ARK – Survival Evolved: Cheats and item IDs for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

being trapped alone on an island with giant dinosaurs, one or two players can ARK: Survival Evolved ever overwhelm. With cheats but you can greatly facilitate you life in Survival hit. The console commands work not only on the PC, but even on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Did you want you ever want the See ARK-world from above? Or as hovering spirit of the island, without you, the countless creatures of ARK: Survival Evolved notice? With Cheats it's really easy. There are so Many console commands, that you can customize almost everything in the world.

The codes also work on servers. but here you need the Admin rights, so you can use their cheats. Do you play on a server, you should take a so with an administrator communicate. In some cases, he gives you the rights or are the commands themselves one, so they apply to the entire server.

But no mood to cheat? So you level faster &# 8211; guaranteed without cheats: 126586Ark Survival Evolved - Tips for quick levels

Since this article is very long and receives many tables, you can teleport with a click on certain issues:

  • Cheats on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One
  • Dino IDs for console commands
  • Item IDs for cheats

ARK &# 8211; Survival Evolved: Open Console on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Especially on servers cheats often used. Discovered a Tribe member a player who behaves maliciously, he can simply removed via console command become. But even single player sometimes can not avoid to use a cheat. Despite the full version of the game, you will still find the odd bug. Is something destroyed or buggy, you can the solve problem with a Cheat. Of course you can also easily tame dinosaurs or level up faster with cheats.

Horizon: buy Zero Dawn now and fight with mechanical dinosaurs*

Before we show you the long and extensive tables with cheats, we want to tell you how the open console and enter the console commands can. This works logically on all three platforms different.

  • Enter Cheats on the PlayStation 4: Go into the menu and now presses the following keys simultaneously: L1 + R1 + Square + Triangle.
  • enter cheat codes on the PC: On this platform, you have the Tab key press (TAB).
  • Entering Cheats on Xbox One: Pressed pause. Now you must simultaneously press their following keys: LB + RB + Y + X.
The fly-cheat is very popular. Looks down on the world and find yourselves a suitable place to build from.The fly-cheat is very popular. Looks down on the world and find yourselves a suitable place to build from.

All cheat codes for ARK: Survival Evolved on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One

The table lists all cheats are not yet listed. We will update the table but gradually. Most cheats can be activated only if you previously EnableCheats eingebt (in multiplayer you have the server admin password enter it and in between a space). After that you can type in one of the following console commands for ARK. Do you play on a server, you have to type the command admin cheat than Admin before each cheat. Followed by a space must follow to enter your chosen cheat.

Looking to her cheats that you a spawn item or Dino to let? These commands we wrote together with IDs in the text below.

The cheats work on all three platforms. However, it may happen that some Console commands do not run on the Xbox One. Make sure that you write everything properly.

godTurns on the God mode. You are then invulnerable. Do you want to disable God mode again, you can either drown or you cheat again god enter, so it is reset.
flyEnabled airplane mode. With her walk off the cheat again.
ghostEnables Ghost Mode. You can pass through objects and dinosaurs. Grabs her Dinos on, they will hardly be aware you. Is deactivated again with walk.
suicidePlayer commits suicide and spawn new.
hurtme 5Player receives damage, in this case. 5
toggleinfiniteammounlimited ammo
destroyallenemiesCreatures that do not belong to the player, are killed.
destroy structuresAll structures of all players are destroyed.
destroymytargetAll creatures or objects that you sighted the crosshairs are destroyed.
destroy wild dinosAll untamed creatures on the card will be destroyed. After that, they reappear. Are with an update new Dinos emerged, you can help to spawn them with this command.
infinitestatsYour values ​​such as hunger, endurance etc. are infinitely high.
execsetsleeping truePlayer goes to sleep. With false behind her waking up.
teleportLook at one point and teleport there.
teleporttoplayerGive behind the ID of a player to teleport you there. In between, a space needs to be.
teleportplayernametomeGive back the ID of a player, and now he teleports to you. In between, a space needs to be.
give resourcesYou will receive 50 units of each resource.
give gramsYour switches all engrams freely in the game for you.
addexperience 1,000 0 1So you level faster and gain experience points. The first number, ie the 1000, you are the amount of EXP. The last number, that is the one that gives the entire EXP Tribe. 0 she gets only one player.
giveexptoplayer? 0 0 0Is a player on the server EXP. Instead of ? have to enter it the player ID. The last three numbers are consistent with the Cheat addexperience match.
forcetameTames immediately Dino, who is sighted. It can also be ridden without a saddle.
slomo?The time is slowed. Instead of ? can you enter a number 1 to 5
playersonlyThe time is frozen and with it Dinos and any production. You can move though.
togglegunYou see weapons and tools that you hold in your hand on the screen (or not).
settimeofday hh: mm: ssYour determine the time of day. Give rather than the hour and the minute instead mm hh. The second number may be omitted.
banplayerthen give one the player's Steam name. He will be banned. In between, a space needs to be. With unbanplayer and the player's name you can do the spell reversed.
broadcastSends a message to all players on the server. After cheat a space and then the message comes.
setcheatplayer trueThe Admin cheat menu is turned on. With false it is deactivated again.
give colors 1Gives the player the number, in this case 1, of each dye in the game.
listplayersAll players and their Steam IDs are listed.
make tribe adminPlayers will Admin of the Tribes.
renametribe name1 name2Name1 is the current name of the Tribes. This cheat give the tribe name2.
save worldYou force to save the server.
server chatAfter a space you can send a message to all currently connected players.
serverchattoAfter a space on Steam ID of a player to be named. Another space then separates the message behind it that you send to him in the chat.
setbabyageGive here a number from 0.1 to a first Your Baby Dino is so old.
settargetdinocolor a bDyed a one Dino, whom you targeted. a is the region (back, head, etc.), while b marked color.
setplayerpos 0 0 0Teleports the player to that position. The first number is the X-axis, the two BWA the Y-axis and the final Z-axis.

You're looking for new costumes for your Dinos? Then look here:

Start Photogallery(9 pictures)ARK - Survival Evoled: Unlock Bionic skins (without money) - Here's how

can spawn Dinos and items: Dino and Item IDs

These cheats and IDs work again on all three platforms. First you have to enter a cheat and then the IDs of the objects, so the game knows what Dino want to leave you now spawn. Here again applies: EnableCheats If the cheat does not work, give before a. On a server you have to re-enter admin cheat it.

These cheats give her one before that in order to use the Item ID:

  • summon <Dino ID>: A Dino will appear before you. You can find the code below. However, the level is random.
  • spawndino <path> 0 0 0 1: A Dino will appear before you. Give the path that you find in the tables below. The first three digits describe the Spawn-position with respect to you (X-, Y- and Z-coordinate). The last number is the level. 120 is the maximum number.
  • giveitemnum <Item ID> 1 1 true: Gives you an item. The Item ID can be found below. The first number is the number of the item, the second is the quality again. true means that you simultaneously get the blueprint for it. With false you will receive only the item.
On the consoles her cheat codes give one pause menu.On the consoles her cheat codes give one pause menu.

Dino IDs to make creatures appear

We come first to the various Dinos. They have an ID and a path. Depending on the Cheat want to enter it, you have to use one of two commands. The paths are beyond our scope of the site. For this reason, we want you in good conscience recommend the site Jurassic Ark. You can find the paths at the bottom. Do you want to see again all the dinosaurs? Then you look at our list elsewhere.

Alpha CarnoMegaCarno_Character_BP_C
Alpha RaptorMegaRaptor_Character_BP_C
Alpha RexMegaRex_Character_BP_C
Broodmother LysrixSpiderL_Character_BP_C
dung BeetleDungBeetle_Character_BP_C
terror BirdTerrorBird_Character_BP_C
Super TurkeyTurkey_Character_BP_C
Wooden RaftRaft_BP_C
Woolly RhinoRhino_Character_BP_C

Item IDs for special items

Let certain objects appear in front of you with these IDs. There are more items, but you have to determine with paths. typed simultaneously CTRL and F and looking for a particular item. The table is on English.

