Google App Store: From Android Market to Play Store

Google of course has its own App Store, which now goes by the name Play Store. We want to even look at here is how this has changed over time and developed.

Google App Store: From Android Market to Play Store

Those looking for apps for their Android device, will certainly first Google's own App Store paid a visit. This originally heard the name Android Market, but is now under the name Play Store, or simply Google Play known. But otherwise, a lot has changed. And that's what we want to look at here again.

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Google's App Store: Long live the Android Market

At the August 28, 2008 Google announced its own App Store under the name "Android Market" and opened the October 22, 2008 then its doors for users. At that time there were about 167 apps to choose from, to July 2013, this number has increased to more than 1 million apps. Including much garbage was present, of course, extreme, Google has fortunately partially sorted out. Exact figures are not available currently, but Google gives itself a number of "over 700,000 apps" on.

since the February 13, 2009 received developers in the US and UK support for paid apps, from 3 April 2009. Then the German version of the Android Markets offered the option to pay for paid apps. 30 December 2010 then this possibility was extended to a total of 29 other countries.

Once in Germany so apps could be purchased, followed on May 13, 2009 offer the opportunity for developers from Germany and Austria even paid applications on Google's App Store (Android Market).

An equally significant change was that from 10 December the contents of the Android Markets were also able to filter reduced the time window for refunds from 24-48 hours to 15 minutes.

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Google Play Music

Also, for those who like to stream music online, Google's Apps store has something on offer: On November 16, 2011 in the US Google Play Music launched some European countries then offered this service also from 12 November 2012 onwards.

Number of apps in the Google Play Store

(As the figures vary widely, this information should be regarded more as a)



Number of uploaded


August80,0001 billion
October100,000 [39]
2011May200,000 [32]3000000000
December38029710 billion
2012January400 000 [45]
June60000020 billion
September67500025 billion
April85000040 billion
May48 billion

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