Samsung Galaxy S5: display repair

A second was not paying attention, and the smartphone slip out of your hand on the asphalt. So much the worse if it is an expensive Samsung Galaxy S5. We show you how your display can change.

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Difficulty: means (step 2 of 5)

Reason: The Samsung Galaxy S5 display repair is the main difficulty of the expansion of the display. Since a faulty screen is present here, this point is not rated. The installation, however, should hardly be difficult. Here are perform complicated work.

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1st step &# 8211; loosen a screw

Step 1 Remove screw

  • First you need to naturally remove the battery cover and the battery.
  • Now there is a screw that must be removed, together with the small cover next to the screw.

step 2 &# 8211; solve flex cable

3. Flex Cable entfenen

  • After you have opened the little plastic cover, the flex cable must be removed from the home button.
  • CAUTION: Remove flex cable with plastic tool.

step 3 &# 8211; Remove Galaxy S5 display

4. Remove the display

  • Now you can remove the display.
  • To this end, take a pick between the frame and display.
  • The display is stuck at the edge and on the bottom.
  • watch at the top, because there is the flex cable from the display.
  • CAUTION: please take care of the home button and the soft keys at the bottom.

step 4 &# 8211; solve flex cable from the display

5. Remove flex cable

  • After you have removed the display from the frame, it must be folded up.
  • Next, you have to solve only the flex cable with a plastic tool from the logic board.

step 5 &# 8211; rebuild Homebutton

rebuild 6. Home Button

  • Before we can install the new display, the home button has to be rebuilt.
  • Use caution when releasing the flex cable.
  • Tip: Press the Home button from the bottom out and again cut the glue with a plastic tool.

step 6 &# 8211; Install the new display

7. Install the new display

  • Before you installs the display, you must still apply double-sided tape on the frame.
  • Tip: buy Pre-cut tape.
  • Connect Flex cable to the logic board.
  • NOTE: umbedingt the flex cable thread When folding down the display of the Home button through the opening provided and check that you can connect it to the bottom.

step 7 &# 8211; Connect Flex Cable

8. Connect the flex cable

  • yet connect the flex cable from the home button at the end.
  • installing the cover plate again and turn the screw into it.
  • Installing the battery and test mobile phone.
ESD NOTE: Damage to your smartphone by electrostatic discharge (ESD) is possible.
We recommend you to perform a potential compensation or to use an ESD wristband.
The opening of your smartphone will void the warranty. Within the warranty period, we recommend you therefore only carry out the repair, if the manufacturer does not provide warranty service (for example, when a broken display).

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