Nintendo Switch: set user ID and login

In order to register with the Nintendo switch, you need a user ID in the future. Who still has Nintendo Network ID (NNID), will thus not be able to log on the latest Nintendo console. As determined in her a User ID and what is the difference for NNID, learn it here.

Pre Breath of the Wild now: The Legend of Zelda*

With the Nintendo Nintendo switch leads in the future a new registration system on. Whether thus the Nintendo Network ID is replaced, but is not yet clear. Preorder the hybrid console (and all other) can already a good name as User ID to back up. With this you get in touch then on to the Nintendo switch. So far, you have still your NNID for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS use.19089Nintendo switch in retrospect

Nintendo Switch: registration only by user ID

The user ID is believed to represent your display name for friends on the Nintendo switch. The name must consist of at least six characters consist. If you opt for small and large letters, you will be disappointed after saving. The entire name may only consist of lowercase letters, so the form converts directly from small uppercase letters.

The user ID can be changed arbitrarily become. Unlike the PlayStation service and other services you need for changing the name but pay any money. Apparently you can the new ID also change so often as you like. The only exception is that it be no user ID twice may.

So there are now so keep your normal Nintendo account data, as an e-mail address and password, a nickname, bound to Nintendo Services and the Nintendo Network ID. In addition, the user ID is introduced now even that can be immediately applied in your Nintendo account or changed. Anyone new registered, must equal specify a user ID.

At least six characters long your new user ID must be.At least six characters long your new user ID must be.Start Photogallery(8 pictures)Nintendo Switch: Install this 7 games and your hard drive is more than full

So created or you change a user ID

You can you create a user ID already. That you may secure you your desired name or increases the chance that he is still free. In addition, you can then login you with the new Nintendo switch ID in your Nintendo account. The user ID replaces namely now the e-mail address if you wish so. So you can create a user ID:

  1. Click you on the Nintendo login page and log in you a quite normal.
  2. Under User information can be found between your mail address and password the word user ID. Set nintendo-switch-user-id
  3. Select Change next and let you send a confirmation email from Nintendo.
  4. After you receive this and have clicked on the link, you can specify a user ID.
  5. Do you want to change it now, you're looking back at user information and simply select Change next user ID. After you have entered your password, you can change the ID.

As soon as we learn more about the User ID, we update this article of course accordingly. This new ID to more in the future gain in importance, because now it was announced that purchased content from the Nintendo eShop are not to be bound to the console, but the account.

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Development studios – The Top 10

Without them there would be no Mario, Sonic, no, no Megaman, and certainly no Guybrush Threepwood. No role playing, strategy games and no shooters. We are talking about the development studios.

Development studios - The Top 10

Without them we could not sit 10 hours before gripping the screen. And more importantly, without them it would not exist until our great love &# 8211; the videogame! Development studios there are many and the one or the other are closed long ago. On a like Rare hardly anyone remembers more. But companies such as LucasArts, Bioware or Nintendo, which has been around for decades, knows almost everyone. Name behind these companies are developers like Sid Meier, Peter Molyneux and David Cage. Developers who are at least as great from the name forth as the studios themselves &# 8211; sometimes even larger. A certain Tom Clancy other hand is on top of many games, although it has nothing to do with it. Where once was decided even after the cover of a game, is now clearly distinguished by genre. Previously they were happy if there were one or two potential games a month, you could buy. Nowadays, there are far more, you have to look at just the next few months. In the course of time it has development studios increasingly difficult. So it is not enough just to be good, but you have in what you do to be the best. to use an established or existing game series for is for one or the other companies of the rescue anchor. As long as that is there is a demand for a title is to produce so long to the consumer, the buyer has enough of it. Games like Final Fantasy and Call of Duty are leading the way.

But what are the most important development studios?

Sure, the adventure friends say LucasArts and the trigger-happy among you Infinity Ward or maybe even Crytek.

Since one can only speak ill of all, I will set specific criteria.

On the one hand is of course important that each company has brought out for games. Games that still grab us after 20 years. Games where we wait 10 years later until a successor is coming and games so we've even started to play. Another point is the sales figures. A game can still be as good, if it is not sold, it is for the developer, it was a flop. The next criterion is the development itself. Has developed in the course of his time a game series or did they blunt the buyer always re-purposed the same broth? The last point is the hype. A certain Duke sends his regards. Games that we ourselves have not yet played, and those who have flashed us with a trailer or items so that we could not sleep days. Games that have been hailed as a potential must-have title, although they are not yet published.

Under these criteria, I have determined the Top 10th

10th place: Sega Studios Japan

The top 10 of the most important developer begins with Sega. Founded in 1940 had probably developed so right for most video game enthusiasts only in the 80s. Games like Virtua Fighter, Panzer Dragoon, Shinobi, Rez and not least Street of Rage were all great games, to which one or the other has fond memories of back. But not least with Shenmue succeeded Sega, one of the great breakthroughs. And this can even understand ambiguous. On one hand, 1 and 2, the hearts of the players were conquered with Shenmue. A new franchise was born, but the real breakthrough was the negative numbers that have caused this game. If you had miscalculated with a game in sales, then with this, because if this game really should make a profit, then each would Dreamcast owners, a whopping two Shenmue buy games. While this is very absurd, but we were able to experience history with only through this Verkalkulierung, one of the most beautiful games of video games. But the Sega hero par excellence, I have not even mentioned. He's fast, blue and collects comic golden rings. The talk is of course of Sonic, the fastest hedgehog in video game history. For this reason alone it deserves Sega in the top to stand 10th At first he had the name &# 8220; the Mighty Armadillo&# 8221; and should even once embody a rabbit could reach with his ears. Thank God these ideas but rejected quickly.

Only the figure developed by Naoto Oshima &Mr; # 8220th Needlemouse&# 8221; found a future at Sega. But who thought that Sonic looks like because they nothing better is remembered wrong. Sonic is blue because the color is happens to be the Sega. And the shoes? Who is the album cover of Michael Jackson &# 8220; Bad&# 8221; look who knows why. These are the same shoes! And the personality of Sonic? It's obvious, Bill Clinton! He now embodied sometimes loud Sega then the Western ideals, fast respond to problems and that some naughty sovereignty which he embodied that connected the Japanese with America.


