Altis Life: Tips and tricks to making money and more

With Altis Life there is a mod that will like DayZ provide for ArmA 2 for a long-term game fun with the game from the house of Bohemia Interactive's ArmA third Unlike DayZ you have however not dealing here with undead and are not a soldier, as in the main game, but need you as a police officer or civilian your way through the Mod tracks.

Altis Life: Tips and tricks to making money and more

Do you play on the part of the police need to follow their server-based rules and such. As for the observance of traffic rules provide. As a civilian you're on your own, but also need for specific rules act.

26443Arma 3 Sneak Preview Trailer

Altis Life: Tips and Tricks for ArmA 3 RPG Mod

Unlike many other games, your character is stored locally on a server. Any progress that you earn in Altis Life, therefore, exist only on that particular server. So you can find a quick introduction to Altis Life, you will find some useful tips and tricks for Arma 3 Altis Life Mod. Especially at the beginning of the game you should familiarize yourself with some keyboard shortcuts to quickly access important commands. The menu is "Z" call. Here you will find an overview of the current account, your licenses and other important information for the game. By clicking "Sync" the current account is stored:

Zopen menu
Uopen vehicle and complete - some servers prohibit stopping an unfinished vehicles
Shift + TCalling vehicle inventory
Shift + Hhide weapons or show - some servers prohibiting the open carrying a weapon
Shift + GSurrendering - z. B. chases
Shift + Menable GPS

After you have found the entry to a server, you should first impress you the prevailing rules.


Altis Life: earn money advice

Especially at the start of Altis Life you are short of money. Accordingly, it is important to find ways how the Arma can earn 3 Mod Money. For this, both legal, and dark paths. Among the allowable ways to obtain money in Altis Life include:

  • pick fruit
  • fishing
  • Delivery missions and errands ( "Delivery Points")
  • Search oil
  • collect resources


Who does not, however, has with the law in such a way may resort to the following means:

  • people rob
  • turtle hunting
  • acting drugs
  • Bank robbery

In order to collect as effectively as possible, you should take a equipped with a backpack from the market. Sold the collected apples from dealer to replenish your cash account.


Altis Life: Tips and Tricks

For optimal gameplay you should try at the beginning of the game, as soon as possible to buy a vehicle. By picking apples the account is usually filled fast enough to be able to afford a quad along with driver's license. Did you once the quad, you should move you to the more distant peach fields. The sale of peaches brings you much more money in Altis Life than it does collecting Äpfenl. Also messengers jobs you need a vehicle. For this one should be a more powerful vehicle, as have the quad however. When your delivery programs, you should also pay attention to traffic rules in order to avoid a fine and punishment by the police.

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Daedalic: The 10 best games of the Hamburg studios – Image 1 – Images series – GIGA

Daedalic: The 10 best games of the Hamburg studios

Let Nilson 16/11/2014 at 14:00

The Hamburg-based game developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment has impressed us already with some pearls in the once declared dead adventure industry and threw just crazy Randal&# 8217; s Monday *Daedalic: The 10 best games of the Hamburg studios - Image 1 - Images series - GIGA on the market. While the mediocre reviews enters, we present here 10 more Daedalic games that genre fans should do so urgently!

1 of 12

To allow you these top 10, I have spared no expense or effort to bombard my dear colleagues with questions about their favorite games of Daedalic. After being repeatedly chased with pitchforks from the editorial board, I was able to get a PC and wrote down the information gathered to me eventually. Combined with their own experience and research, the list of games in which Daedalic served either as a developer or publisher emerged.


back to articleNext photoComments on this PhotogalleryDaedalic: The 10 best games of the Hamburg studios - Image 1 - Images series - GIGANils Opinion of the author:

Which is your favorite game of Daedalic?

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    The Witcher 3 Walkthrough: Sorcerer job – Lord of the Forest (with video)

    In order Witcher &# 8220; Lord of the Forest&# 8221; gets her to do it with a wood sprite named Kernun. This powerful monsters makes the forest outside the city Novigrad uncertain. In our The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Walkthrough we lead you unerringly through the monsters hunt and your earned Witcher pay.