Simple Pistol1
Assault Rifle2
Rocket Launcher3
Simple Bullet4
Raw Meat12
Spoiled Meat13
cooked Meat14
Water Jar15
Water Jar (Full)16
cloth Pants17
cloth shirt18
cloth Hat19
cloth Boots20
cloth Gloves21
Hide pants22
Hide shirt23
Hide Hat24
Hide Boots25
Hide Gloves26
chitin Leggings27
Chitin Chestpiece28
chitin Helmet29
chitin Boots30
chitin Gauntlets31
Stone Arrow32
Stone Pick33
Stone Hatchet34
Metal Pick35
Metal Hatchet36
Paint brush38
Standing Torch40
Hide Sleeping Bag41
remote Detonator42
C4 charge43
Blood Extraction Syringe44
Blood Pack45
Improvised Explosive Device46
Waterskin (Full)48
Berry Bush Seeds49
Bingleberry Soup51
Medical Brew52
Energy Brew53
Dinosaur Feces54
Human Feces55
Stegosaurus Egg56
Red Coloring58
Green Coloring59
Blue Coloring60
Yellow Coloring61
Purple Coloring62
orange Coloring63
Black Coloring64
White Coloring65
Brown Coloring66
cyan Coloring67
Purple Coloring68
Rex Saddle69
tranq Arrow70
Pistol Has Skin71
Metal ingot74
Thatch Roof79
Thatch Door80
Thatch Foundation81
Thatch Wall82
Thatch Doorframe83
Wooden Catwalk84
Wooden Ceiling85
Wooden Frame Hatch86
Wooden Door87
Wooden Foundation88
Wooden Ladder89
Wooden Pillar90
Wooden Ramp91
Wooden Trapdoor92
Wooden Wall93
Wooden Door Frame94
Wooden Window Frame95
Wooden Window96
Wooden Sign97
Blueprint: Note98
Parasaur Saddle100
Raptor Saddle101
Stego Saddle102
Trike Saddle103
Pulmonoscorpius Saddle104
Storage box105
Large Storage Box106
Mortar and pestle107
Spark Powder108
Stone Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Intake110
Stone Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Straight111
Stone Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Incline112
Stone Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Intersection113
Stone Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Vertical114
Stone Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Tap115
Amarberry Seed116
Tinto Berry119
Stim Berry122
Refining Forge125
Compost Bin127
Cooking Pot128
Simple Bed129
Small Crop Plot130
Pteranodon Saddle131
Longneck Rifle132
Citronal Seed133
Specimen Implant134
Bronto Saddle135
Wooden Fence Foundation136
Scope Attachment138
Dinosaur gateway143
Simple Rifle Ammo144
Summon Broodmother145
cementing paste146
Dinosaur gate147
Artifact of the Hunter148
Artifact of the Pack149
Artifact of the Massive150
Artifact of the Devious151
Artifact of the Clever152
Artifact of the Skylord153
Artifact of the Devourer154
Artifact of the Immune155
Artifact of the Strong156
Artifact of the Flame Keeper157
Argentavis Talon158
Megalodon Tooth159
Tyrannosaur arm160
Saurpod vertebra161
silica Pearls163
Metal Catwalk167
Metal Ceiling168
Metal frame Hatch169
Metal Door170
Metal Fence Foundation171
Metal Foundation172
Behemoth gate173
Behemoth gateway174
Metal Ladder175
Metal Pillar176
Metal Ramp177
Metal Trapdoor178
Metal Wall179
Metal Door Frame180
Metal Window Frame181
metal Window182
Super Test meat183
flare Gun184
Water tank186
Air conditioner188
Electrical generator189
Electrical Outlet190
Inclined Electrical Cable191
Electrical Cable Intersection192
Straight Electrical Cable193
Vertical Electrical Cable194
auto Turret197
remote keypad198
Metal Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; inclined199
Metal Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Intake200
Metal Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Intersection201
Metal Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Straight202
Metal Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Tap203
Metal Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Vertical204
Flashlight Attachment205
Silencer Attachment206
carbonemys Saddle207
Sarco Saddle208
Ankylo Saddle209
Mammoth Saddle210
Megalodon Saddle211
Sabertooth Saddle212
Carno Saddle213
Argentavis Saddle214
plesiosaur Saddle215
Chitin / Keratin216
Metal Sign218
Holo Scope Attachment219
laser Attachment220
Wooden Billboard221
Flak Leggings222
Flak Chestpiece223
Flak Helmet224
Flak Boots225
Flak Gauntlets226
Enduro Stew227
Lazarus Chowder228
Calien Soup229
Fria curry230
Focal Chilli231
Azulberry Seed235
Tinto Berry Seed236
Mejoberry Seed237
Narcoberry Seed238
Stim Berry Seed239
Savoroot Seed240
Long Grass Seed241
Rockarrot Seed242
Metal Billboard243
Fabricated Pistol244
advanced Bullet245
Advanced Rifle Bullet246
Rocket Propelled Grenade247
Medium Crop Plot248
Large Crop Plot249
Rare Flower250
Rare Mushroom251
Raw Prime Meat252
Cooked Prime Meat253
Battle Tartare254
Shadow Steak Saute255
Rockwell Recipes: Enduro Stew256
Rockwell Recipes: Lazarus Chowder257
Rockwell Recipes: Calien Soup258
Rockwell Recipes: Fria Curry259
Rockwell Recipes: Focal Chilli260
Rockwell Recipes: Battle Tartare261
Rockwell Recipes: Shadow Steak Saute262
Notes on Rockwell Recipes263
Wall Sign264
Metal Dinosaur Gateway265
Metal gate dinosaur266
Simple Shotgun Ammo268
Metal Wall Sign269
Amarberry Seed270
Azulberry Seed271
Tinto Berry Seed272
Narcoberry Seed273
Stim Berry Seed274
Mejoberry Seed275
Citronal Seed276
Savaroot Seed277
Long Grass Seed278
Rockarrot Seed279
Hunter Skin Hat281
Rex Stomped Glasses Saddle282
Spider Flag284
phiomia Saddle285
Medium Dinosaur Feces286
Large Dinosaur Feces287
Brontosaurus Egg288
Parasaur Egg289
Raptor Egg290
T-Rex Egg291
Triceratops Egg292
Parasaur ARK Founder Saddle Skin293
Dodo Egg294
Preserving Bin295
Metal Spike Wall296
Cooked Meat Jerky297
Prime Meat Jerky298
Rex Bone Helmet Skin299
Nerdry Glasses Skin300
Rockwell Recipes: Medical Brew301
Rockwell Recipes: Energy Brew302
Spinosaur Saddle303
Rockwell Recipes: Meat Jerky304
Heavy Miners Helmet305
Steel Vault306
Wood Spike Wall307
Dino Glasses308
Stone Fence Foundation310
Metal Water Reservoir312
plesiosaur Saddle313
ichthyosaur Saddle314
Stone Ceiling315
Stone Hatch frame316
Reinforced Wooden Door317
Stone Foundation318
Reinforced gate dinosaur319
Stone Dinosaur Gateway320
Stone Pillar321
Stone Door Frame322
Stone Window Frame323
Fireworks Flaregun Skin324
Tripwire Narcotic Trap325
Tripwire Alarm Trap326
Kibble (Ankylo Egg)327
Kibble (Argentavis Egg)328
Kibble (Titanaboa Egg)329
Kibble (Carno Egg)330
Kibble (Dilo Egg)331
Kibble (Dodo Egg)332
Kibble (Parasaur Egg)333
Kibble (Pteranadon Egg)334
Kibble (Raptor Egg)335
Kibble (Rex Egg)336
Kibble (Sarco Egg)337
Kibble (Bronto Egg)338
Kibble (Pulminoscorpius Egg)339
Kibble (Araneo Egg)340
Kibble (Spino Egg)341
Kibble (Stego Egg)342
Kibble (Trike Egg)343
Kibble (carbonemys Egg)344
Ankylo Egg345
Argentavis Egg346
Titanaboa Egg347
Carno Egg348
Dilo Egg349
Pteranadon Egg350
Sarco Egg351
Polminoscorpius Egg352
Araneo Egg353
Spino Egg354
Turtle Egg355
Rockwell Recipes: Egg-based Kibble356
Reinforced Window357
Reinforced Trap Door358
Omni Directional Lamp Post359
Industrial Grill360
Pump Action Shotgun361
Crossbow (Stone Arrow)362
Forrest Coloring363
parchement Coloring364
Pink Coloring365
Royalty Coloring366
Silver Coloring367
Sky Coloring368
Tan Coloring369
Tangerine Coloring370
Rockwell Recipes: Decorative Coloring371
transponder Tracker372
node transponder373
Single Panel Flag374
Feeding Trough375
Compound Bow (Metal Arrows)376
Metal Arrow377
Canteen (Empty)378
Canteen (Filled)379
Metal Sickle380
Behemoth Stone Dino Gateway381
Behemoth Reinforced gate Dino382
Bear Trap383
Large Bear Trap384
Trike Bone Helmet Skin385
Scuba tank387
Scuba Mask388
Scuba Flippers389
Plant Species X Seed390
Plant Species X Seed391
spray Painter392
doedicurus Saddle393
sloped Roof394
Sloped Thatch Wall Left395
Sloped Thatch Wall Right396
Sloped Roof Wooden397
Sloped Wood Wall Left398
Sloped Wood Wall Right399
Sloped Roof Stone400
Sloped Stonewall Left401
Sloped Stonewall Right402
Sloped Metal Roof403
Sloped Metal Wall Left404
Sloped Metal Wall Right405
magenta Coloring406
Brick Coloring407
Cantaloupe Coloring408
Mud Coloring409
Navy Coloring410
Olive Coloring411
Slate Coloring412
Mindwipe Tonic (amnesiac soup)413
Wooden Raft414
Bronto Platform Saddle415
Dune Buggy Vehicle Test416
pachy Saddle417
Pachycephalosaurus Egg418
Kibble (Pachy Egg)419
Rockwell Recipes- Mindwipe Tonic420
paracer Saddle422
Paracer Platform Saddle423
Dimorphodon Egg425
Dimophodon Kibble426
Frog Saddle427
Megaloceros Saddle428
fur Leggings429
For Chest Plate430
Has fur431
fur Boots432
fur Gloves433
Wooden Club434
Poison Grenade435
Fabricated Sniper Rifle436
DodoRex Mask Skin437
Greenhouse Wall438
Greenhouse Ceiling439
Greenhouse Door Frame440
Greenhouse Door441
Sloped Greenhouse Wall Left442
Sloped Greenhouse Wall Right443
Sloped Greenhouse Roof444
Greenhouse Window445
Riot Leggings446
Riot Chest Piece447
Riot Gauntlets448
Riot Boots449
Riot Helmet450
Electric Prod451
Broth of Enlightenment453

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L2p importance – what does that mean?

L2P is a common abbreviation in today's Internet culture, especially the players of MMOs in recent times may have heard one time or another. But what's behind the mysterious abbreviation? And what is the appropriate response to it? In the following article we tell you the importance of L2p.

12211Destiny Video Test

Multiplayer online games (MMOs) like League of Legends is a thriving playground when it comes to delight with creative neologisms humanity. The classics include expressions such as:

  • &# 8220; n00b "(beginner)
  • &# 8220; pwn3&# 8243; (get ready)
  • &# 8220; FTW&# 8221; (For the Win)

In addition, however new shortcuts appear almost every week. Recently, especially popular: the abbreviation "L2P".