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Realistic Pokémon: Do you recognize them all? – Figure 1 – Images series – GIGA

Realistic Pokémon: Do you recognize them all?

Dominic Stetschnigon 16/11/2015 at 17:18

Come on, secretly, it's the dream scenario of each of you: What if Pokémon would exist in the real world? Sure, the soon Pokémon Go gives you a little taste, but like really (and especially gruesome!) Look realistic Pokémon, the artist RJ Palmer shows. And we have to admit: His illustrations make us speechless!

1 of 32

RJ Palmer has concentrated on writing credible creatures, but come from his imagination. In its portfolio numerous dinosaur concept art to which a look is definitely worth find. However, the definite highlight of his work is the hyper-realistic representation of the popular pocket monsters. The way how realistic and genuine he is Pokémon, is eerie and fascinating at the same time! Whether we would still want us in this way? Well, you have to decide for themselves&# 8230; Pokémon in real &# 8211; Pokétrainer for Scale!

Here you get to the official homepage of RJ Palmer. More links to his works and websites you get at the end of the gallery.

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    MGS 5 – Phantom Pain: Quiet – All about the silent sniper

    Quiet plays the female lead in MGS 5: Phantom Pain and with her the name says it all. The motives of the taciturn sharp-shooting are not clear and are likely part of the story of Big Boss&# 8216; Adventure account. Below we take a closer look at Quiet.


    Pre Phantom Pain now: MGS 5*

    MGS 5 &# 8211; Phantom Pain: who is Quiet?

    quiet is a female sniper as in the game &# 8220; A Sniper deprived of her Words&# 8221; is introduced. Whether it is actually silent or simply unwilling to speak remains unclear. In the course of action she communicates with Big Boss by mumbling and rudimentary sounds. While it saves big boss in a mission in Afghanistan in 1984, it comes into the custody of the Diamond Dogs. While Kazuhira Miller later she pushes to eliminate, like Big Boss and Ocelot first observe the mysterious sniper and find out whether they actually represent a danger for the Diamond Dogs.

    in the trailer Quiet but not silent experienced her scantily clad sniper in action.

    20542MGS 5 - Phantom Pain: Quiet but not silentStart Photogallery(9 pictures)8 important scenes that did not make it in video games

    Quiet at a glance

    Surname quietmgs5-phantom-pain-quiet-bio
    Date of birth Unknown
    nationality Unknown (Caucasian)
    Eye Color green
    Hair color brown
    performances MGS 5: Phantom Pain

    A comrade of Big Boss

    A glance at the list of trophies and achievements reveals that one Quiet during the game as comrade can recruit and must summon during missions. she is one of four comrades, with which one can walk together on a mission, even if they are not allowed to directly control himself. Your can watch their Sniper Skills make use and position it at any location, from where they will give you coverage and opponents off quietly from a distance. While their full combat potential depends on the relationship with her, which you can improve during the game. But it is also quite possible that they may die during missions and is thus irretrievably lost.

    Quiet is one of four buddies in the game.Quiet is one of four buddies in the game.

    Quiets supernatural abilities

    Superhuman abilities are in the Metal Gear universe nothing new and Quiet has some tricks up his sleeve. As you saw in previous trailers and gameplay demos, she has the opportunity to temporarily invisible to make and deal with incredibly fast pace to move forward. They can apply their invisibility to individual parts of the body to rid itself of about handcuffs.

    Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain - Score transferred from Ground Zeroes - important&# 039; s

    An interesting connection there is also between Quiet and sniper The End of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, of you met there as bosses. This has photosynthetic capabilities, in which he refers to his head power from the sun over black spots. In Quiet this seems just to be the case, since you already could see in several trailers as you disappeared mascara around the eyes in bright sunshine. So there is a kind of relationship between the two or these skills were caused only by genetic mutations, such as by nanomachines?

    Are The End and Quiet in a kinship relationship?Are The End and Quiet in a kinship relationship?

    At the September 1 appear Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. By then many questions about Quiet hopefully be answered.

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    Nintendo Switch: Replace battery and extend the playing time

    The battery life of the Nintendo switch is still quite expandable. Do you want some time with your mix of console and handheld gamble, then a charger is needed quickly. Since rapidly raises the question of whether the battery can be replaced or there are other ways to extend the term of the Nintendo switch?

    The Nintendo switch has a lot to offer, but the built-in battery with a capacity of 4310 mAh Unfortunately you sustenance only a small playing time. For this, the Joy-Con controllers come with their own batteries and 525 mAh. The Joy-Con even have their own charging station, with which you can charge them comfortable. Also read our article about the hardware of the Nintendo switch, for more details. But the question remains: Can you replace the batteries of the Nintendo switch?

    37672Nintendo Switch - Everything about the console

     Nintendo Switch: Replacing the battery &# 8211; not possible right?

    Unfortunately, there is no green light for the independent battery replacement. Officially, you are allowed to battery not exchange. you try it nevertheless goes your guarantee. The battery of the Nintendo switch and its Joy-Con controllers are permanently installed and you had to tweak itself to change something. Should you already have experience with the exchange of console hardware have, it may be possible even install another battery. However, it you have to always remember that therefore your warranty expires in case something goes wrong.

    Nintendo Switch BatteryThe Nintendo switch promises a lot, but the battery life could be better.

    Over time, solutions will find out how you can replace the batteries of the Nintendo switch. At the latest, when more and more players from the warranty time. However, this does not mean that you should immediately unscrew it, because the risk of damaging the console is always there. Nintendo has its own service to, in which the battery of the switch changed. However, this does not cost little and you have to grab quite deep into your pockets. One possible alternative is resourceful &# 8220; Third&# 8221; . This can offer an exchange of Nintendo switch batteries for less money.

