Giuseppe Meazza or San Siro – as it is right, what’s the difference?

The first match in the Champions League season 2015/16 is already over. Still, the teams have to go a long way to get the chance for the final. Venue of the Champions League final is the stadium in Milan.

Giuseppe Meazza or San Siro - as it is right, what's the difference?

Regularly the stadium both "San Siro" and "San Siro" is called. But what is now the official name for the arena? Why are there two names for the Milan stadium and what difference there is between the terms?

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Giuseppe Meazza or San Siro - as it is right, what's the difference?

Milan and the Italian Serie A are known primarily for its two football clubs AC Milan and Inter Milan. Both AC and Inter also play their home games from Serie A in the same Stadio. As with almost all city clubs also prevails between the Rossoneri (AC Milan) and the Nerazzuri (Inter Milan) a great rivalry and the teams and fan groups.


  • the stadium in Milan was built in 1925-26.
  • Location of the arena is the district of Milan "San Siro", hence the designation "San Siro" for the stadium.
  • the venue was renamed then on 2 March 1980 in "San Siro", shortly after the death Meazzas 1979, before the European Championship 1980th
  • Giuseppe Meazza is an Italian football legend who was born in Milan on August 23 1910th
  • Meazza was, among other things as a striker world champion with the Italian national team in 1934 and the 1938th
  • In his career Meazza in 1927 made his debut with Inter Milan.
  • To 1940 and then again in the season 1946/47 at the end of his career Meazza played over 350 times for black and blue.
  • 1940 - 1942 Meazza was also active for AC Milan.
  • Nevertheless, the name Giuseppe Meazza is connected mainly with Inter Milan.
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Champions League final: Stadium 2016 &# 8211; Giuseppe Meazza or San Siro - as it is right, what's the difference?

For this reason it avoid the AC Milan fans to choose the official name "Giuseppe Meazza" for the venue, but fall back on the old, original name "San Siro".


AC Milan has now announced that it will refer its own stadium. Construction is targeted for spring 2016, the first game in the fully own venue is planned for the season 2019/20. With us you learn also what under the &# 8220; Fritz Walter weather&# 8221; is meant and what &# 8220; Hala Madrid!&# 8221; means.

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