GMX get a warning? So you can defend you!

For many it comes as a complete surprise: Suddenly, you get a warning and the indication of GMX that you are making a payment in arrears. Surprisingly, because many are not aware of ever having entered into a fee-based contract with the ISP. What can you do if you got a GMX reminder, you read it here. 

Background of unexpected payment or reminder is in most cases not very transparent business of the provider GMX with TopMail. In the above video you can clearly see that you are not the only ones affected, even if this information little consolation.

GMX exhortation completed TopMail contract &# 8211; so it happened

GMX and other providers of free e-mail accounts, inexperience or credulity make their customers ultimately Use. They send you very affectionate and friendly-looking messages to your mailbox, then with the keywords &# 8220; loyalty bonus&# 8221 ;, &# 8220; thank you&# 8221; or &# 8220; Geburtstagswünsche&# 8221; heischen after your innocent attention.

But behind the fine words always hides a contract for the E-mail service TopMail. The fee-based service offers you more comfort, for you have then no more advertising can store more emails and enjoy many other benefits. but you have to make some Euronen loose, currently € 4.99 per month. The following conditions also apply to the TopMail Treaty:

  • Minimum contract period 12 months.
  • The costs are settled semi-annually in advance.
  • If you do not announce in time, the duration is automatically extended for another 6 months.
  • You have to cancel at least four weeks before the end of the contract.

Frequently it closes with the click of the kind offer mail first a test phase for TopMail, but if you do not called within the &# 8220; test phase&# 8221; announces, you have to bear the cost for 12 months.

the lucky strike and faithful bonus is not one

GMX reminder: What can you do?

The opinions and user comments on the net strongly suggest that the experience with the GMX customer service can be very different. Some tell of goodwill, others testify to the exact opposite. Striking is the fact that you can indeed conclude with a single click and without a signature of the contract, but do not cancel in this way. GMX calls for a written notice to be submitted by mail or fax and not by e-mail. In addition, it reflects badly on the e-mail provider, if the customer service mails barely or not at all seem to respond.

  • First, you should not pay. If you have a legal expenses insurance, it makes perfect sense to turn a lawyer who then agrees with the company.
  • If you act on your own, you should immediately the payment requests in writing by registered mail disagree. You get this very useful Templates at the center for NRW. Here you appeal to the Civil Code § 353, paragraph 2, since you probably will not get any clear instruction about your right to object in writing.
  • Alternatively, you can also pick only with the customer service at the number 0900 1000 877 for 3.99 € per minute deal. However, we advise very strongly on because it probably does not help you, but the unpleasant cost further increases.
  • Your written objection it sends to the address of the GMX office in Karlsruhe: 1&1 mail&Media GmbH, branch office Karlsruhe, Brauerstraße 48, 76135 Karlsruhe.
  • GMX is then likely to respond with a standard mail in which they say when the contract was concluded and that the terms and conditions, the right of withdrawal and the cost you were displayed in the order process, did you have confirmed via a checkbox. Then you would get a message that you should have informed about the right of withdrawal. Many users report that they have ever received neither the check mark nor the e-mail to the face.
  • Who then does not pay, gets relatively quickly a collections agency on the neck rushed and also needs to cover these costs.

legal assistance is better, the consumer can help central

our advice is therefore expressly: If you have the feeling of being overwhelmed by such a dispute &# 8211; many kink at the end then a still and pay the unwanted service &# 8211; turn away the NRW consumer, take these cases for a small fee. They have so much experience with this problem is that they can do very competent and successful. As an individual without legal foundation you do not have good chances to get out of the contract and the GMX reminder not to pay.

Beautiful advertising is great, but correct treatment of customers is even better!

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