    Start Photogallery(8 pictures)Nintendo Switch: Install this 7 games and your hard drive is more than full

    Alternatives to change batteries

    You do not directly exchange the battery of the Nintendo switch, unless it is defective. The battery within the console may with a &# 8220; old house recipe&# 8221; be recharged. Worried you a Power Bank. With this you can upload the battery completely so that wear and tear are reduced. Meanwhile, there are operators that assure you that you can charge the battery of your Nintendo switch. Considered when selecting the Power bank that a USB Type-C is present and a high number of mAh given is. We ask you at this point a few examples before:

    • Jackery &# 8211; Quick Charge 2.0 20100mAh *Nintendo Switch: Replace battery and extend the playing time (€ 43.99): A good power bank that can dust off their slightly cheaper if you hurry up.
    • AUKEY &# 8211; USB External Battery 30000mAh C *Nintendo Switch: Replace battery and extend the playing time (50,99 €): This Power Bank is a little more expensive, but a good alternative so that you Nintendo switch battery must not replace, but you can just download it.
    • iMuto 20000mAh Compact External Battery Power Bank *Nintendo Switch: Replace battery and extend the playing time (€ 29.99): A good cheap option, so you can charge the battery of your Nintendo switch. However, the number of mAh is quite low.
    • iMuto 30000mAh external rechargeable battery *Nintendo Switch: Replace battery and extend the playing time (€ 49.99): This version is slightly more expensive than its predecessor, but the high mAh number and customer reviews are compelling.

    With these offers, you can choose you the appropriate Power Bank, as these are the best solution for the battery problem, the Nintendo switch at the time. Unfortunately, it is common for batteries of handheld devices can not be easily replaced. Therefore, the hope that there will be better and simpler solutions in the future, we are left alone.

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    Dead by Daylight – Trapper Trapper play with advice in the Guide

    The trapper is a popular killer in horror multiplayer Dead by Daylight. The trapper was the only murderer who was playable in the beta. So some players accustomed to his skills and abilities. In this guide to Dead by Daylight, we tell you how you can play as a trapper, what special perks he owns and what alternative skins can you activate it for him.

    Each of the four killers and five survivors in Dead by Daylight is different. possess all the characters 3 special perks. Even the trapper has unique bonuses and weapons, as to assist in the hunt for victims you. Some benefits that you can unlock in the blood net, hanging out with his Terror-radius together. This is the area around the killer, in the heart pounding for survivors begins. If this radius increases, it attracts so victims of generators or hook away. We give you in this guide Tips for trappers gameplay in Dead by Daylight.

    In the launch trailer for Dead by Daylight you see the Trapper also in action:

    17758Dead by Daylight: Launch Trailer

    You want to prefer a other killer play? We tell you elsewhere more information about the other murderers:

    • Mind / Wraith play in Dead by Daylight
    • Hillbilly / Hillbilly play in Dead by Daylight
    • Nurse / Nurse play in Dead by Daylight
    Start Photogallery(12 images)Release list for June 2017: These games are waiting for you

    Dead by Daylight: So the trapper was a killer

    The stories of the three killers are very different and always act of personal tragedies. The murderers are in themselves not bad people, but were mostly driven by other extreme acts. So it is for example also the trappers. Evan Macmillan, as he's real name, has loved his father Archie and deified. Archie Macmillan led the family business with a strict and firm hand. At his side was always Evan.

    Buy Dead by Daylight now and set up traps*

    One day Archie Macmillan Sick. The news of his illness spread quickly and came estate agents and other people who have a abhaben slice of success wanted to. has become increasingly crazy even as the father over time Evan has done anything for him. After a short time Evan Macmillan went as worst mass murderer one ever in the history books. He is said to hundreds of men in dark tunnel have led and then let a bomb go off. Until now could but no show, that it was Evan or that has instructed to do so by his father. Father and son are eventually disappeared without a trace, was to Archie dead and left in the basement of the warehouse found. there is no trace so far from Evan.

    The Trapper is a dangerous man who has done everything for his father.The Trapper is a dangerous man who has done everything for his father.

    The trapper and his weapons

    The trapper takes its name from the large Bear traps, he distributed over the entire map. As a weapon you is a huge ax available, which injured victims at the first blow. You will meet a second time, the survivor is down and can be thrown over the shoulder and hung on the hooks. Observed following the two weapons:

    • The ax has a short radius. So go up close to the survivors in order also to make it safe.
    • not meet her a victim, the Trapper stops short to recover from the sharp blow.
    • Should you meet the survivors, the trapper has a cool-down time of 2 to 3 seconds in which he wipes the blood from his weapon.
    • Meet her a survivors a second time with an ax, he has exactly 3 minutes in which he can be cured by others. If he does not, he bleeds.
    • At the beginning you can only carry a bear trap and position. Special add-ons let you carry up to 2 additional traps.
    • So you need to collect on the card and set it up at the beginning of your career Trapper traps.

    Ye your performance improved from Dead by Daylight

    • Takes care to hold M2 until the end to make sure it sets up the trap. Keep the best yet down the right mouse button, even if the trapper looks already up.
    • In the time in which it sets up the trap, you look most of the time down. Here, the victim can run past you. Remember that if you fall sets up at the open exit.
    • Gropes you a survivor in the case, he must free itself. The speed depends on the happiness that can be increased with offerings. There are also special perks for victims to facilitate the freeing of traps. But there are also perks for you, the contrast effect.
    • You will receive an acoustic signal as soon as you grope a survivor into the trap. Also, you can see light even him short. The survivor is injured and saves himself from the case, he can only crawl. Is he still healthy, he is hurt by the case.
    • You can also occur in a bear trap. This is not so tragic, as you can relatively quickly escape again. However gropes her own case while wearing a survivor, let her drop him.
    Is the trap snapped shut, the survivor needs luck to escape again. But other Survivor can help him.Is the trap snapped shut, the survivor needs luck to escape again. But other Survivor can help him.

    Alternative clothing for the Trapper

    By reaching Level 50 get her new, bloody skins for the trappers. They have no effect on you, but will possibly be threatening.