    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Buy now*

    The Witcher 3: Sorcerer job - Lord of the Forest

    Before the tavern the Gänsemöse finds her this Hexer job at billboard under the name of Mission: Devil in the woods. The tavern itself you will also direct the Client Brean Hotsch. The halfling told you about his piece of forest that he wants to clear and the dwarf lumberjacks who were massacred there. After the wage negotiations in which ye up to 280 crowns can some, it begins with the investigation.

    611175The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt TrailerStart Photogallery(9 pictures)The Witcher 3: romances in the overview - so you experience all love adventure

    Kernun at a glance

    StrengthenTeleportation, conjures Würgepflanzen and wolves
    weaknessesDimeritiumbombe, relic oil, sorcerer character Igni
    LootBlack Unicorn (relic / steel sword)
    Recommended Players Level25

    Hexer Order: The search for the Waldteufel

    1. Speak in tavern with the only surviving dwarf of the attack.
    2. Make your way then the marked Cottage Woodman.
    3. Examines with your hexer senses the wagon tracks and follows them.
    4. the Nekker on that might attack you on the road fits.
    5. Examines the Traces of attack the abandoned timber transport.
    6. Traces the wounded dwarfs and examined the corpses.
    7. now finds the Totem Waldschrats, by her Echoes of his raven follows.
    8. Did the totem found her, it destroys and makes you to boss fight ready.
    Waldschrat Kernun takes no prisoners and kills any intruder in its territory.Waldschrat Kernun takes no prisoners and kills any intruder in its territory.

    So defeated her Kernun

    Kernun is vulnerable to the Dimeritiumbombe that blocks his magical abilities. In addition, you may well burn the sorcerer character Igni and apply relic oil for more damage to your silver sword to the changing tree. The Waldschrat never lingers too long in the same place and dissolves after a few strokes of you in Raben and appears elsewhere again. However, you can see him shortly before his show at the signature, which is always visible. so keep the environment in mind. Otherwise respects to his razor-sharp claws, the roots, he leaves sprout from the soil as well as its wolves, he rushes from time to time on you.

    All Sorcerer orders in the overview with detailed guides to the monster hunts

    The whole fight you can in the following video on the Hard death march follow.

    168The Witcher 3: Boss Battle - Kernun

    Statements and reward

    For the victory you will receive from defeated monsters various ingredients for alchemy, the trophy and the mutagen of Waldschrats and the Relic steel sword Black Unicorn. Get your finally your reward of Brean Hotsch in the form of 280 crowns and the 200 experience points.

    Did you "The Witcher 3 Walkthrough: Sorcerer job - Lord of the Forest (with video)" fallen by Christopher Bahner?Write us in the comments or share the article.We look forward to your opinion - and of course you must like us on Facebook,twitter or Google+.


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    SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire – The Empire Zakuul

    In SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire, the fifth expansion for Bioware's large online role-playing game, it's all about the Zakuul Empire, the new Group, which together with swabbing the Sith Empire and the Old Republic the floor. But who is behind this new adversary?

    6330star-wars-the-old-republic-knights-of-the-fallen-empire-trailer-7134.mp4Who knows SWTOR knows that in Bioware's MMO conflict between the Empire of the Sith and the Republic raged for years and brought the two nations to the brink of ruin. In particular, the loss-making fight against the renegade ex-heroes Revan and the disastrous return of the Sith Emperor both factions were bled and war-weary back.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic Play Now!*

    SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire - The Empire of Zakuul- WFT?

    And here are the new faction of Star Wars comes: The Old Republic into play - the "eternal empire" of Zakuul. This new, powerful stellar empire supposedly comes from the outer edge of the galaxy, where it starting from the planet Zakuul, previously undetected met war preparations.

    swtor-fall-empire07Imperator Valkorion from Zakuul empire.