Best Free MMOs

Start Photogallery(16 images)SMS from last night: The 15 most embarrassing gaffe

l2p importance &# 8211; that's what the abbreviation

The meaning of &# 8220; L2P&# 8221; becomes clear if you split the term into its constituent parts: Like so many other chat abbreviations and phrases in the online world is &L2p; # 8220&# 8221; an acronym, i.e. each letter of the abbreviation stands for another word. In this case, these are the words &# 8220; learn&# 8221; &# 8220; to&# 8221; &# 8220; play&# 8221 ;. &# 8220; L2P&# 8221; so nothing is different from: "Learning first time to play" and should be seen as belittling the skills of another player. L2P is the way usually used in conjunction with other online slang words. The typical use of &# 8220; L2P&# 8221; might go something like "Omg you Aggroed the Entire room n00b, l2p." Phew ... four word-creations. In German the whole thing is about: &# 8220; Oh my God, you have taken in the space of you watching the whole opponents, beginners, learning first time to play!&# 8221;

world of warcraftWithout a solid basic vocabulary to chat abbreviations players MMOs not get far.

clarified l2p importance &# 8211; but what I say to that?

The meaning of &L2p; # 8220&# 8221; we would have clarified it. What I say now but if me such a surly comes along? The appropriate standard answer (not just for this case) is quite simple &# 8220; STFU&# 8221; (Shut the fuck up = Shut up!). Who wants it more diplomatic, but could also reply: &# 8220; LFMF&# 8221; (. Learn from my Fail = Learn from my mistakes) Fits on but that your response is not too long otherwise you get one for sure &# 8220; TLDR&# 8221; to listen. Alternatively, you can the Streithammel of course simply a cover and the whole thing with a sardonic &# 8220; pwn3d "comment. Thus then the person knows of where the rubber meets the road and will be careful in the future, the expression &L2p; # 8220&# 8221; apply to you.

That might also like:

  • "OOTO": What does the abbreviation (chat language)?
  • SCNR: Meaning of the abbreviation

Source Product Image Karramba Production

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Nintendo Switch: The first streaming app will appear soon

Since the launch of the Nintendo switch the players long for Netflix, so they'll continue to enjoy movies and series. Now, the first streaming app for the portable console appears. But it is not these are the desired app community.

So cool is the Nintendo Switch: 

13537Nintendo Switch - Playing to Win Trailer - E3 2017

The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly a good console. Now that it hits like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the game, Mario Kart are 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey, more players will be added. But many still missing a very simple feature that now owns nearly any device: Streaming. Apps like Netflix, Amazon Video or max cathedrals make it easy to watch movies and series anywhere. There is no question that this would also fit the switch.

Production of the switch is to be raised further

So many players wish for some time that the Nintendo switch gets a Netflix app. This should also be on the right track. The first streaming app will soon be available for the Nintendo switch. However, these are the competition from Hulu. Netflix fans must continue to wait. Hulu is extremely successful, especially in the United States. In this country, is not even clear whether we will get the app.

Nintendo threatens players with lawsuit

For in the patch notes for the upcoming update is explicit that this is true for the North American market. We will probably have to wait a little while until we get a streaming app that works in all regions. One of the major drawbacks of Hulu is also that content can be viewed only with Internet connection. So the move always Wifi must be connected.


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install nexusmods but correct – The GIGA Tutorial: Skyrim

Skyrim makes her all through Steam, it's get this straight. The workshop is also very comfortable in terms of installing mods. But what is it when you get yourself the mods of Skyrim Nexus? We tell you in our guide as you browsing the Mod Portal and nexusmods gets easily installed.

Video: Top 5 mods for TES V: Skyrim
42534Top 5 mods for TES V: Skyrim

install Skyrim mods with Nexus

What are mods?
As Mod refers to a mostly free modification of a game that adds either objects, NPCs or places the graphical interface or textures revised (overhaul) or directly affect the gameplay. For this, the mod must be installed and there distribute its meshes, textures and other files into a directory of the game. Mods are not forbidden to have anything to do with cheats or cracks and expand your gaming experience enormously. So why not modding?

Ye have so far only with the shared mods from Steam Workshop satisfied given, but want more, more and more mods? Maybe you have already stumbled once on the concept Skyrim Nexus on your search. It is a mud network, deliver the freelance Modder mods for the hottest games and offer them for download.

Since the mods offered here do not build on its own in your Skyrim folder, we have to help a little bit at this point. Below we explain how you can install Skyrim Nexus Mods so that they work in the port.

Install directly to Bilderstrecke nexusmods - frame by frame →

Start Photogallery(6 images)Skyrim: Here you can find all alchemy textbooks in Tamriel

install nexusmods but correct: Skyrim


install mods on the nexusmods Manager

  • Equips a visit
  • First of all, you will create a account
    • On the one hand some important features you may not otherwise use, on the other hand her the non-adult Images can not see otherwise;)
  • now invites you to NMM (Nexus Mod Manager) down download
  • Starts .exe
  • The first time the Mod Manager tool searches for all the games that you have installed it, for it mods are in Nexus to download
  • Set in the hook Skyrim
  • Goes back to and enter the file > Categoriesskyrim-nexus-mods-categories
  • now selects the more than 50 categories, what kind of mod you want to install
  • Have you found a mod that you want like to have, it opens
  • Select from among the data of the tab Mod Files and clicks (Download with Manager)
  • This opens the NMM and invites Rucki-Zucki the file down
  • To install the mod, you choose the left margin, the "Activate the selected Mod" option
  • Everything worked, you will receive a notification that the process has been successfully completed and before the mod is now a hook

You turn your mod installations have been completed, you can directly from the top menu "Launch Skyrim" go and start the game to test your changes. To get rid of a mod again, you choose in the manager simply the Delete or disable function and already the mod is gone.

Nexus Mod Manager Icon

Click here for the Nexus Mod Manager Download: download

install Skyrim Nexus Mods manually

  • Equips a visit
  • Enter the Files > Categories
  • now selects the more than 50 categories, what kind of mod you want to install
  • Have you found a mod that you want like to have, it opens
  • Select from among the data of the tab Mod Files and clicks (download manually)


  • Chooses a Mirror, want to download the mod from her (it is recommended a Mirror from London to take)
  • Save the .zip directory
  • Unzipped directory in your Skyrim folder (default: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ skyrim \ Data)
    • Will seek to ensure that no new subfolder is created in which the data is stored. The data must be decompressed directly into the data directory, so textures to textures, meshes to meshes and the .epm files directly to the root of the data directory
  • now activated after the launch of Skyrim option data files and sets the hook on the new Mod
    • Is the mod were not installed correctly, it also does not appear among data files

At this point, of course, redirects offer our best Skyrim mods that you can install it directly times with the new knowledge on a trial basis and should you general problems with the game have my Skyrim tips to leave the ladies.

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GTA 5: All Cheats for PC, PS3, 360, PS4 and Xbox One at a glance

The Grand Theft Auto games series is one of the most beautiful collection of playgrounds, there is. One of the biggest jokes has always been to make just once with a few cheats nonsense &# 8211; whether by Moon gravity, super bounce or vehicles, weapons and immortality. Here you can find all GTA 5 cheats that you need to (by platforms).

You are more visual type? No problem! Just check out the following video with the best cheats from GTA 5 on:

219626The best cheats for GTA V

Contents of the GTA 5 Cheats

  • They should Cheats in GTA a
  • Is there a money-cheat?
  • Alternatives to Money Cheat
  • GTA 5 Cheats Overview for Xbox, PS and PC

GTA 5, officially the game is actually called GTA V or Grand Theft Auto 5 is long-awaited and there is as always the possibility, not there &# 8220; seriously&# 8221; to play &# 8211; So tackle the story and the multiplayer disciplined &# 8211; but simply heaps reinzuhauen cheats and to make as much nonsense as you can. you heated immortal and with his favorite vehicles through Los Santos, concerned themselves powerful weapons and simply dominated the world &# 8211; a great feeling, often at least as much fun as the missions themselves.

So you give cheats in GTA V.

The ensuing GTA 5 cheats are available for all game versions: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

  • Cheats have to activate it during the current game.
  • Console: The inputs to the right, left, up and down are entered via the directional pad.
  • Overall, the input must be done quite quickly.
  • You will receive a confirmation of the minimap when entering a cheat code was successful.
  • For the PC version you activate the cheat codes on phone numbers that you eingebt on your smartphone.
  • This pulls by means of the up arrow key, selects the tab contacts and presses either the spaces or middle mouse button to display the numeric keypad.
  • now give a your desired cheat code from the list below and confirmed the whole thing with the space bar to activate the cheat.


GTA 5: Is there the money-cheat?

If you furthermore needs help, you find them in our extensive GTA-5 solution with more tips. Here we have broken all missions and all Lösungenswege for GTA 5 mission for mission for you. Needed her just a little hints to get you started, here are some basic tips gathered, in the following video, we also explain a few tricks on how to get money: A real GTA V Money Cheat, Enter in terms of code and infinitely dusting money is not surfaced yet.

And speaking of diving: The glitch where you could collect by dipping the wreckage again after a character change, has now been cleared by Rockstar. As you can quickly earn money, learn it in our Video tutorial elsewhere.

You're looking for games that are like GTA 5? Here you have inspiration:

Start Photogallery(13 images)These 12 games are like GTA - and at least as good

Sun makes its money in GTA V:

  • Of the stock market is a very useful source of extra cash.
  • All about Games provides for guidance in our video nor the written version of an equity strategy Lester missions with which one in the course of the story to 2.1 billion (!) Dollars coming.
  • Who else wants to know with a glance at the overall map, where among other things to hide the spaceship parts, is an interactive GTA 5 map here.
  • Missed also not our overview of the GTA 5 Easter Eggs.