    His alternate outfits and weapons are covered in blood. (Source: alternate outfits and weapons are covered in blood. (Source:

    Special Perks for trappers

    Every killer and each survivor has special Advantages, with the blood network and earned points blood be unlocked. Of course, the Trapper also has three special perks that simplify the gameplay with him. They are available in 3 graduations. You will know at the bars on the top right icon of virtue. The more lines, the better the perk.

    pesky presenceWith your presence you fear and panic in survivors triggers so that your terror radius not only rising, but victims in the radius for a cure or repair make more mistakes and so cause explosions and other sounds.
    brute strengthYou destroy barricades much faster than usual. This allows you your enormous strength.
    houndingCarry her a survivor, not just your speed is increased, the terror radius expands, so that no victim dares in your vicinity.

    Strategies and Tips for trappers - Dead by Daylight

    The trapper has the advantage of bear traps, which he can lay everywhere. However, it you have to remember that it a bait needs to catch survivors. It lends itself &# 8211; Depending on the map &# 8211; to, bear traps in tall grass or right in cornfield interpreted. Under windows or in front of barricades to make traps also very good. Think about where the survivors could go along to fall into your trap.

    Even killer should hide and watch. There are not only more points - you also have the element of surprise on your side.Even killer should hide and watch. There are not only more points &# 8211; you also have the element of surprise on your side.

    Are also survivors with a higher level or rank in the match there and play cat and mouse with you, you can defeat them quickly with traps. also sets no bear trap right in front of a hook, If a survivor is hanging there. Sets the case rather there where the two survivors would hinflüchten. Remember that the survivor disarm traps can. Most victims already know the trick with the bear traps, which are positioned in front of a hook.

    • Patrols at the generators, the trapdoor and the chests. Many survivors also go to the basement to level up faster here. Interprets traps here.
    • You hear noises on the basis of how far a generator has been repaired or if a survivor is currently fixed it. You see red footprints, for example away from a generator and hears that but he was already waiting in half, you should stay close. Survivors often go back to the same generator when it is already so far.
    • Flying ravens on a building that is a clear indication that here hiding survivors.
    • Pays attention generally to ravens. They fly from and to the victims and show you so the position.
    • Defused a survivor a trap, you hear the snapping sound when you are near. It might not hurt to take a look over.
    • The hunt should not take too long. Sometimes it is a Ablenkaktion so other survivors others can save the hook. Takes the pursuit too long, the whole brecht from.

    Read on us more tips to Dead by Daylight in the Beginner's Guide.


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    Rebel Galaxy: All Achievements and Trophies – Guide to 100%

    Rebel Galaxy lets you cruise through space where you get it to do with pirates or trades with alien races as space buccaneer with your Star Destroyers. In the space simulation her turn while also plenty of free Achievements and Trophies. We give you a guide with all the Achievements and their activation conditions.

    Rebel GalaxydownloadQR codeRebel GalaxyDeveloper: Double Damage GamesPrice: € 19.99

    In August 2016 you can you as a PlayStation Plus member Rebel Galaxy free and strip either as a pirate, trader or explorer through the vastness of the galaxy. Which Achievements and Trophies you can unlock it, learn it in our Guide with all the Achievements.

    430Rebel Galaxy: Announcement Trailer

    Rebel Galaxy: Achievements and trophies Overview

    In total there are in Rebel Galaxy 37 Achievements (38 trophies to snag on the PlayStation 4). There are Achievements for destroying as many warships or if ye buy new ships and improved. All Achievements and Trophies with their activation conditions you see in the following table.

    all-trophies-were-collectedAll trophies were collected!-platinum
    All trophies were collected!
    hardcore hackerHardcore hackergamer core 10bronze
    Chops successful 10 transponders.
    bull's-eyebull's-eyegamer core 20bronze
    Destroy 250 combat ships.
    TodbringerTodbringergamer core 50silver
    Destroyed 2,500 ships.
    BreakerBreakergamer core 20bronze
    Destroyed 100 major ships.
    ShattererShatterergamer core 50silver
    Destroyed 1,000 main vessels.
    cash-on-the-clawBar on the clawgamer core 20silver
    Achieved a net worth of 5 million credit units.
    the-vile-mammonThe filthy lucregamer core 20gold
    Achieved a net worth of 50 million credit units.
    a-new-friendA new friendgamerscore-30bronze
    Woke Trell.
    signed and sealedSigned and sealedgamer core 20gold
    Through the main campaign.
    teleportationteleportationgamer core 20silver
    Jumps out of the first available solar system.
    torpedo-destroyerTorpedo destroyergamer core 20bronze
    Holt 500 torpedoes from the sky.
    next jobsPart-time Jobsgamer core 20bronze
    50 performs emissions from the emission index.
    recoveryrecoverygamer core 10bronze
    Recover 50 containers.
    tractor beamtractor beamgamer core 20silver
    Collects 200 new objects using a tractor beam.
    the-life-of-piratesA Pirate's Lifegamer core 20bronze
    Raid the one merchant.
    beautiful-new-crateBeautiful new boxgamer core 50silver
    Buy yourself a new spaceship.
    extra musclesextra musclegamer core 10bronze
    A mercenary involved.
    mining machinemining machinegamer core 10silver
    Builds 50 asteroids using a vulnerability scanner.
    bounty hunterBounty Huntergamer core 20bronze
    Collect 10 Fang premiums.
    feared-bounty hunterFeared bounty huntergamer core 50silver
    Collects 100 Fang premiums.
    pirate hunterPiratenjägergamer core 20bronze
    Brings a pirate Prince the route.
    pirate slayerPirate Slayergamer core 50silver
    Bring 20 pirate Prince the route.
    registered-membercard-carrying membergamer core 20bronze
    You join the merchant guild.
    the-membership-makes-to-payThe membership pays for itselfgamer core 20bronze
    You join the mercenary guild.
    experienced-handexperienced handgamer core 50silver
    Reached the fifth rank in each guild.
    merciful-samaritanThe Good Samaritangamer core 10silver
    Save 20 merchants.
    on roadOn roadgamer core 10bronze
    Trades with a merchant during the flight.
    secretlySecretlygamer core 20bronze
    Bribe successfully a militia officer.
    the-skull-over-two-crossed-bonesThe skull with two crossed bonesgamer core 50silver
    Are neutral towards different pirate factions.
    the brass-trophyThe brass trophygamer core 20silver
    Imagine with the militia on a good foot.
    guessed splitterAncestry splittergamer core 20silver
    Find the ancestors splitter.
    gozugozugamer core 20silver
    Find the face Gozus.
    antimatter-stainAntimatter spotgamer core 20silver
    Finds an antimatter spot.
    blockade runnerblockade runnergamer core 50bronze
    Break through 1 blockade.
    siege breakerSiegebreakergamer core 10silver
    Break through 10 blocks.
    destroyerdestroyergamer core 20silver
    Buys a destroyer.
    Buys a dreadnought battleship.