    Zakuul seems to be technologically developed very far, because it has huge battleships, heavily armored troops and seems to rely more on lightsabers, because even the front-line troops of the Empire, the Zakuul Knights have built light blades in their shields and spears.

    swtor-fall-empire12In the Zakuul Army everyone seems to have some sort of lightsaber.

    Furthermore, the Empire of Zakuul seems to know the techniques of power, because the two sons of Emperor Valkorion, Thexan and Arcann dominate the power each good enough to defeat a number of Jedi and Sith. But where does the technology and the power of understanding Zakuul?

    The legacy of Rakata?

    We can only speculate at this point, but the title "Eternal Empire" and "Immortal Emperor" very much reminiscent of the realm of Rakata, which the Galaxy completely dominated in ancient times and also had great power users. And who knows the former Old Republic games from Bioware knows that the "everlasting kingdom" of Rakata left behind numerous samples of their technology, such as the Star forging.

    swtor-fall-empire14The Sternenschmeide the Rakata of the first Knights of the Old Republic.

    so perhaps has Imperator Valkorion who has indeed built his empire by hand his own words, once found an old Rakata Star Forge and was able to build his empire in a relatively short time.

    Again the Sith Emperor?

    Of course, there is the possibility that Emperor Valkorion is a new incarnation of the good old Sith Emperor from the current Story update of SWTOR. Then the empire of Zakuul would devour his latest prank on his goal of all life in the galaxy.

    swtor-fall-empire15Behind the new empire of Zakuul again is it an old Sith Emperor?

    At least the testimony of Valkorion that the Zakuul empire was his biggest success may suggest. However, the behavior of Valkorion and the style of his kingdom does not look like the previous approach of the Sith Emperor, a fully risen very dark side being pure malice. Rather, the Empire of Zakuul like a classic, expansive empire appears. And if really the Sith Emperor would be back, he would have already implemented his plan after defeating the Empire and Republic and devoured all life, while our players hero still stuck in hibernation.

    Who are the "Knights of the Fallen Empire"?

    In addition of the title "Knights of the Fallen Empire" another vague reference to the Rakata, as are the heavily armored troops of the Empire called "Zakuul Knights" and if these are the "Knight of the fallen empire" are, this could also be the once refer sunken and resurrected Rakata Empire.

    swtor-fall-empire11The Zakuul-Knights are the shock troops of the empire.

    Furthermore, it is quite possible that Valkorion or whose ancestors were renegade Jedi, because there was in the past, the Order - which is still older than the Rakata Empire &# 8211; often spin-offs from which the Sith are only the best known and most notorious.

    SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire &# 8211; Mass Effect Greetings

    While it is certainly a crossover between Diablo and Bioware's sci-fi self-production Mass Effect give, but at least, by design, the two universes approach in Knights of the Fallen Empire to continue.

    swtor-fall-empire16The mask of Prince Arcann sees a Cerberus-helmet from Mass Effect very very similar already.

    For example, see Prince Arcanns mask very strong after the helm of a Cerberus Troopers from Mass Effect 2 from. And the heavily armored Zakuul-Knights are somewhat reminiscent of the Protean from Mass Effect third

    Star Wars: The Old Republic Play Now!*


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    SOMA: Survival Tips – so you survive the nightmare

    In SOMA death can lurk behind every corner and you have to prove strong nerves to survive the horror adventure. The most disgusting creatures and monsters chasing you deep in the sea, and all what you can do about it is to flee and hide you. With our Survival Tips thereby increase your chances of survival.

    soma-survival-tips banner

    SOMAdownloadQR codeSOMADeveloper: Frictional GamesPrice: 27,99 €

    On your experiences in a research station deep in the sea solves their smaller puzzles and tried the monsters that lurk in the dark corridors to go out of the way as possible. In our guide, we give you tips on how you will cope best with the monsters and as you can keep her alive.

