For although some achievements are not in truth and are awarded for completing simple quests or killing of animals läppischem some valuable gold or platinum successes provide a worthy challenge for true heroes!

Risen 3: Achievements - All bronze accomplishments and achievements at a glance

The following successes and achievements are relatively easy to obtain and are often awarded for progress in the main quest or for learning simple gameplay mechanics. For example, a small success bite for killing the first monster or for the beginning of the game completed quest.

Risen Erfolge05Scavenger should be slain forever, giving an achievement!
The guardCompleting the quest "A devotee of magic"
liberated countryCompleting the quest "threatening shadows"
tamerCompleting the quest "chaos in the port city"
ExorcistCompleting the quest "Zaks temptation"
technicianCompleting the quest "The reactor"
scoutCompleting the quest "The Missing Gnome"
charmerCompleting the quest "Cold Nights"
lightbringerCompleting Quest "Green Flame"
romanticQuest complete "The Blue Flower"
conciliatorQuest "dispute over the water source" Complete
Desperado100 attribute points in melee
eagle eye100 attribute points in Ranged
sly fox100 attribute points in List
manipulator100 attribute points in influence
Hard dog100 attribute points in hardness
thieves artist100 attribute points in dexterity
magician100 attribute points in Magic
metaphysicians100 attribute points in mind
The glory sevenRecruited at least seven crew members
globetrotterTraveling 20 times by ship
high flyerUses 10 times the parrot flight
AffenzirkusUses 20 times the monkey
boozy personWins 10 times the drinking mini-game
artistWins 10 times the knife throwing minigame
Master thiefCracks 100 locks
DiggerFind 10 treasures
power PacketWins 10 times the arm wrestling mini-game
SparfuchsObtain 1,000 gold coins
healerWill for the first time healed
adventurerFind the first treasure in the game
treasure hunterFind 10 legendary items
AngelReached a soul worth of over 90
demonLet your soul value below 10 falling
greenhornKill 10 monsters
VogelviehKill 10 Scavenger
animal friendsKill 20 innocent Ambient Animals
On the high seasQuest "Just get out of here" Complete
SeelenklempnerCompleting the quest "Boozes nebulized spirit"
spider enemyCompleting the quest "soldiers of the oracle"
magicianCompleting the quest "The swearing"
Demon HunterCompleting the quest "The old covenant"
Voodoo PirateCompleting the quest "The Kiss of the Dead"

All silver successes and achievements

Silver successes are to receive equal rarer and heavier, but they also give some extra points on the Gamerscore. Most silver success there's less for quests than for lengthy involvement in the game, for example, by their knocks down 500 critters or a lot of gold accumulated.

Risen Erfolge01Who diligently collect gold and treasures, gets a nice success!
perfectionistCompletes 300 Quests
RaffzahnWill receive 100,000 gold coins
butcherKill 500 monsters
ShadeslayerKill 50 Schattenwesen
liberatorCompleting the quest "arsenal of henchmen"

All gold successes and achievements

The rare gold successes's mainly for really big passion in Risen 3: Titan Lords. For 2000 monster killed or third of a million pieces of gold are just times not chicken. Only a quest called "The bodily death" is rewarded because of their complexity with a gold trophy.

Risen Erfolge02Hardworking Monster Slayer get a coveted success donated!
miserWill receive 300,000 gold coins
battle factoryKill 2,000 monsters
FinallyCompleting the quest "The bodily death"

The platinum success in Risen 3

There is only one platinum trophy in Risen 3: Titan Lords, which carries the program name "Titan Lord". Your only get when you manage to gain all other trophies, which are finding it difficult tenacious players and Risen enthusiasts.

Risen Erfolge04Only the toughest pirates create platinum!
Titan LordCollect all trophies

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