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    The dog and the arrival at the house – The Walking Dead 2 Walkthrough – GIGA

    After Clem came to, we follow the path and pull us right at the wooden stairs. Before we can examine a broken canoe, above a dead Walker and a grave, but it is not important. When we are done, we follow the path in the background. We take the path further down and climb over a dead tree. After a few more meters Clem hears a noise and is much more cautious. We are moving forward.

    Clem meets a dog. His name is Sam, but we only learn when we check his collar. He leads us to a campsite that is left. Clem has very hungry and decided to look for food. In the garbage we find a can of beans, now we just need something to open it. We are searching the cooler, the two tents in the background, the barbecue, the box with the toy, the van and the can on the ground. Optional we can play in the background with Sam with the Frisbee - but only three times, then she flies into the bushes.

    Have we wanted enough Sam begins to bark and leads us to a walker, which is tied to a tree and puts the pocket knife in his chest. He leaves it to us, of course not just pull out like this, so we grab the bottom right of the road and beat him with it four times on the head, until he no longer stirred. In his pocket is nothing, but we can take the knife to us.

    Clem continues with the can at a nearby base, we puncture cycles through the three vulnerabilities, and so open the can. It is quite obvious that Sam is hungry, we can decide whether we give him something or not. Either way, the matter is not looking good - Sam jumps Clementine and bites into her arm.

    During the fight, we look quickly either to the left or right (with A or D, respectively) and attack us either the knife or can which we cut Sam around the ears - in the case of the can, we must strike several times. When Sam then stands before us, we will contact him by we click on it. The fight is over and it is obvious that is Sam did not make it. The second decision of the episode, if we release him from his suffering or leave him to his fate.

    After they went through the wilderness, Clem is very weak, but the exact moment Walker approach. The game tells us that we should run, but more than a shuffling is not in it. Move it constantly forward until Clem is torn from the Walker to the ground. Defend yourselves as much as possible by hammering Q - you can not fill in the circle, but the moment Clem is always two men, Luke and Pete are their names saved.

    During the walk we can disclose to them any information, either way but the discussion turns to the bite wound at Clem's arm. We can tell the dog (silence does not just for the most confident in this situation) and Pete believe us, for the time being to them the story. He lacks the expertise, but in the group of the two there is a doctor.
    When Clementine wakes up with the others, we can either say something or run away, the result is very similar - Nick, who is a little overzealous, shooting at Clem, but misses. Then examined Carlos, the doctor, the bite wound. We can appeal during the investigation to a member of the group, depending on how we express ourselves, the survivors will remember our answers. However, the result is always the same: Carlos wants to make sure that he does not waste medical resources to a Walker-bite, so Clem must spend outside the house the night in a shed.

    Prologue and the campfire
    The dog and the arrival at the house
    The utensils that Verarztung and the meeting on the river


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    Just Cause 3: marine vessels, helicopters and airplanes – GIGA

    Marine vessels, helicopters and aircraft in Just Cause 3

    And already we are in the last part of our large section devoted to vehicles in Just Cause 3. Now we want to devote ourselves to ships and aircraft. These can also be with the way upgrade MODs. We have a full overview of all MODs and upgrades in another guide.

    Start Photogallery(19 images)Just Cause 3: 15 Easter Eggs that you must have seen her

    Sea vehicles in Just Cause 3

    In Just Cause 3 there eleven sea vehicles. The following boats can you add your list when their military positions freed:

    • Urga Hroch
    • Custode 29
    • CS Powerrun 77
    • Rebel Corvette
    Minnow Fishing BoatThis is a slow boat which is also with the other attributes rather below average.just-cause-3-SEE1
    Whale SharkThis is an old rusty boat, but has an average performance.just-cause-3-SEE2
    breeze 32The breeze 32 is a sailing boat with motor and creates a full 20 knots.just-cause-3-SEE3
    Dame de la Mer 99Over 40 knots, this luxurious yacht creates. It also has a spacious cabin.just-cause-3-See4
    Pescespada SSThis speedboat achieved in calm water over 70 knots and also looks very chic.just-cause-3-see5
    Urga HrochDo you want to conquer islands quickly and efficiently? This Urga transport ship has good armor.just-cause-3-see6
    Custode 29This gunboat has a gun on board and is armored as well.just-cause-3-SEE7
    CS Powerrun 77You have to set you on a sea battle, this is the perfect gunboat for you &# 8211; with a large acceleration and two MG-guns on board. just-cause-3-see8
    Rebel CorvetteSuch combat and armor attributes one dreams in the sea battle. In addition, the Corvette has a high performance. just-cause-3-see9
    Stria PW 220 R-GTThat is the only jet in the game, but the fun to drive huge &# 8211; with a maximum speed of 60 knots.just-cause-3-see10
    squalo X7This speedboat is only reserved for the wealthy residents Medicis and armored. just-cause-3-see11