    2389SOMA Launch Trailer

    SOMA: Survival Tips &# 8211; monster

    As in Amnesia: The Dark Descent meet you in SOMA different monsters against which you can not defend you. You have no weapons or other objects in defense. All you can do is run and hide yourselves. You will always get to do only with a monster type of a sudden it. There are the following ways to tell if a monster is near:

    • Captures your screen become blurred and distorted the picture here and there, there is a monster in the vicinity.
    • Unless you are not traveling to dive in the sea, you can perceive well the groans and the steps of creatures in the area, if you listen carefully.
    • The music setting gives you information: it is louder, has noticed a creature you. really turns it on, it comes straight to you. then take at least the legs in hand.

    Were you discovered by a monster, it helps to be duck and identify the flashlight. Just the monsters at the beginning can thereby be easily shaken off. The creatures in later levels are attendance attentive. Staring monsters never straight in the eye, because this also affects your state and the screen rather blurred.

    Near monsters applies: Flashlight and behave as quietly as possible.Near monsters applies: Flashlight and behave as quietly as possible.

    Opens its doors to new areas, a monster is almost always alarmed. It can help in the new area the matter in a dark hiding place to sit out until the monster stop looking. Do not forget this is that Monsters can also open doors!

    SOMA review: BioShock meets Gone Home

    So you stay alive

    In SOMA there no traditional life bar. Depending on the monster you think of 2-4 punches before you die. Will you attacked by a monster, blurs your image a bit and you will slow down. To cure yourself again, watch out for this biomechanical organisms, as you can see them below in the image. There puts her your hand in and have been healed again and the screen will again sharp.

    At such stations you can heal you.At such stations you can heal you.

    Sometimes you will also knocked out of monsters. In such a case you wake up again shortly afterwards in the same place, while the monster is still nearby. then you continue to be on the alert, otherwise it attacks again. Die you, you have at last automatic storage point start again. A store you recognize the logo, which is then displayed in the lower right. You may in SOMA no manual save points invest! be sure the last 18 Checkpoints stored in the game.

    SOMA: All Achievements and Trophies - Guidelines and tips for 100%


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    The Sims Freeplay: find transport shop and build (tooltip)

    The successful franchise The Sims, there is as good as on all platforms. To also mobile to create worlds, The Sims Freeplay was born. Want your Sims to pursue hobbies or for example, open a fashion studio, you need to transport shop.

    The name really says it all. The carriage shop brings your Sims not only more money to work on by her promoted more quickly will, but they are also hobbies. So will you exercise, for example, fashion design, you need the important buildings. We recommend you, to build the carriage shop in The Sims Freeplay at the beginning, so your Sims quickly climb the corporate ladder.1947The Sims Freeplay: Day Care (Official Update Trailer)

    Where is the carriage shop?

    Do you build the transportation Store not right at the beginning in The Sims FreePlay, you will encounter at least some quests on this topic. Will your Sim example, earn a lot of money and rake in some LP, you should remember you the important buildings. With the fashion studio and the associated Hobby fashion design you can namely dusting many Simoleons.

    Buy Now The Sims 4 and play on the PC*

    To find the carriage shop, you have in the city (and not on the island) are looking for. In addition to the pet store and across from the city park is the building. But before you find the shop, you have to build it even in The Sims FreePlay. This will cost you a whopping 7,500 Simoleons. In approximately seven hours he is then at said location.

    Here is the carriage shop, after you've built it.Here is the carriage shop, after you've built it.

    That will get you the important buildings

    Transport Store can be built immediately &# 8211; So at least after you have gathered the Simoleons. So you do not need a certain level for. Here you can find then certain objects, such as a football for athletes or an easel for artists. The website has enumerated the main transport items as follows:

    • auction podium Estate agents
    • Soccer for athletes
    • mirror for politicians
    • easel for artists
    • fire hydrant for firefighters
    • blackboard for teachers
    • film camera for actors
    • telescope for scientists
    • guitars for musicians

    To become now but ultimately transported faster have to use their objects also. Practice three hours on each object in order to arrive at Level 2 of the profession. Provide it with your Sim twice three hours on the object that you are at level 3, etc. So you have to practice, for example, only nine hours on the board to get your teacher to level 3 in the job. The alternative is to work three times to go. So you see that it saves so much more time.