WARNING: Enabling Cheats make yourselves for the current game session impossible to unlock achievements or trophies. For safety, you'd better save it with a new Score your progress before it does to the cheat codes nonsense.

GTA 5 Cheats Overview for Xbox, PS and PC

effectPS3 / PS4 CheatXbox 360 / Xbox One CheatPC Cheat
get all weaponsTriangle, R2, Left, L1, pad, right, Triangle, Down, Square, L1, L1, L1Y, RT, left, LB, A, right, Y, below, X, LB, LB, LBto be announced
Immortality for 5 minutesright cross, right, left, right, R1, Right, Left, Cross, Triangleright, A, right, left, right, RB, right, left, A, Y1-999-724-654-5537
Increase wanted levelR1, R1, Circle, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, RightRB, RB, B, RT, left, right, left, right, left, right1-999-3844-8483
lower wanted levelR1, R1, Circle, R2, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, LeftRB, RB, B, RT, right, left, right, left, right, leftto be announced
Run fastTriangle, Left, Right, Right, L2, L1, SquareY, Left, Right, right, LT, LB, Cross1-999-228-8463
receive parachuteleft, right, L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, left, left, right, L1Left, Right, LB, LT, RB, RT, RT, left, left, right, LB1-999-759-3483
Explosive melee attacksright, left, Cross, Triangle, R1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L2right, left, A, Y, R B, B, B, B, LT1-999-4684-2637
explosive ballsright square, cross, left, R1, R2, left, right, right, L1, L1, L1Right, X, A, left, RB, RT, left, right, right, LB, LB, L1to be announced
Blazing BallsL1, R1, rectangle, R1, left, R2, R1, left, quadrilateral, right, L1, L1LB, RB, X, RB, left, RT, RB, left, X, Right, LB, LB1-999-462-363-4279
Goals in slow motionSquare, L2, R1, Triangle, Left, Square, L2, right, CrossX, L2, RB, Y, Left, X, L2, right, A1-999-332-3393
Getting drunkTriangle, Right, Right, Left, Right, Square, Circle, LeftY, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, B, Left1-999-547-861
change WeatherR2, Cross, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, quadrangleRT, A, LB, LB, LT, LT, LT, X1-999-625-348-7246
Slipping carsTriangle, R1, R1, left, R1, L1, R2, L1Y, RB, RB, left, RB, LB, RT, LB1-999-766-9329
slow motionTriangle, left, right, right, square, R2, R1Y, Left, Right, Right, X, RT, RB1-999-756-966
Summon Buzzard helicopterCircle, circle, L1, circle, circle, circle, L1, L2, R1, triangle, circle, triangleB, B, LB, B, B, B, LB, LT, RB, Y, B, Y1-999-289-9633 or 1-999-846-39663
Comet sports car summon / spawnR1, circle, R2, right, L1, L2, cross, cross, square, R1RB, B, RT, right, LB, LT, A, A, X, RB1-999-266-38
Sanchez dirtbike summon / spawnCircle, cross, L1, circle, circle, L1, circle, R1, R2, L2, L1, L1B, A, LB B, B, LB, B, RB, RT, LT, LB, LB1-999-633-7623
Trashmaster garbage truck summon / spawnCircle, R1, Circle, R1, Left, Left, R1, L1, Circle, RightB, RB, B, RB, left, left, RB, LB, B, right1-999-872-433
Limousine summon / spawnR2, right, L2, left, left, R1, L1, circle, rightRT, right, LT, left, left, RB, LB, B, right1-999-846-39663
Mallard Stunt Plane summon / spawnCircle, Right, L1, L2, Left, R1, L1, L1, Left, Left, Cross, TriangleB, right, LB, LT, left, RB, LB, LB, left, left, A, Y1-999-2276-78676
Caddy summon / spawnCircle, L1, Left, R1, L2, Cross, R1, L1, Circle, CrossB, LB, left, RB, LT, A, RB, LB, B, Ato be announced
Rapid GT summon / spawnR2, L1, circle, right, L1, R1, right, left, circle, R2RT, LB, B, right, LB, RB, Right, Left, B, RT1-999-727-4348
Duster agricultural aircraft summon / spawnRight, Left, R1, R1, R1, Left, Triangle, Triangle, Cross, Circle, L1, L1right, left, RB, RB, RB, left, Y, Y, A, B, LB, LBto be announced
PCJ sports bike summon / spawnR1, right, left, right, R2, left, right, quadrilateral, right, L2, L1, L1RB, right, left, right, RT, Left, Right, X, right, LT, LB, LB1-999-762-538
BMX summon / spawnleft, left, right, right, left, right, rectangle, circle, triangle, R1, R2left, left, right, right, left, right, X, B, Y, RB, RT1-999-226-348
charging capabilitiesCross, Cross, Square, R1, L1, cross, right, left, CrossA, A, X, RB, LB, A, Right, Left, A1-999-769-3787
Super Jumpleft, left, triangle, triangle, right, right, left, right, square, R1, R2left, left, Y, Y, right, right, left, right, X, RB, RTto be announced
Jump out of the sky (Skyfall)L1, L2, R1, R2, left, right, left, right, L1, L2, R1, R2, left, right, left, rightLB, LT, RB, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right, LB, LT, RB, RT, left, right, left, right1-999-759-3255
Charging life energy and armamentsCircle, L1, Triangle, R2, cross, square, circle, right, square, L1, L1, L1B, LB, Y, RT, A, X, B, right, X, LB, LB, LB1-999-887-853
swim fasterLeft, L1, Right, Right, R2, Left, L2, RightLeft, Left, LB, Right, Right, RT, left, LT, rightto be announced
Moon gravityLeft Left, L1, R1, L1, Right, Left, L1, LeftLeft, Left, LB, RB, LB, Right, Left, LB, left1-999-356-2837
Explosion + altered Smartphone--1-999-367-3767

Other tips for cheats in Grand Theft Auto 5

So, as you can see, GTA 5 is quite a bit for PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox 360 and One forth to quickly to get to a weapon or a vehicle. Bear in mind that you can leave on the console and on the PC in some missions only show up a large vehicle, even if the space permits. In Los Santos there are plenty of free area, so that should not be a problem for you.

With the Redux version of GTA 5, Los Santos is a beautiful site.With the Redux version of GTA 5, Los Santos is a beautiful site.

while some missions But in Grand Theft Auto 5 you can not change and can show up a car or a gun the game. But that will be displayed while playing with a message you. Do you want to change the weather or have a new car in the game, you should not type too fast. Especially on the console you can not precise tap. So take your time when typing in GTA 5. Will you play again without the definite cheat, you must enter the code again. Then he is in fact disabled in GTA. 5 The whole thing works again on the PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 and Xbox One. therefore uses the console as PS4 or Xbox 360 getting the digital pad and on the PC, the number input. The cheats only work for the game and not GTA Online. Here, of course, no codes may be entered and cheated.

  • Do you want to code on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 enter, you just have to Combination with the D-pad specify.
  • Do you play GTA 5 on a next-gen console, you can choose you if you the code with the D-pad or via smartphone or eingebt.
  • On the PC, you can enter the whole thing about the console by her ~ (AltGr and +) suppressed. but you can also use smartphone.
  • Do you want to cheat the past, which you have entered in GTA 5, again to repeat, you have to only on the smartphone Asterisk (*) to press.
  • The codes can also be entered in the pause menu. You may be able in Grand Theft Auto 5 but Don `t save. If the code is not applied, you should enter it a little faster. Although this is difficult on the PS3 or PS4 or another console, but only as the codes are usually recognized.

Even more cheats and frauds? Here you will find

  • the cheat codes for GTA 4,
  • the Vice City cheats
  • the cheats for GTA 3
  • and GTA: San Andreas cheats.

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FIFA 16 talents: secrets with potential for career mode

In football, the following applies: It is still not a superstar Diego -except Maradona- fallen from the sky, we do start small. If you still looks and in career mode for a top transfer the scouting department again ejects only on Graupenkickern, you should take a look at our review of the best talents in FIFA throw 16th

What talents can not be missing in your team? The following video shows you the best talent in FIFA 16!

132353FIFA 16: talent for your team

In the following table, some players who are still in the spring of their careers and participate accordingly in terms of individual attributes and the overall strength during the game a decent set up, see.

You stand on the Bundesliga? then you look the best talent of the highest German league in the following pictures route.

