Nintendo NX: So the supposed controllers were faked

A few days ago came to light images allegedly showing the controller of the new Nintendo console NX. It is now clear: Both leaks it was asked models that were manufactured by third parties. So all just a fake. Now is the maker of the last pictures, as he has made a convincing model.

Nintendo NX: So the supposed controllers were faked

The gaming industry revolves currently in Nintendo NX through completely. No one knows exactly what lies behind this name and what the group has planned with its new console. What are the features the NX? Will she finally PS4 and Xbox One catch up in terms of performance?

New details for NX before E3?

Precisely because of the many open questions are becoming more frequent leaks to the design. Recently, two different pictures emerged that would allegedly show the controller of Nintendo NX. The former were a bit washed out and looked set. but the latter could certainly cause a lot of people around by the nose.

is now certain: If both pictures or models, it is a fake. The former comes from David In that created a simple 3D model and it has added to the scene by Photoshop. however, the slightly better Fake comes from the Finns Frank Sandquist.

Concept drawings of the NX-Controlers

This has made his approach online video. The clip can be found at the end of our news. He wanted to see how easy it is to recreate the Photoshop Leak in reality. Apparently was the fairly easy with the necessary resources. After all, he sees the positive in what he does. In his opinion, many found the fake ugly and will be happy to know that it was just a fake.

Source: Polygon

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