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    Bioshock Infinite: Ken Levine defended playing time of Burial at Sea

    Today, the DLC Burial at Sea will be released in November&# 8221; href =&# 8221; http: // 8221; target =&# 8221; _ blank&# 8221;>Burial at Sea for Bioshock Infinite for PC and Xbox 360. From tomorrow can download this the Playstation 3 owners. Creator Ken Levine now defended the short playing time of the first episode.

    Bioshock Infinite: Ken Levine defended playing time of Burial at Sea

    The story DLC will be released in two parts. The first is from 12-13. November available and is expected to cost 14.99 euros. However, since quite a few people were allowed to test this and give their opinion, it is clear that the action is running out of one to two hours. it was not enough for that price for some people.

    Levine now commented on the criticism and stated that the playing time greatly depended on the playing style of the player. If one were to "run through" Burial at Sea is really no long experience. If the player would however very delve into the events could even three hours of additional gameplay with the Burial at Sea&# 8221; href =&# 8221; http: // 8221; target =&# 8221; _ blank&# 8221;>DLC be possible.

    He also insisted is one that has been set primarily on the quality of development, not quantity. The DLC is right for those who want to experience "a new experience" and not for the players looking for a number of hours of gameplay.

    In Burial at Sea you will explore the underwater city of Rapture, shortly before the collapse of the company with Booker and Elizabeth.

    Source: Euro Gamer


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    ELEX: hacking, lockpicking and pickpocketing – Guidelines for thieves

    Honor, faith and laws &# 8211; interest you in Elex less? Then you joined with the thieves and learned the knowledge of the redistribution of property. For this, you should understand the hacking, possess sufficient skeleton keys can move you safely on silent feet. We show you how you can apply this knowledge well.

    This guide includes a spoiler for certain tasks and events. He added that they indicate more precisely the fact that you may ignore this paragraph if you want you can say anything. Otherwise you find out how you can hack terminals and vaults right and aufbekommt locks.

    68400ELEX: Team of Piranha Bytes talks about the development of the game

    As a thief Magalan

    Should you do not abide by the laws and plug now and then foreign objects, you make it right. Elex without playing theft is much more difficult and as long as no one you can prove something, you need fear nothing. So you can do this successfully, you need the skills Hoes, lockpicking and pickpocketing.

    Elex pickpocketingHolt you what is theirs.

    Tried the appropriate skills as early as possible to learn from the teachers. Especially hacking gives you not only directly objects, but also access to certain areas, which often accommodate fat booty.

    Hack into Elex

    Hacking is a bit confusing and there is not a tutorial, it takes a few tries to master it. Your first see an input with numbers from one to nine. Once you start hacking, you have only a few seconds to complete the puzzle. Observes the following steps:

    • You see at the bottom of a series of < and > Character.
    • Assigns the numbers so that they meet the formula and confirmed.
    • Either you have the puzzle solved now or the numbers appear in different colors.
    • If you have already found the right positions, single numbers remain.
    • The red numbers are not part of the equation and can be ignored.
    • The yellow numbers are possible variables that need to distribute it correctly in the following experiments.
    • Try you out in the trial on which you have set in the right place every number.
    Elex hackenHardly a door can stop you if you can chop well.

    You can chop both safes and terminals. Learned this as early as possible, since the spent learning points pay off very quickly.

    crack-pocketing and castles

    With these two features you can come directly closer to the valuables of your fellow beings. As a pickpocket you have to sneak up to you to NPCs and you can give them something out of the bag drag. However, this fails mostly because they notice you quickly and then there directly pick. It is better if you sneaking around at night and robbed sleeping people.

    Elex theftUnder cover of night you are particularly successful.

    Besides, you can then clear up in the houses the chests and boxes. With lockpicking and a skeleton key you have to push it up the bolts of the locks in a specific order. Do you make a mistake, they fall back down or Dietrich from breaking. Try you out, because there is unfortunately no general formula for all locks.