Start Photogallery(11 images)FIFA 16: The best young players from the Bundesliga

FIFA 16 talents: These players have the most potential

Some of FIFA 16 talents play now at top teams like Manchester United or Juventus and should therefore not constitute a bargain. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to take the following talents in his team in FIFA 16, an improvement in the rating and thus a significant increase in value are guaranteed in well selected training and regular operations. The table below shows you the best Under-21 talents in FIFA 16 the greatest potential have to come Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo:

teamfirst given nameSurnameOlderPosEvaluation Act.potential Evaluation
Real ValladolidKepaArrizabalaga20TW7487
Jagiellonia BiałystokBartłomiejDrągowski18TW7186
União da MadeiraAndré CamposMoreira19TW7085
1899 HoffenheimNiklasSüle19IV7888
Paris Saint-GermainMarcosAOAs Corrêa21IV8187
Athletic Club de BilbaoAymericLaporte21IV8387
Newcastle UnitedChancelMbemba21IV7786
Bayer 04 LeverkusenJonathanTah19IV7386
Bayer 04 LeverkusenTinJedvaj19IV7586
Atlético de MadridJosé MaríaGiménez20IV7886
Real ZaragozaJesusVallejo Lázaro18IV7486
Olympique LyonnaisSamuelUmtiti21IV7985
Borussia DortmundMatthiasGinter21IV7785
Sporting CPTobiasPereira Figueiredo21IV7685
AS MonacoFábioHenrique Tavares21RV7886
Manchester UnitedhatchShaw20LV7788
Valencia CFJosé LuísGayà Peña20LV8087
ChelseaAbdul RahmanBaba21LV7885
Valencia CFDanilo Barbosada Silva19ZDM7887
FC PortoRúben Diogoda Silva Neves18ZDM7486
Real Sporting de GijónAlenHalilović19ZM7387
real MadridMateoKovačić21ZM7886
Tottenham HotspurNabilBentaleb20ZM7586
Olympique LyonnaisCorentinTolisso21ZM7786
Derby CountyWantHughes20ZM7385
Vélez SarsfieldLucasRomero21ZM7485
Manchester CityRaheemsterling20LM8288
Bayer 04 LeverkusenJulianBrandt19LM7488
SL BenficaGonçalo ManuelGanchinho Guedes18LM7088
Real Betis BalompiéDanielCeballos Fernández19LM7387
Manchester UnitedAdnanJanuzaj20LM7586
FC Schalke 04JulianDraxler21LM8085
Getafe CFMoisésGómez Bordonado21LM7885
Villarreal CFSamuelCastillejo Azuaga20LM7785
AS MonacoBernardo MotaCarvalho e Silva21RM7986
EvertonGerardDeulofeu Lázaro21RM7885
SL BenficaVictorAndrade Santos19RM7385
Real SociedadArmindoTué Na Bangna20RM7685
SC BastiaFrançoiskamano19RM7185
Sporting CPGelson DanyBatalha Martins20RM7485
FC Schalke 04MaximilianMeyer19ZOM7888
Atlético de MadridÓliverTorres Muñoz20ZOM7987
RCD EspanyolMarcoAsensio Willemsen19ZOM7587
Sporting CPRyanGauld19ZOM7386
Werder BremenLevinÖztunali19ZOM7186
Sevilla FCDenisSuárez Fernández21ZOM7885
LOSC LilleSofianeBoufal21ZOM7885
VitesseNathanAllan de Souza19ZOM7285
Real Betis BalompiéFabiánRuíz Peña19ZOM6985
Manchester UnitedMemphisDepay21LA8189
LazioBalde DiaoKeita20LA7686
MoreirenseIuri JoséPicanço Medeiros21RA7385
ajaxAnwarEl Ghazi20RA7685
FC BarcelonaMunirEl Haddadi19RA7385
Valencia CFFranciscoAlcácer García21ST8088
FC BaselBreel DonaldEmbolo18ST7688
Atlético de MadridFishing rodCorrea20ST7687
Atlético de MadridLucianoVietto21ST7986
AS MonacoAnthonyMartial19ST7786
Real Sporting de GijónAntonioSanabria19ST7386
Manchester CityKelechiIheanacho18ST6785


FIFA 16 talents: good, young players at low prices with potential

Who has not so much transfer budget for a rainy day or a career with a weaker team, z. B. from the 2. Bundesliga starts, find the list below is an overview of the best kept secrets among the talents in FIFA 16. The scouting department of EA Sports has always proved a good nose for the database, so that one of the most name will certainly hear in the real football world still one or the other.

The following young players still have a weak base power, but are nevertheless a worthwhile investment. With proper training you've finally with the below talents the next superstars of world football in the squad. To get them as cheaply as possible, you should get to you who sit at their current club only on the bench and only have a short remaining contract period in Career Mode players.

The best FIFA 16 talent bargains -jung, good and cheap:

teamfirst given nameSurnameOlderPOSStrengthPot. Strength
Preston North EndMathewHudson17TW4769
Montpellier HSCDimitryBertaud17TW5777
BarnetquayMcKenzie Lyle17TW4464
FC SochauxJerome JuniorONGUENE17IV5880
VfL BochumGökhanGul17IV5779
Newport CountyReganPoole17IV5476
FC MetzOumarGonzalez17IV5272
Crewe AlexandraJoeKearns17IV4969
Viking FKJulianRyerson17LV5070
Once CaldasJesusMarimon16ZDM5176
FC SochauxJeandoFox17ZDM5072
SM CaenJean-VictorMakengo17ZM5475
Heart of MidlothianSeanMcKirdy17ZM5272
Sarpsborg 08 FFThomasTorgersen17LM5173
Manchester CityManuelGarcía Alonso17ZOM6183
Wolverhampton WanderersConnorRonan17ZOM5173
Scunthorpe UnitedJackDyche17ZOM4768
West Bromwich AlbionZacharyElbouzedi17ZOM6181
Dundee UnitedAliCoote17ZOM5777
BarnsleyPedro ZêzereNeves Carnerio17ZOM5070
St. JohnstonePaulEsslemont17ST5172
River PlateFrancoLópez17ST5878
Dagenham & RedbridgeJodiJones17ST5575
Wolverhampton WanderersBrightEnobakhare17ST5575
Crewe AlexandraLiamO&8217; Neill17ST4767


With us you will also find an overview of the best league players in FIFA 16. We also show you all licenses, teams and leagues in FIFA 16th

Source: EA Sports

Are you a FIFA fan from the beginning? Then prove your knowledge in our ultimate quiz!

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Fast & amp;: Need for Speed ​​in the test Payback Furious – The Game

Need for Speed ​​Payback is to bring the series after the disappointing last part back to the racing game screens. For that is all &# 8211; Naturally &# 8211; greater. Is the open world concept really the solution? 

4176Need for Speed: Payback - Official Story Trailer

Unfortunately, the Need for Speed ​​reboot was not less than a disappointment. Too many embarrassing dialogues, too little arcade racing fun. Payback is now to bring back all the fun for which they once stood the series.

The fictional city of superlatives

Unlike The Crew, where you can travel through across the United States, the Open World in Need for Speed ​​Payback limited to a big city of superlatives and their drab surroundings. Sounds like Las Vegas, do you think? Not quite true. The city full of casinos in the desert, although geared to the largest city in Nevada, but it is fictitious. Why Silver Rock Fortune Valley not Las Vegas is, told me Game Director William Ho in face-off event in Cologne:

"We tried the game to build a real city around. However, we have seen that it was not a fun time to racing there. Real cities are built safely and for everyday way. The result was not very good. Then we looked for real places that have a certain personality. but above all we had to find routes that are fun. So we had to build a road network that is suitable for racing. Which plan we need for off-road? What for drag races? There had to be a lot of testing. Only then we added attractions that are oriented to true. Everything else came first. The focus was always fun game play. "

nfsp-world-game-map-1The card in Need for Speed ​​Payback

To ensure Silver Rock around forested mountains, canyons and dry dusty desert variety. The city itself, however, has little to offer. Clear is this is a racing game, but that is not to find a resident Silver Rocks, tearing up again and again out of the story. Unlike in the previous you will also experience no change in the weather, but a day-and-night cycle is. The world can therefore convince only partially.

Paul Walker, is it you?

The premise is briefly told. Protagonist Brian O&8217; Conner (Paul Walker in Fast & Furious series) &# 8211; here called Ryler Morgan &# 8211; dubbed himself as the best drivers in the city and stands with his friends Mac (Showman) and Jess (Wheelman) a Racing trio. However, the real allies Lina Navarro ratted the team to the police in order to provide benefits to the criminal, ruling House cartel. Five years later, it is important to regain the respect of the underground scene, to overthrow the cartel. Clever: To tell the shallow story a little more varied, you switch &# 8211; not free &# 8211; between three characters.

UntitledPaul Walk&# 8230; er, Tyler Morgan

Here, Tyler rides road racing and drag racing duels while Mac is the off-road specialist, denies drift competitions and Jeff takes on the role of the runner, that defends the guys in action-packed missions with massive actions against the police. The trio will make a good mix, but their motivations not remain comprehensible to the end. The dialogue is no longer as embarrassed as in the predecessor, but well they are not. Not only dialogues and characters screaming for Fast & Furious, the action is just as exaggerated.

1The police will simply weggerammt.

But history should not stand in the foreground, for it occupies only a small part of the 15-hour race game. In blockbuster missions you steal not only valuable car of the House cartel to escape in the subsequent chase by police cars are destroyed, so as not to end up in a dead end. Besides the many sports cars you also get the opportunity to drive a truck &# 8211; chased by a helicopter.


How William Ho already revealed in an interview that the gameplay was always about the story and the open world. And here Payback can score: Despite different cars and modes, the game controls &# 8211; especially the drifting &# 8211; immediately intuitive. The overall feel of the cars reminded now and then at GTA 5, which offers a similar clean arcade driving physics. Unlike the Rockstar game you but not you take spectacular stunts into their own hands. Instead, they are shown in cutscenes &# 8211; well, at least not by quick-time events. One or the other blockbuster moment more would not have hurt the game.


The open world is not particularly active, a fact that no mini-activities such as breaking speed limits or Sprünger upon minimum width not. In Streetracing-, off-road, drag and drift racing, the trio worked out of respect. The long sprint races and schlauchigen Highway routes are not very creatively designed, only the off-duels with their ramps offer something more fun.

4In off-road racing, the car bodies flying.