    Helicopter in Just Cause 3

    Overall, you can nine helicopters find in the game:

    eubus EagleThis is a helicopter, have the rich mainly inhabitants of the islands. He is average.just-cause-3-helikopter1
    Urga PostolkaThe Postolka is an attack helicopter to win dogfights. It has a mini-gun.just-cause-3-helikopter2
    News helicoptersYou can find this helicopter in the larger cities Medicis.just-cause-3-helikopter3
    CS NavajoTwo different types of rockets hidden in this combat helicopter. Your unlock it by destroying its military bases.just-cause-3-helikopter4
    CS CometThe helicopter is unarmed and only slightly armored. Your turn him free on a military base.just-cause-3-helikopter5
    Urga Hrom DThis attack helicopters destroyed an average basis within a few seconds. A mini-gun and a rocket launcher on board. (A military position was only to be destroyed)just-cause-3-helikopter6
    Urga RacekThe top speed is 150 km / h. You can find the helicopter at military bases near water. You have to unlock the vehicle beforehand.just-cause-3-helikopter7
    Urga MstitelThis helicopter is equipped with four precision rocket launchers and heavy machine. Your they receive in the course of history. just-cause-3-helikopter8
    Golden Urga MstitelThe attributes are the same, the color differently. Collect all Di Ravello tapes to get this piece of gold. just-cause-3-helikopter9

    Aircraft in Just Cause 3

    Helicopters are you too small? Just choose between six aircraft from the list below and fights Di Ravello and his men:

    Urga U17 acrobatAn average machine that is widely used to get from one island to another.just-cause-3-flugzeug1
    CS7 ThunderhawkThis fighter has everything to eliminate enemy troops: machine gun, more loaders missiles and heat seekers. Must be enabled in a military base.just-cause-3-flugzeug2
    Stria Ghibli 3This seaplane is perfect for remote, small islands in the state of Medici. just-cause-3-flugzeug3
     U-7 DravecThis fighter jet is the ultimate: Although armored just average, but but the Dravec has rocket and Bombenabwerfer. The jet will be unlocked when you clean a military base. just-cause-3-flugzeug4
    U41 Ptakojestera runway is recommended for this aircraft. Want to transport their vehicles? In the plane ten land vehicles fit. (Release in a military base) just-cause-3-flugzeug5
    Carmen AlbatrossThis aircraft is from the 1940s and can reach quite a considerable speed. Collects classic pieces to get this aircraft. just-cause-3-flugzeug6

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    5 things that are not noticed you at Overwatch

    For almost a week's blizzard heroes Shooter Overwatch on the market and inspires its player base with a variety of maps and tactical gameplay. But no matter how deep you ye been incorporated so far: The following five things are probably escaped you.

    15601Overwatch in the first impression: Noob vs. professional


    1. The control unit can be adapted to the smallest detail:

    Today, we must adjust the control in almost all video games. Ask ye to jump by pressing another button on the controller or the keyboard? As a rule, such an option you will usually provided. Overwatch does exactly goes into the adjustment but several steps further:

    There would be one hand the possibility to set the key assignment for each of the 21 available heroes differently. If you want to let fly with a constant pressure on F instead of the shift key on a PC rather Mercy, this change does not affect your other control schemes. These options are still more helpful little things can be changed; For example, you shall there be specific to particular heroes the health bar of the team members on. This is totally makes sense for example Soldier 76 because it has a healing ability that takes not only on him but also his team influence.

    Overwatch_SniperkillOver Watch's detailed control options allow adapting the zak552 suffering from cerebral palsy players sometimes fire a sniper rifle instead of permanently only the shotgun in a Shooter

    And then there's a very different aspect which does not really stand out for many of us because we ourselves are not affected: The personalization possibilities that Blizzard Overwatch, go as high detailed that they allow a restrictive disease even players remodel any heroes for their own claims. So it's people playing previously because of their disability or any shooter could only certain weapon types to use, from now possible to try a whole new range of heroes and abilities.

    Touching: The ill with cerebral palsy Overwatch player zak552 thanks to reddit at Blizzard for exactly this feature. Thanks Over Watch's detailed control options he was able to get the first virtual sniper kill his life.

    Start Photogallery(13 images)Brazenly stolen: Copy 6 Mobile clones successful concepts almost one to one

    2. The control maps are shaped like steps:

    Lijiang Tower, Nepal and Ilios are the three cards on which we play the control mode of Overwatch. As usual for "Best of 3", we play two to three rounds on one of the cards. Special feature: The rounds will not be repeated on a part of the card instead, but create change by putting yourselves in each round to another part of the site. Who plays for example, a Nepal-match occurs once in the village, sometimes in the shrine and times in the sanctuary against each other.

    That the card areas belong together, can be determined by the visually recognizable subject. As the card is set up but in total, we do not know as normal players, because the rounds are faded with a black screen and the round display.

    Overwatch_NepalVillage below, shrine in the center, the sanctuary at the top: The Nepal-card is shaped like steps. (Source:

    With a simple trick can, however, find out how the level architecture of Lijiang Tower, Nepal and Ilios works: Move into a custom game, select the card and indicates yourselves as an observer of the round. So you can almost freely flying around - with her here and there gaps in the level limiting invisible wall must exploit - and realize that all three rounds connected physically to the said cards.

    The control cards are shaped like steps. Let's look from very far out in the areas, it can be seen that the areas are connected to each other and were settled at different heights.

    Comparison images of the three cards you see in this Imgur album by Reddit users The_Villager, incidentally this wonderful knowledge comes from the the game.

    3. The game prevents the classic snowball effect:

    Why is Overwatch actually hardly frustig? let's leave all mechanisms outside before that trigger moments of happiness after a round - so Lootboxen, the "highlight of the game" or the highlight-voting. Instead I want to focus on gameplay. Blizzard has in fact managed to develop a game that can not derail in the classic snowball effect of many multiplayer title.

    Overwatch_KontrollpunktEven if the enemy team has taken over 80% of the control point, we still have a realistic chance. Thank anti-Snowball!