    At this point, we warn you of a spoiler, as the next section refers to events in the history of Elex and can greatly affect you.

    Start Photogallery(5 pictures)ELEX: Here you can find all the teachers in Magalan

    The claws (spoiler!)

    In Edan you find an island with outcasts in the far south. Among them is the former Guardian Katta who told you that she was exiled for theft. It tells you also that it is of course completely innocent in the matter and you have the chance to whitewash with Alrik her name. Do you this, you will be a claw gratitude Katta.

    claw elexAlrik will guide you into the &# 8220; innocence&# 8221; to prove.

    This claw is not just a trophy, but it gives you access to a secret group. These are called &# 8220; The claws&# 8221; and has its Hiding in the underground of the dome city. Are you so in Abessa you can enter drains through a hole in a rock wall. Alternatively, you can also give the beggar ten splitter and he gives you a key to a secret passage. If you join the claws, you can run theft orders and send your spoil a dead drop in each city. This makes her fat booty!

    Did you "ELEX: hacking, lockpicking and pickpocketing - Guidelines for thieves" fallen by Christoph Hagen?Write us in the comments or share the article.We look forward to your opinion - and of course you must like us on Facebook,twitter or Google+.


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    Overkill’s The Walking Dead: Shooter is shifted far to the rear

    Almost three years ago was another game in the popular zombie universe &# 8220; The Walking Dead&# 8221; announced. overkill&# 8217; s The Walking Dead should provide a tremendous fun in the style of PayDay series, fans of the original and shooter players. But this will now be a long while.

    7362Overkill The Walking Dead Trailer

    As the makers of overkill&# 8217; s The Walking Dead have announced will no longer appear in their work this year. Actually, the co-op shooter end of 2017 should reach the market. Now the whole thing is probably only towards the end of the 2018th A more accurate release dates have not called the makers. Currently it is speculated that Overkill&# 8217; s The Walking Dead for PC, Xbox One and PS4 will be released. A version for Nintendo switch was not yet talking.

    A disturbing game even for adults

    We have partnered with the developers of Overkill&# 8217; s The Walking Dead decided that we expand the production schedule to ensure the full potential of the title and bringing the vision a step further. Along with Skybound Entertainment we take it right to publish an unforgettable experience for fans around the world and to expand the game in the coming years with high quality content.

    Already in 2014 was overkill&# 8217; s The Walking Dead announced as part of the Gamescom. Except for a first &# 8220; Trailer&# 8221 ;, which shows only the atmosphere of the game, there was nothing to be seen. so the shift is not exactly surprising. Nevertheless, many who have then been looking forward to the game are likely (including me) &# 8211; be disappointed that the wait still has no end.


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    The Division: history presented in an interactive novel – we give a first look at the book!

    In The Division deals with the effects of a disease in New York. How could it happen, learn it in a meta-novel. Where can you get it and what it this is exactly, learn it here.

    2362The Division meta-Novel

    All editions of the game you see here at a glance!

    In the meta-Novel The Division: New York Collapse is a survival guide for the post-apocalyptic North American metropolis. In it you will find also notes a woman named April Kelleher. This will get you insightful information on what is happening in the city that never sleeps and why the unit called Division quasi is the last hope. Also in the game met her evidence this lady, so the book is a kind interactive adventure.

    Tom Clancy's The Division will be released on March 8, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The book will be released simultaneously on the market and costs 23.30 euros. Here you can buy it to you,

    The meta-Novel is available here in the overview!*

    If ye are still unsure whether you would like the game, we have a preview of The Division for you. Also, we have the first images from the book for you, so that you can give a great impression of you,


    Gallery The Division Novel

    • (Figure 1.6):
    • (Figure 6.2):
    • (Figure 3.6):
    • (Figure 4.6):
    • (Figure 6.5):
    • (Figure 6.6):

    Five things about The division, you need to know!

    tom clancy the division novel

    Source: Press Release

    Did you "The Division: history presented in an interactive novel - we give a first look at the book!" fallen from Annika Schumann?Write us in the comments or share the article.We look forward to your opinion - and of course you must like us on Facebook,twitter or Google+.