In addition to missions, you smear policemen or looking old wrecks from which you tinker formidable sports cars. The success in races depends less on the manifold body and varnishing options, as symbolized by a ranking figure of the performance. In the new tuning system six component categories are equipped with speed cards that are from time to time with bonuses. There is for example a speed boost if at least three cards of a particular tuning brand be used. The speed cards range in tuning shops changed every 30 minutes. However, important cards you just get either by race or by trading coupons at a card lottery, which you get by delivery of unnecessary cards or deliveries.

need-for-speed-payback _6013601

Even Need For Speed ​​Payback can not do without Lootboxen. The supplies you get namely not only by reputation, but also for real money. However, the latter is not necessary in order to play Need For Speed ​​Payback without problems, because you get enough tokens / cards too. The problem is there more that the grind only piecemeal brings improvements. With the purchase you do not receive at once a Suprkarre that brings you a great advantage. So the problem is rather that the hope is similar to the correct speed card after winning a race a gamble. Because you choose only from among three veiled cards, so you have to participate now and then on again at the same race to get to the correct upgrade. The high time and Grinding effort can be frustrating.

These are all the cars in Need for Speed ​​Payback: 

Start Photogallery(79 images)Need for Speed ​​Payback: Cars and list all manufacturers

The game is characterized by balancing problems. In races although there was no rubber banding more, but this has the consequence that any slightest mistake is punished and it is almost impossible not to get to the top because NPC is first placed as early as the middle of three levels of difficulty hardly and driver always allow no mistakes. Often opponents are unassailable, even if you have your sled for eternal Grinding so very grown up, that he should actually beat the competition with lower car stage clear.

The plot is also offline playable. In the game world no other players emerge. In online mode, up to eight players compete on a similar performance level against each other, the choice between RACER and off-road vehicles. As a reward, there Speedcards, money and experience points. In the long run the multiplayer mode is not very motivating. Desirable a mode would have been, to be completed in the blockbuster missions together with two friends.

1Also gloss effects are late loaded (left).

Visually creates Need For Speed ​​Payback chic environments, but not perfect. Textures invite late, the shadow moves on the Xbox One X while driving. Frostbite 3 is precisely designed primarily as a shooter Engine &# 8211; pointing to the Mass Effect: Andromeda now Need for Speed ​​payback. After all, the arcade racer runs on Microsoft's new console in 4K and liquid 30fps.

Summary & Conclusion


Need For Speed ​​Payback another game that the Open World had not been necessary. While the arcade-heavy gameplay and extensive tuning could convince, but the blockbuster action is lost in a beautiful but lifeless game world that offers too little variety. If the game linear, the developers would certainly be able to focus more on memorable characters, neat balancing and motivating Grinding.

You'll like if You arcade racer like and Fast & Furious always wanted to experience as a game.

If you do not like when are you a fan of realistic racing simulations.


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Fallout 4: Cheats and codes for the God Mode, ammo, items and more

The Fallout 4 cheat codes you've got to keep the post-apocalyptic fiction RPG at no rules. With the following codes you gives you immortality through infinite health, makes sure that you must never look for ammunition or conjure you the desired items just cause. We give you an overview of all cheats and item codes.

Do you want to explore the wasteland in VR? Here can you buy Fallout 4 VR!*

Do you want to just have fun in the Badlands and do nonsense, you are with the Fallout 4 Cheats operated correctly. In the following guide, we show you All cheats and codes for items, weapons and ammunition at a glance. Do you want to Fallout 4'd rather play the honest way, we'll give you for an overview of all localities bobble dolls and tips and tricks for the perfect introduction to the post-apocalyptic fiction.

As usual with Bethesda games, it is also in Fallout 4 a secret developer space where you find all the objects of the game. In the following video we explain to you exactly how you come into this space!

199498Bethesda: The Secret Room

Fallout 4 Cheats: All codes at a glance

The cheats only work for the PC version of Fallout 4th Your they give one the console that you default on German keyboards on the button &# 8220; ö&# 8221; calls. You can do this at any time to do during the game and then give you some benefits.

Attention! By using cheats, the success of Fallout 4 will be disabled! In addition, the use of Konsolenbefehelen not of Bethesda is unsupported and may result in the worst case to the destruction of memory states. However, this did not come before us. Remember: The use of cheat codes in Fallout 4 is at your own risk!

Referred her yourself as a true fan of the Fallout series? This checked with the following images section in which we present and hardcore fans at least one fact that they did not know!

Start Photogallery(11 images)10 Fallout Facts known only to a real fan

Below, we give you a Overview of all gameplay cheats. Here you can see of course the God Mode, cheat codes for more carrying capacity or as you can increase your player level to any value. The list of item codes can be found below.

Cheat Codeeffect
tgmGod Mode: You gain infinite health, bullets and action points (AP).
tmm 1Shows you all locations on the world map.
unlockOpens the selected door or chopping the selected computer terminal.
kill (id)Kills the intended target or living beings with the corresponding ID.
killallKill all the NPCs in a limited sphere of influence.
resurrect (id)The living entity with the corresponding ID is revived.
taiTurns the AI ​​of the NPCs in and out.
TCAiTurns the AI ​​of the NPCs in combat and out.
tclTurns the NoClip mode on and off. The collision detection is deactivated and you can walk through walls.
tfcTurns on the free-roaming. You can move the camera freely in the game world.
tmMenus and HUD are hidden. Attention! The console is invisible!
sexchangeChanges the sex of your game character.
coc qasmoke (see video above)You will be teleported into a room with boxes containing every item in the game world. In this way, you can also find out each item ID by you activate the console and clicks on a desired item.
coc ufocrashsite01 (see video above)You will teleport you out of the room with all the objects.
player.setav carry weight (number)Increases your carrying capacity by the entered value.
set timescale to (number)By entering any numerical value you can speed up or slow time in the game.
TdetectThe AI ​​no longer takes you true. So can you, for example, steal any object.
caqsThe main quest is completed (Beware of spoilers!).
player.modav (skill) (number)Increases the skill of your choice by the corresponding number.
player.setlevel (number)Increases your player level to the entered value.
setScale (value between 1 and 10)Your target is greater.
player.setav mult speed (number)Increases your running speed according to the entered value.
setgs fJumpHeightMin (number)The larger the number is, the higher their jumps. But keep in mind in the event of damage, if you do not have an active God Mode.
player.additem (item code) (#)Adds an item to your inventory (see list below).
player.placeatme (item code)Spawns an object or NPC near you (see list below).
player.addperk (perk code)Learned the appropriate Perk (see list below). Attention! Will you Perks higher ranks to learn, you must first enter the codes of the ranks before it.
The Cheats Master locks are no longer a problem. Or do you conjure up the weapon brought directly.The Cheats Master locks are no longer a problem. Or do you conjure up the weapon brought directly.

List of all Item codes

From the following list you can check out the desired Codes for specific items, weapons and ammunition pick out and in combination with the cheats player.additem {item code} {number} as player.placeatme {item code} use.

