Payback points on Amazon collect: Is that possible?

With your Payback card you can earn points and then dusting either useful bonuses or convert the points again in money to indirectly save so with every purchase while shopping at a variety of stores.

Do you buy a lot online, you should take the opportunity to collect Payback points on Amazon. Here you learn how Payback Amazon *Payback points on Amazon collect: Is that possible? works and what you should consider it.

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How can you collect PayBack points on Amazon

To connect Payback with Amazon, initially opens the corresponding party side at payback. There you wear one your customer number in the appropriate field. Click on "Shop Now" and you will be forwarded directly Payback on Amazon. At your next purchase when shopping online giants her now payback points get credited to the specified card number. However, collecting PAYBACK points from Amazon has some limitations. Thus, only points for items are counted that have been called on the Payback page. If you press while shopping the "back" button, it can also lead to errors in the points credit. In addition, certain products from the Payback program in Amazon are excluded.

update: For a long time it was possible to collect PayBack points on Amazon. Indeed, this cooperation was, however, terminated. Since July 1, 2014 is no payback balances more for Amazon purchases. Points that were collected through the online trading giants had to be redeemed by June 30, 2014.

Payback collect from Amazon: Here goes&# 039; s long*

There are regular Amazon actions where you can also save without payback points. Keep to the eyes in unserems GIGA deals area open to miss any action.



No payback points more at Amazon

Of course there are many more apart from Amazon vendors, where you can collect online payback points. more recently, Burger King offers the opportunity to show the blue-white card with the food order. We show you also, as you can gather on eBay payback points.

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