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    Mass Effect Andromeda: New trailer reveals characters and Mission

    Today N7 day, the most important day for all fans of Mass Effect. Developers Bioware uses this feast day and released a new trailer of Mass Effect: Andromeda, which you introduce characters, locations and the new universe.

    5031Mass Effect: Andromeda - Official Announcement Trailer N7 Day 2016 (German)

    Today, on November 7 celebrating developer Bioware the N7 day. "N7" is in the Mass Effect series for the rank of a soldier who has completed the interplanetary combat training and thus is now part of a special unit. Has always been the studio now uses this day to reveal news about Mass Effect. This year there is a new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, who introduces the new characters, the locations and the universe. Real gameplay can be found on the The Game Awards 2016 in December.

    You are entrusted with the task of finding a new home and are looking for the Andromenda Galaxy. In this course you will also meet other life forms, unexplored secrets and to new dangers. The question is how far you will go in order to become the hero of mankind?

    As the date for the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda for PS4, Xbox One and PC March 21, 2017 is under discussion. namely a book entitled "The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda" will appear on that day that will parallel the launch of the role play appear. Anyone interested in the art book, it can already pre-order on Amazon *Mass Effect Andromeda: New trailer reveals characters and Mission.

    Also known Electronic Arts announced that the trilogy Mass Effect now is free to play for all subscribers of EA and Origin Access Access. It is a good opportunity to tune into Mass Effect fourth

    Pre-order now Andromeda: Mass Effect*

    Start Photogallery(8 pictures)This hype games ended as a big flop

    Look at the announcement trailer for the N7 Day in English at:

    311Mass Effect: Andromeda - Official Announcement Trailer N7 Day 2016 (English)

    Check out the official tech video with gameplay of the PS4 Pro to:

    154Mass Effect: Andromeda - Official tech video of the PS4 Pro

    Did you "Mass Effect Andromeda: New trailer reveals characters and Mission" fallen from Martin Eiser?Write us in the comments or share the article.We look forward to your opinion - and of course you must like us on Facebook,twitter or Google+.


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    So much earn Germany’s most successful YouTuber – Picture 1 – Pictures series – GIGA

    So much earn Germany's most successful YouTuber

    Marcel-André Wuttigon 15/08/2017 at 19:00

    Million subscribers view their videos each week. Those who hang around on YouTube who knows Gronkh, Julien Bam and PietSmiet. That they are known, there is no question but what merit the popular YouTuber actually really?

    1 of 17

    It is not so easy to get an accurate answer to this question. Usually is not a YouTuber's financial status just so into the Internet. Why should they? It's all in her videos about being normal and accessible. It could therefore harm the aspired Image to hang the money from the rooftops.

    But that pretty much make YouTuber coal with their videos, many should be clear. Thanks to databases such as Social Blade can be estimated at least how high these revenues could be.

    For this purpose, it requires only a small bill. YouTuber make their money on the international video platform thanks switched advertising. Advertisers pay a set price for each 1,000 video views. According Social Blade, this value is typically between $ 0.25 and $ 4.00. Now, how many calls just needs to be found to achieve the individual YouTuber monthly.

    Of course, these are only rough estimates as to the large difference between the lowest and the highest value is to be seen. In addition, it must be said that it is only the advertising revenue is even at these values ​​to the YouTube videos. Many YouTuber earn extra money through product placement in their videos or several secondary activities away from the streaming platform.

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      Gears of War 4: Editions and Season Pass in detail

      Gears of War 4 is currently in beta for Xbox Gold members and in the process seep on the part of publishers more and more information to the surface. Now the editions as well as the contents of the Season Pass were announced. What content you shall rejoice, we show you below.

      We have already alluded to Gears of War 4 extensively in multiplayer. Our impression you see in the following video.