Fusion core00075FE4
Nuka Cola Quantum0004835F
Rad Away00023742
duct tape0004D1F2
Fiber optics00069087
nuclear material00069086
Toy Alien00059B2B
Large baby bottle001A899B
Circuit board, Military Standard00154AD2
Scrap deliveries
Aluminum (50)001EC136
Antiseptic (25)001EC139
Asbestos (25)001EC13A
Ballistic fiber (25)001EC138
Concrete (50)001EC13F
Lead (25)001EC149
Fertilizers (25)001EC143
Spring (25)001EC151
Fiberglass (25)001EC144
Glass (25)001EC147
Fiber optics (25)001EC145
Gold (25)001EC148
Rubber (25)001EC14E
Wood (100)001EC152
Ceramic (25)001EC13B
Adhesive (50)001EC134
Cork (25)001EC141
Crystal (25)001EC142
Copper (25)001EC140
Leather (25)001EC14A
Nuclear material (25)001EC14B
Oil (25)001EC14C
Plastic (25)001EC14D
Circuits (50)001EC13D
Screw (25)001EC14F
Silver (25)001EC150
Steel (100)001EC131
Fabric (25)001EC13E
Acid (25)001EC133
Gears (25)001EC146
bobble dolls
Perception Bobblehead00178B5D
Energy Weapons Bobblehead00178B56
Voice Bobblehead00178B62
Melee Bobblehead00178B5C
Intelligence Bobblehead00178B58
Lockpick Bobblehead00178B59
Large Weapons Bobblehead00178B53
Science Bobblehead00178B5F
Charisma Bobblehead00178B54
Explosives Bobblehead00178B57
Strength Bobblehead00178B63
Medicine Bobblehead00178B5B
Repair Bobblehead00178B5E
Schleich Bobblehead00178B61
Trade Bobblehead00178B52
Small Weapons Bobblehead00178B60
Endurance Bobblehead00178B55
Bliss Bobblehead00178B5A
Agility Bobblehead00178B51
Kryolator (freezes opponents a)00171B2B
Fatman (verschießt mini-nukes)000BD56F
Gatling laser000E27BC
Gauss Rifle000D1EB0
rocket launcher0003F6F8
Power fist0011B336
revolution sword00143AB5
railway rifle000FE268
submachine gun0015B043
gun fight0014831C
walking stick000FDC7D
chain blade000FA2F6
0:44 gun (kurzläufig)000CE97D
10mm gun0005DF2D
Aggressotron laser000DD4B1
Artillery smoke grenade0012E2CA
atom mine0010A340
Atom bomb00065DF2
Baseball grenade00107BD6
baseball bat0008E736
Behemoth heavyweight000662A7
lead pipe000FC9C3
Blood beetle Bloodmurk00031FB8
Boxing Gloves0016498F
Double-barreled shotgun00062AA4
Double-barreled shotgun (short)00092217
Fusion core ejection000865E9
HalluciGen gas grenade000E98E5
Impro gun (short)00024F55
Improv bolt action rifle or pistol0014831A
Improv revolver handgun0014831B
Improv revolver gun (comfort grip)0005BBA7
pulse grenade000FF21F
pulse mine0010A344
Injector gun (short)0014D09E
Institute rifle0005A665
Institute pistol or rifle001633CC
Institute-EM pulse grenade0018325E
Institute-tracking device00174F8F
Hunting rifle (short)0004F46A
Combat rifle (short)000DF42E
combat knife000913CA
cross keys00185D25
Cryo Grenade000FF21D
Cryo Mine0010C669
larvae saliva0003175B
laser gun0005BBA6
Laser rifle (automatic)0009983B
laser gun00148B48
Flare gun001025AC
Liberty Prime laser00110414
Molotow cocktail0010C3C6
rolling pin00142FAB
Plasma weapon (Random)00100AE9
plasma mine0010A342
plasma grenade0010A33D
Preston Lasermuskete (bundled)00062AA6
Protektron-Head Laser00144FAD
pipe wrench000D83BF
sound attack000FC3EC
Sniper rifle0005BBA4
brass knuckles0005524B
Baton (guard)0008C14D
Self-made weapon0014831D
Sentry Bot Left Minigun000B0F56
Sentry Bot Right Minigun000CFB49
Sentry Bot Left Rocket Launcher000CFB4D
Sentry Bot Right Rocket Launcher000B0F58
Frag grenade000EEBED
Split dates000E56C2
spitting attack0009F24D
Assault rifle (automatic)0000463F
Super hammer000FF964
Synth transmitter grenade000589F2
Test grenade launcher000CA0B0
Vertibird signal grenade00056917
legendary weapons
Grognak&# 8217; s ax00183FCD
Kremvh&# 8217; s Tooth00225B5E
Shem-Drowne Sword238734
Lorenzo&# 8217; s artifact gun002266FB
Redeemer gun (Insonorised)000DC8E7
Baseball bat in the World Series 2076000E9A43
Zeta gun002266FC
Alien blaster gun000FF995
wide pus000FD11B
Experiment 18-AFF001795
Death Talon Glove000D8576
Power fist0011B336
junk Jet000E942B
Chinese Offiziersschwert00147BE4
5mm ammunition0001F66C
Mini-nuclear bomb000E6B2E
.308 ammunition0001F66B
.38 ammunition0004CE87
.44 ammunition0009221C
Alien blaster ammo001025AA
Fuel for the flamethrower000CAC78
fusion cell000C1897
Gamma ammunition000DF279
plasma cartridge0001DBB7
Railway spikes000FE269
.45 ammunition0001F66A
.50 caliber0001F279
5:56 ammunition0001F278
10mm ammunition0001F276
Electromagnetic cartridge 2mm0018ABDF
Radiation Protection SuitFF001F66
Minutemen general's hat001C2216
Minutemen general's uniform001C2214
Minutemen Hat000316D4
SB-combat suit000DEDEB
SB-combat suit (undercover)00148B86
SB officer battledress00134294
SB Uniform00169523
Armored Railroad coat0013BCD1
Armored Railroad coat Mk I001BBCB5
Armored Railroad coat Mk II001BBCB6
Armored Railroad coat Mk III001BBCB7
Armored Railroad coat Mk IV001BBCB8
Armored Railroad coat Mk V001BBCB9
Blue Institute department head Kittel001B34FA
Blue Institute lab coat001A5CFD
Yellow institute department head Kittel001B34FE
Yellow Institute lab coat001B350A
Green Institute's department heads Kittel001B34FC
Green Institute lab coat001A5CFB
Institute department head Kittel001236AD
Institute lab coat0011E7B9
Institute Overall0011E7B8
Orange Institute department head Kittel001B34FD
Dirty blue institute department head Kittel001B3502
Dirty blue lab coat Institute001ACD0C
Dirty yellow Institute department head Kittel001B3508
Dirty yellow Institute lab coat001B350B
Dirty green institute department head Kittel001B3504
Dirty Green Institute lab coat001ACD0A
Dirty Institute department head Kittel001ACD06
Dirty Institute lab coat001ACD0A
Dirty Institute sweater001AB214
Dirty orange Institute department head Kittel001B3506
Black Institute lab coat001B350D
Dirty black Institute lab coat001B350C
Agatha's dress000F15CF
General purpose coveralls00039A66
army uniform00023431
Baseball clothing00144F03
Damaged chemical-protection suit0018B214
Bomber jacket000E1AF6
Caits Bandelier001921D8
Chemical-protection suit000CEAC4
Covenant security service (Armor)00156C0D
D.B.-tech uniforms001641F8
wedding ring0007C70C
wedding ring0008925C
Explorers outfit000732AC
feather dress001B5F1B
Flannel shirt and jeans00117EB9
Bum outfit000B2D8D
Floral dress00156D02
prison rags0011609B
Patched blue jacket000A740B
patched suit000A28D7
Patched three-piece suit000A36BE
yellow trench coat000DF455
gray knit hat000F6D84
Greaser jacket and jeans0014BF50
Grognak Costume001828CC
Green shirt and combat boots001942D6
Dockers outfit001536F4
Suspenders and pants000FC102
engineer Armor000DEDE7
inspectors outfit000B3F4C
Jacket and jeans nuclear Cats0014BF53
Check shirt and pants0013D65E
Kelloggs outfit001153DB
children uniform0016BFFE
Colonial dustcoat0001F17B
lab coat00178B68
Farm worker clothes000E5084
Long rags of the children of nuclear000E6F18
casual outfit001410EC
casual outfit00174D2F
leather suit000AF0E2
leather coat000732B5
Light clothing00019568
Lorenzo's suit00169BBA
Rags hooded000B3F4E
MacCreadys dustcoat000D415A
mascot head0011E46D
Mechanic suit0005E76C
Mechanic suit001C26B9
Military Barrett0016892E
Military uniform0016892C
sequin dress0011A27B
Pastor robe001467A4
Beaded Blazer0004D6A3
Marauder Outfit000732AE
Postman Uniform00146174
Tank and pants000DFFC5
Quinlan's Armor00136335
RAD buckskin outfit00034595
Raider Leather0018E3F7
Reginald outfit000F15D0
Clean room suit00115AEC
Clean room suit with hood00115AEB
Travel leather jacket000732B9
Rex&8217; suit000F15D2
red frock coat00116806
Red leather trench coat0009F252
Red dress000FD9A8
Armor Insert scholars000E370E
Armor of science scholars000E44FF
Clean clothes000E6288
Clean blue suit001BDDF9
Clean striped suit001BDDFB
Clean gray suit001BDDFA
Clean light brown suit00151E34
Clean black suit001BDDF8
Clean blue dress0014D08F
Clean green dress000EECF5
shabby skirt001B828C
Dirty army uniform0019CBB3
Dirty postman Uniform00146177
Dirty blue suit001BDE05
Dirty striped suit001BDE07
Dirty gray suit001BDE06
Dirty light brown suit00151E30
Dirty black suit001BDE04
dirty trenchcoat001223CB
Black vest and pants000FC100
Silver Shroud Costume0002F525
Silver Shroud Costume000DED27
Silver Shroud Costume000DED28
Silver Shroud Costume000DED29
Silver Shroud Costume000E1A25
Silver Shroud outfit0014E58B
summer clothes0014941A
Sports jacket and jeans001574C7
Teagans Armor00136166
T-shirt and pants0014B019
Submarine sailor uniform00118864
Undershirt and jeans000FFC21
Father lab coat0014FBD0
Vault 101 suit000976B3
Vault 111 suit0001EED7
Vault 111 Suit (new)000976B7
Vault 114 suit000976B5
Vault 81 Suit001103A4
Vault 81 security service (Armor)00154F10
Vault-Tec lab coat00068CF3
Vault-Tec Security Service (helmet)000821B6
Vault-Tec Security Service (Armor)000821B4
faded Trenchcoat000E2E2C
Winter jacket and jeans00117EB7
Zeke's jacket and jeans0014A0DC
Torn Field Jacket000732B1
Fight Left Arm0011D3C7
Fight Right Arm0011D3C6
battle helmet0011E2C8
Fight Left Leg0011D3C5
Fight Right Leg0011D3C4
battle torso0011D3C3
Leather Left Arm0007B9C7
Leather Right Arm0007B9C3
Leather Left Leg0007B9C4
Leather Right Leg0007B9C5