    Wait, what the heck is in this context a snowball effect? The term describes a player consistently stronger by constant success, and felt so invincible (!) - a bit like an ever greater snowball that rolls without regard to losses destroy everything that gets in their way. This snowball effect is favored for example by in-game currency or item systems. Who not only wins the time for kills, occupy an important point, but will be rewarded, builds his own hero as the game further out - making it to the opposing team sometime very stressful, even still to win the match.

    While we sink into a round Overwatch, we often do not pay attention to what ever the result that the game feels so good. And just through this complete renunciation of one item system, currency or other factors affecting the odds, Blizzard has created a game that prevented it to go the other team completely overboard. Instead, usually arises comparatively little frustration as a bad group can decide for themselves through a well-planned attack, a close game yet.

    Column: Can Blizzard created a hate-free multiplayer community?

    If you like all the time to concentrate on a possible profit remains flat even less time chatting "Your Mudda" a vibrant bring.

    4. Roadhog can cancel some of its Ult animation:

    With some of the Overwatch heroes can you certain animations - for example the "charging" the ultimate skill or changing a weapon - cancel. Thanks to such skills combinations, for example, more damage per second can dish out, and thus a tank "wegbursten", or even a hero to "fly" bring.

    An example would be the tank Roadhog, also called by me in the game affectionately known as "pigs". If Roadhog used his hook to attract an enemy, and very soon after launching its ultimate ability to "Ultimate ready" animation is canceled. Since the opponent is still hanging in the hook of Roadhog that Ult can not push away as usual by Roadhog him and in this way makes more burst damage.

    If the opponent is still hanging in Roadhogs hook, makes his ultimate STILL more damageIf the opponent is still hanging in Roadhogs hook, makes his ultimate STILL more damage

    With Roadhog example, it is also possible to use the own healing, while the gun reloads. For this you have to trigger it once the ammunition displays 4/4. Given a little practice, those saved milliseconds in combat can mean a significant difference.

    Of course, these combinations are not the only options offered to you Overwatch. By heaps of matches you'll find out over time what can be accomplished still. For example, to levitate a tracer by jumping with start-up and subsequent Dashes short.

    more tips & Tricks for Overwatch heroes

    5. The logo reflects letter of the game name resist:

    Actually, it's actually terribly obvious what is supposed to represent the logo of Overwatch. Yet it is for us only when we think about it consciously: The circle represents not only the O in Overwatch; the "wings" within the O also yield a W, which introduces the second part of the name, so "Watch".

    Another logo interpretation states that the two "wings" in the middle of the Os stand for two Hands giving a high five - which may well also fit for Team approach and the positive sentiment from Overwatch.

    Image via ImgurImage via Imgur (

    Overwatch order on Amazon*

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    Besides Task: Gateway – Saints Row 4 Walkthrough – GIGA

    Available: by "Zero Cool - Liberate Matt Miller"

    Reward: 4500 Cache, 2300 experience new gateway - East Carver Iceland


    Kinzie told us on the ship, that we have to chop various shops to disrupt the simulation. This mission is initially a single string of store-hacking, not particularly exciting, but not very heavy and a nice opportunity to get to know the various businesses. Do you want to make things easier, completed before "The simulation recognizes&# 8230; "so you have more time for chopping. Oh, and it does not run when the mission "emergency situation" has surfaced and they have not yet completed their - prevent all the attacks that you can really chop alone.


    Finally, we still need to upload a virus, so fend off several waves of enemies. Get yourself to the phone gain your powers hold ready and then let it rip. You have three waves of cops ward, only 10, then 15 and 20. Now, if we go back to the last wave to Kinzie on the ship, the mission is complete.

    Saints Row 4 Walkthrough &# 8211; Overview

    Saints Row 4 Walkthrough &# 8211; Start and general tips and tricks
    Purple Special Forces
    Long live the boss
    Leave it to the Saints
    Learn the rules&# 8230;
    The escape
    Ghost in the Machine
    zero Cool
    Abnormal readings
    By popular demand&# 8230;
    The Boss Goes to Washington
    King of Stillwater
    With love from Asha
    &# 8230; the day after / Death From Above
    Kinzies move
    The girl who hates the 50s
    Hit the shark
    Last Boss Fight
    Next task: Adaptation
    Besides Task: Simulated instructions
    Next task campaign of destruction
    In addition to task orders of the President
    Next task: The simulation recognizes&# 8230;
    Next task: Superior Justice
    Next task: displaying power
    Next task: Obey
    Next task: Obey (again)
    Next task: Obey (again)
    Next task: Gateway
    Next task: White Rabbit / White Light, White Heat / A Whiter Shade of Pale / White Wedding
    Next task: Loyalty: Nytefall
    Next task: Loyalty: Girl on the role
    Next task: Loyalty: Pump up the volume
    Next task: Loyalty: Dance King
    Next task: Loyalty: training day
    Next task: Loyalty: SR3 Summary
    Next task: Loyalty: The girl who struck Cyrus
    Next task: WWGM / Fast 250 / Kill, kill, destroy, kill
    Next task: Oath
    Next task: turning
    Next task: The Prestige
    Besides Task: Home Paid / vacuum / Secret admirer
    Next task: Something to Prove
    Next task: The Favor
    Next task: Shaundis list
    Next task: fun trumps everything
    Next task: Back to the basics
    Next task: Greet the Crazy
    Next task: 3 Count Royal
    Besides task can kill and die
    Next task: Saint finger
    Next task: Ghostwriting
    Next task: Ascent Action
    Next task: The climax



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    Gallendor Battlegrounds play – November 2017 – GIGA

    As the successor to Gallendor Gallendor Battlegrounds has a lot of PVP content and depth of the game has to offer. Assert yourself against evil creatures that threaten your lands and become the hero of Gallendor!

    Unlike its predecessor, the focus of Gallendor Battlegrounds is more on strategic elements. As one of the Lords of Gallendor, a so-called Chosen, so a chosen one, it's your job, you to acquire as much land as possible.

    However, before you can start to attack other and accept their cities you, you should take care to build your own city. It is important to find a good mix of defensive and offensive style of play in order not to become a victim during a raid insanity itself.

