shut down Windows 10: Find it faster

If you want to shut down Windows 10, you are open to different possibilities. In this article we show you the different options and also tell you how you can 10 shut down even faster Windows.

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Windows 10: The understandable started.*

shut down Windows 10 &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s

Unlike in previous versions, Microsoft has placed with Windows 10 the button to shut down the operating system on a little better visible place. He is now directly in the Windows 10 Start menu by selecting the menu item All Apps. So you no longer need eight three procedures as in Windows 7 or Windows to move the computer to shut down. Read, for comparison, the article Windows 10 vs. Windows 7 in the test.

Windows 10 Shutdown

Clicking on the button on / off reveals the different options: energy saving, shutdown and rebooting. Here is a brief overview of what each options.

  • save energy: Windows 10 to go into power saving mode. All open files and programs are stored in RAM &# 8211; ride down the computer is not in this mode, as otherwise you will lose all unsaved data. To exit the power-saving mode, it is enough just the mouse to move or press a key.
  • shut down: Windows shuts down in so-called hybrid mode: All important system information is stored by default in the file hiberfil.sys and are available on the next boot directly. This 10 starts Windows also much faster than previous versions.
  • Start anew: Allows Windows 10 goes completely down and then up again. The system stored information from the file hiberfil.sys will not be read.

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In addition, Windows 10 can also be shut down completely. one on the next boot Windows must then re-collect all system information and does not read directly from the file hiberfil.sys &# 8211; this possibility is e.g. useful if you include new hardware. 10 completely shut down Windows pushes her on the shift key and keep it pressed click Shut Down while her.

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Disable Hybrid Mode in Windows

The hybrid mode (Quick Start) can disable it also completely so that Windows always completely shut down. It works like this:

  1.  Open the command prompt with the key combination Windows + R.
  2. Give the command powercfg / hibernate off a &# 8211; so that you disable hiberfil.sys file.
  3. Give the command powercfg / hibernate on in order to reactivate the hiberfil.sys file.


disable the hybrid mode should you do when you Windows 10 in combination with another operating system, such as Windows 7 installed in dual boot mode. Otherwise, there will each time an error message because Windows 7 does not recognize the hiberfil.sys file and want to perform a disk check.

Windows 10 is the new operating system from Microsoft.

Windows shutdown faster with shortcuts 10

If you do not want to take a detour via the menu, you can save a little time by their easily created you the appropriate links on the desktop. Click to having the right to an empty spot on the desktop and select from the drop-down menu, select Neu⇒Verknüpfung out. Then you give the following target paths a:

  • Switch to energy-saving mode: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState Sleep
  • Shutdown in hybrid mode:% windir% \ system32 \ shutdown.exe / s / hybrid / t 0
  • Restart:% windir% \ system32 \ shutdown.exe / r / t 0
  • Windows 10 is completely shut down:% windir% \ system32 \ shutdown.exe / s / t 0

After you have entered the target path of the respective link, you give the link nor the appropriate name, for example, Shutdown Windows completely. To shut down, then just double-click the shortcut.

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Windows will automatically shut down 10 goes like this&# 8217; s

Windows 10 can you also automatically shut down, for example, if you have to run regularly for a long time on the computer and are not present at shutdown. Here you give the command at 22:00 shutdown / s at the command prompt, where you can select the time (in this case 22.00) course free. If necessary, you can also add in the Startup configuration this command. More information can be found in this article: How To &# 8211; So you can shut down your PC automatically. Also, you can 10 shut down or restart your PC with Cortana in Windows.

For more tips on Windows 10 can be found here: Windows 10 Tips: These 15 tricks everyone should know. Lest us also even if Windows 10 has drawbacks.

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