leather torso0007B9C6
Metal Linker Arm0004B933
Metal Right Arm000536C1
metal helmet000787D3
Metal Left Leg000536C2
Metal Right Leg000536C3
metal torso000536C4
Raider Left Arm0018E411
Raider Right Arm0018E413
Raider Left Leg0018E40F
Raider Right Leg0018E40D
Raider torso0018E415
Synth Left Arm0018796C
Synth Right Arm0018796E
Synth Gefechtshelm0018796A
Synth helmet00187976
Synth Left Leg00187972
Synth Right Leg00187970
Synth torso00187974
worn felt hat000E5086
battered felt hat000E2E2E
army helmet00023432
Baseball cap00144F04
mining helmet001240F1
Blue Baseball Helmet000F6D8C
Brown pilot's helmet000D4166
Captain Ironsides hat000F6D85
dirty felt hat001223CD
elegant hat000FC396
felt hat000A36C0
gas mask000787D8
Gas mask with glasses001184C1
yellow felt hat000DF457
Yellow pilot's helmet00042565
green hooded000787EC
green Lumpenhut000B3F4D
Hat insert scholars000E3710
captain's hat000F6D89
chef's Hat000F6D88
Coast Guard Cap000F6D87
Airship Captain Hat0013AEF5
Opa Savoldis hat00122246
pilot helmet000E1AF8
reporter cap000A81AF
bag hood0018E417
Sack hood with belt0018E41B
Bag hood with tubing0018E419
Schmalz Curl Wig00165602
Dirty Army helmet0019CBB1
welding helmet000DEDE9
Security Service (helmet)00156C0B
Silver Shroud Hat0014E58E
Storm gas mask0007239E
Gunman melon001BA8DA
tinkerers helmet001832F5
Submarine sailor00118865
wrapped cap000787DB
faded visor0012571C
Newsboys cap000A740E
crumpled felt hat000A28D8
Glasses with black frame00125891
Liam's glasses001B5B26
medical glasses000E4501
fashionable glasses000FD9AA
motorcycle goggles000A81B0
police sunglasses001738AA
safety goggles000536C5
welding goggles000787D9
Blue tie0017E917
surgical mask000787DA
Striped cravat0017E924
Green Gunner's Scarf0017E923
Jangles's Scarf0017E91C
Patriot neckerchief0017E925
Red pilot's helmet0004322C
Red bandana0009C05B
Skull bandana0017E91D
Power armor
Raider helmet00140C54
Raider torso00140C57
Raider Left Arm00140C52
Raider Right Arm00140C53
Raider Left Leg00140C55
Raider Right Leg00140C56
T-45 Helm00154ABF
T-45 linker arm00154ABD
T-45 Left leg00154AC0
T-45 Right Arm00154ABE
T-45 Right Leg00154AC1
T-45 Torso00154AC2
T-51 helmet00140C4E
T-51 Left Arm00140C4C
T-51 Left Leg00140C4F
T-51 Right Arm00140C4D
T-51 Right Leg00140C50
T-51 Torso00140C51
T-60 helmet00140C4A
T-60 Left Arm00140C3D
T-60 Left Leg00140C49
T-60 Right Arm00140C45
T-60 Right Leg00140C3F
T-60 Torso00140C42
X-01 helmet00154AC5
X-01 Left Arm00154AC3
X-01 Left Leg00154AC6
X-01 Right Arm00154AC4
X-01 Right Leg00154AC7
X-01 Torso00154AC8
Full Power armor (player.placeatme {ID})
Raiders (full armor)137B81
Raider (Full Armor, partly Model II)140EA6
Raiders (Variation I fusion with core)21E09C
Raiders (variation II fusion with core)153392
Raiders (left leg and left arm)154ABC
T-45 (full armor)219C2D
T-45 (full armor)17FB09
T-45 (full armor)18AE55
T-45 (full armor without fusion core)18AE57
T-45 (full armor without fusion core)19DED9
T-45 (Incomplete fusion with core)18AE56
T-45 (Incomplete fusion with core)4A9C1
T-45 (fusion Incomplete without core)18AE58
T-45b (variation with fusion core)1A94EB
T-51 (full armor)34309
T-51 (Incomplete fusion with core)1A9078
T-51 (fusion Incomplete without core)162AC7
T-60 (full armor)17FB0A
T-60 (full armor without fusion core)61D9B
T-60 (full armor without fusion core)61D9B
T-60 atom Cats (full armor)1865CA
T-60 (Mixed without fusion core)1A9077
T-60 (I SB, full armor)181503
T-60b (SB II, Incomplete)873BB
T-60b (SB II, full armor)181520
T-60b (SB II, Incomplete fusion with core)19E76A
T-60b (SB II, full armor)1D9046
T-60d (SB V Paladin Brandis power armor)1722B8
T-60f (SB VII, elder Maxsons power armor)1722B2
T-60b (SB III, Full Armor)181521
T-60b (SB III, Knight Sergeant Gavils power armor)1908C3
T-60c (SB IV, full armor)181522
T-60d (SB V, full armor)181504
T-60d (SB V, Incomplete)198534
T-60d (SB V, Incomplete)1BBFCC
T-60d (SB V, full armor)1D9047
T-60e (SB VI, full armor)182F19
T-60f (SB VII, full armor)181505
T-60f (SB VII, Incomplete)198533
T-60 (military, Full Armor)185D62
X-01 (full armor without fusion core)170446
Armor Mods: Click on Armor + attachmod {ID} or amod {ID} (removemod {ID} Removal)
Acrobat&# 8217; s (50% reduction in case of damage)1F1DF9
Almost Unbreakable (quadrupled durability in power armor)1F1E0C
Assassin&# 8217; s (15% less damage by human)1F1DF3
Bolstering (increased energy and damage resistance in low health)1F8165
Cavalier&# 8217; s (15% less damage when blocking and sprinting)1F579D
(More difficult to detect while sneaking) Chameleon1F4D18
Cunning (+1 on perception and mobility)1CF57C
Duelist&# 8217; s (10% chance to disarm an opponent during impact)1F3A49
Exterminator&# 8217; s (15% less damage from Mirelurks and beetles)1F81ED
Fortifying (+1 on strength and endurance)1CF57F
Freefall (no fall damage)93BBD
Ghoul Slayer&# 8217; s (15% less damage from ghouls)1F1DEE
Herbalist&# 8217; s (+25 poison resistance)1F3072
Hunter&# 8217; s (15% less damage by animals)1F1DEB
Low Weight (Low payloads)1F1E0B
Lucky (+2 on luck)1CF57E
Martyr&# 8217; s (Slowed time at 20% or less health in combat)1F2D3D
Mutant Slayer&# 8217; s (15% less damage from Super mutants)1E6848
Powered (Increased AP-regeneration rate)1F7A75
Punishing (Throws 10% of the damage to the attackers)1F1E47
Safecracker&# 8217; s (makes easier lockpicking)1F3CA9
Sharp (+1 to charisma and intelligence)1CF57D
sprinter&# 8217; s (15% increase sprinting speed)1F1C2F
titanium&# 8217; s (it takes 15% less damage when it is moved and not you)1F57E4
Troubleshooter&# 8217; s (15% less damage by robot)1F81EE
VATS Enhanced (10% less AP cost in V.A.T.S.)1F1D62
Armor for Dogmeat
Light armor001B5ACC
Heavy armor001C32C7
Dog Collar00034602
dogs helmet0018B210
Collar (chain)0018B210
red Bandana0009C05B
blue Bandana0017E917
Gunners Camo Bandana0017E922
Gunners Green Bandana0017E923
Leopard Bandana0017E91B
Jangles Bandana0017E91C
Skull Bandana0017E91D
&# 8220; Stars and Stripes&# 8221; -Bandana0017E925
striped Bandana0017E924
Perks (player.addperk {Code})
First League
Rank 14A0B5
rank 2E36FC
rank 3E36FC
rank 4E36FE
rank 565E05
Rank 165DF9
rank 265DFA
rank 365DFB
rank 465DFC
Rank 14A0C5
rank 24A0C6
rank 34A0C7
rank 46FA24
rank 565E0D
explosives expert
Rank 14C923
rank 24C924
rank 34C925
rank 465E13
Rank 14A0B6
rank 24A0B7
rank 34A0B8
rank 46FA20
rank 565E52
Rank 14292A
rank 24292B
rank 34292C
Large and heavy
Rank 14A0D6
rank 24A0D7
rank 34A0D8
rank 465E2A
rank 565E2B
Iron fist
Rank 11DAFE
rank 21DAFD
rank 31DB00
rank 465E42
rank 565E43
Rank 14A09F
rank 24A0A9
rank 34A0AA
rank 46FA1E
rank 565E24
Perks for settlement construction and crafting (Player.addperk {Code})
weapons freak
Rank 14A0DA
rank 24A0DB
rank 34A0DC
Rank 14B254
rank 24B255
rank 34B256
rank 41797EA
Rank 1264D9
rank 2264DA
rank 3264DB
rank 416578F
Rank 14B253
rank 24B26A
rank 3264D8
Master trader
Rank 11D2456
rank 2D75E2
rank 31D2457
Rank 14C926
rank 26FA1C
rank 36FA1D
rank 465E35
local leader
Rank 14D88D
rank 21D2468
Paladin Danse0005DE4D
Preston Garvey0001A4D7
Nick Valentine00002F25
Companion Perks (player.addperk {ID})
Trigger Rush (Cait)001F4187
Robot Sympathy (Codsworth)001EB99B
Combat Medic (Curie)001E67BC
Cloak & Dagger (Deacon)0008530E
Isodoped (Hancock)00178D57
Close to Metal (Nick Valentine)001E67BD
Know Your Enemy (Paladin Danse)0008428D
Gift of Gab (Piper)00178D54
United We Stand (Preston Garvey)00084298
Kill Shot (MacCready)00178D50
Berserk (Strong)00084290
Shield Harmonics (X6-88)000842A0
Holotape games
red Menace000E5082
Atomic Command0006167B
Grognak and the ruby-colored ruins000727FA
Razor Grain000E0043
billiard balls
1 Ball0018E4DA
5 ball0018E4DE

If ye really familiar with Fallout, you may prove once and for all with the following quiz!

Fallout 4 Contraptions: console commands for new objects

By the DLC &# 8220; Contraptions&# 8221; Many new items have found their way into your workshop settlements. So you can as construction machinery, conveyors, elevators and fireworks build. You can also pick simple ercheaten the items though. Shipyard Just below a look at the table where we list you the item codes for items. Remember that you must enter in the console like the following cheats: player.additem

Item Codeobject
## 063b71mortar floor
## 063b73Fireworks Mortars
## 000900mortar floor &# 8220; Clear sky&# 8221;
## 000 901mortar floor &# 8220; Rain&# 8221;
## 000 906mortar floor &Radsturm; # 8220&# 8221;
## 00092bEmergency mortar
 logic gates
## 000893AND logic gate
## 000 899NAND logic gate
## 00089aNOR logic gates
## 00089bNOT logic gates
## 00089cOR logic gates
## 00099cXOR logic gate
## 000d26XNOR logic gate
## 000abepyrotechnic mill
## 000aa5food mixer
## 000977steel ball

In the future, will follow another item codes. so check daily new items, since we Fallout 4 Cheats will regularly update with new codes for weapons, items and more.


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