    To achieve your goals, you have a wide variety of fantastic units from normal mercenaries up to the Horn dragons available. Of course, it is not only about the destruction of other cities. Likewise, you can go on quests that will fill your wallet to purchase new equipment regularly.

    Also interesting is the comprehensive magic system in Gallendor Battlegrounds. So you stand next to black and white magic, certain spells available which can build up faster or you allow the employees of slaves.

    To become the Chosen and fight against dragons, demons and undead, and to assert yourself against the rest of Gallendor, you do not need any more than a modern browser.

    description ofSteven Drewers


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    presented Call of the beastmen New Group – Warhammer: Total War

    Total War: Warhammer published an additional DLC: Call of the beastmen. This includes a new faction in the game, which consists of mythical beings between man and animal. The other nations of the game dared to enter the home of beastmen and now they have to pay for it. We give you an overview of all known information before the Call of the beastmen DLC will be released on July 28, 2016th

    Under the leadership of Malagor the dark omen and Khazrak the one-eyed drive the beastmen all enemy factions from their homeland and take the fight to the enemy. You are brawny fighters with horns and heavy weapons. With the new Call of the beastmen DLC get her an additional Total War: Warhammer campaign. This is called eye to eye and suggests a merciless revenge campaign.

    Around 3pm The new campaign will be presented via Twitch. We give you little by little insight into the contents of the new DLC&# 8217; s and the people of Beastmen are in our group overview to Total War: Warhammer integrate.

    917total-war-warhammer-call-of-the-beastmen-trailer-58851.mp4Total War: WARHAMMER - Call of the beastmendownloadQR codeTotal War: WARHAMMER - Call of the beastmenDeveloper: Creative Assembly, Feral Interactive (Linux), Feral Interactive (Mac)Price: € 17.49

    Total War: Warhammer DLC Call of the beastmen &# 8211; That's the new faction

    The heavily armed ax and Clubswinger probably come therefore with modest forming armor. Their strength lies more in their strength. Rather than hiding behind thick armor, the beastmen put everything in their damage and your speed. with powerful Support- and damage spells beat them with great force by their enemies and especially benefit from their onslaught. We provide you a part of the army of beastmen steps:

    • Razorgor hero: monstrous Battle Boar, which was riddled with spines and morning stars are reinforced. These pigs are considered high risk from enemy infantry.
    • Ungor looters:  these fast archers are the standard ranged beastmen.
    • Igors cents: Monster cavalry, which is equipped with sharp weapons rod. From their appearance, they are somewhat reminiscent mythical centaurs, since they have the lower body of a horse and the upper body a person is at least similar. They are very fast and could pierce armor of the enemies.

    beastmen fights

    • Minotaur: This big monster armed with two axes and are among the strongest forces in Total War: Warhammer.
    • Bestigor stove &# 8211; This is probably the best infantry of the beastmen. Great warrior with heavy weapons and even good armor. Overall, they are somewhat reminiscent chaos warriors.
    • Gor oven: These foot soldiers are armed with ax and shield or simply swing two individual axes and are among the most powerful units.
    • Ungor Spearman stove: This spear infantry is your main weapon against big opponents. Besides their spears they carry shields with them, but they have only a small leadership.
    • The beastmen can have a gigantic Cyclops (Cygor) summon, which the enemies with boulder pelts. This giant is so to speak the artillery of the beastmen.
      • You can bring to the Fronlinie the Cygor also gradually, as he is a monster in the melee.

    The leaders of the beastmen

    Dark omen

    • The heroes of the beastmen are shamans and strong melee specialist.
    • Gore Bull: This character is a big Minotaure, which provides with his ax for terror in close combat.
    • Bray-Shaman: This wizard suggests his name since he spells addition also have an effect on friend and foe by its Warcries Has.
    • Maligor the dark omen: This commander is focused on its strong spell and carrying his dark wing scary on the battlefield.
    • The magic of the beastmen offers you new variety and magic for the simulations.

    There are new maps and battlefields, which are full of new details. The beastmen you fight on nature-focused and heavily vegetated battlefields. Thus they may receive a small compensation for their weak armor, as trees and rocks to catch one or the other ball for them.

    The new campaign eye for an eye in beastman DLC

    In addition to the normal Grand campaign in Total War: Warhammer can you also play their own story with the beastmen. Here, you take control of Khazrak the one-eyed and leads him to his vendetta against his greatest enemies. The campaign provides you 52 regions and several opponents, through whom you have to work your way.

    campaign beast

    Waaagh ?! Rage!

    Similar to the green skins beastman have a strip which by itself Fill the fighting and looting can. Reaches a certain value, this is a Brayherd summoned. This horde of beastmen following the war cry and joins your struggle.

    In addition, the Beastmen are no friends of diplomatic conflict resolution. You do not like friends and prefer that you explain any other group as quickly as possible the war.

    The dark moon pulls on&# 8230;

    During the campaign you will all 8 rounds have to make decisions for an occurring event. Of the dark moon is on and you have to decide which ritual, you want to perform with your followers for the favor or the wrath of the dark gods to get. It's up to you.

    Stances of your armies

    The beastmen can opt for a battle stance decide. This distinguishes them from other groups and are, for example, the possibility of an ambush. This the beastmen can even run in the attack. Also, you can at the looting Anger Bar increase your warrior.


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    Xbox Scorpio: Release according to insiders not before August 2017

    Before E3 2017 Microsoft probably does not mention a release date for Xbox Scorpio. Well, after all, an insider limits the duration of the new power console after all.

    26519Xbox Project Scorpio E3 2016

    So far, Microsoft was only known that the Project Scorpio will go on sale for Christmas 2017th More information about the release there were not before. Like Windows Central Reporter Jez Corden now, however, are known to have games that are specifically optimized for the new power console from Microsoft, go through a certification process.

    This process takes place on the basis of the Xbox development kits October 2017th Thus, a release in August, according to Corden comes into question:

    In a reply to Twitter Corden also taps on a release between mid-October and mid-November 2017. When the "strongest console ever" actually appears, you learn most likely at E3 2017th


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