      1545Gears of War 4 - Multiplayer Preview

      Gears of War 4 Pre-order now!*

      Gears of War 4: Editions Overview

      In the UK and on are already the Editions and the Season Pass offered for pre-sale. Here you have the choice between the Standard game, of the Ultimate Edition and the comprehensive Collector&# 8217; s Edition. get pre-ordered the special edition four days early access on the game and can already at October 7 Start in the shooting action.

      Ultimate Edition

      The Ultimate Edition of Gears of War 4 is also digitally available in stores and. It costs $ 99.99 (about 88 euros). A German price is not yet set. It contains:

      • Main game in Steelbook
      • Season Pass: Permanent access to 24 multiplayer maps, vintage VIP Pack, 6 Gear Packs with skins, equipment and boosters.
      • Four-day pre-release access to the game (from 7 October 2016).


      Collector&# 8217; s Edition

      With the Collector&# 8217; s Edition gets her the most comprehensive package to Gears of War 4. It includes all contents of the Ultimate Edition and costs $ 249.99 (about 220 euros). In addition, the following extras are included:

      • 28 cm long long figure of JD Fenix ​​on a COG bike.
      • Safety pin a Frag Grenade as a key ring.
      • 3 more Gear Packs


      Contents of the Season Pass

      Also the Season pass is not yet available in Germany, but a look at the British Xbox Store now suggests the content. Sun gets her permanent access to 24 new cards that will be published over a period of 12 months by little. They also get it without the Season Pass for free, but then it can only play if they are currently in the official rotation. Do you want to play around outside the playlists in private matches, at least the host must have the Season Pass. All other players will not need it.

      The exact contents of the Season Pass are as follows:

      • Vintage VIP Pack
      • Vintage JD Character Skin
      • Vintage Gnasher
      • Drop Shot Weapon Skins
      • Vintage JD Emblem
      • Vintage JD Bounty for bonus XP
      • 6 Gear packs that you can unlock special characters, weapons skins, equipment and skills.

      In addition, only Season Pass holders have early access to new playlists to try new maps, mods and game variations. How much of the Season Pass will cost individually, is currently not yet known.

      Currently, Gears of War 4 is in the multiplayer beta, on the you are allowed to participate as an Xbox Live Gold member. Here you can until 1 May, the modes &Team Deathmatch; # 8220&# 8221; and &Dodge ball; # 8220&# 8221; try on the cards Harbor, Dam and Foundation. Gears of War 4 appears at October 11th 2016 exclusively on the Xbox One.

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      As much as the characters have changed in the Pokémon anime – Picture 1 – Pictures series – GIGA

      As much as the characters in the Pokémon anime have changed

      Marcel-André Wuttigon 11/09/2017 at 16:30

      Pokémon Anime has been around for over 20 years. That's a long time when a lot has changed. Also at Ash, Pikachu and Team Rocket this time has left its mark, as shown by our comparison images.

      1 of 15

      I feel old. Very old. As Ash Ketchum is first met his Pikachu, I was just ten years old, so at the perfect age to theoretically go myself as a coach on my exciting journey. Since then 20 years have passed. With my 30 years, I would now rather than lifted Arena ladder, Pokémon professor or parent in the world of Pokémon. The anime I no longer look quite a long time. But I noticed in my daily life as a video game editor that there are always pictures on the Internet, where Ash looks somehow different. Funny.

      After a short search I see why this is so. For Ash, Brock, Misty and Co. see a long time of not more so, as I have remembered. Every few years, the iconic characters were more or less makeover. Especially with the last adjustment of the sun and moon, this change was so extreme that a cry went through the Internet.

      Here you can order the sun and moon Pokémon*

      So it was high time time to document the evolution of the Pokémon in a picture line. but instead of the small pocket monsters is what this Bilderstrecke mainly to the development of human main characters. Only at the end of Bilderstrecke you will discover that even Pikachu has received some major cosmetic surgery over the years.

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        Nintendo Switch: Replace battery and extend the playing time

        The battery life of the Nintendo switch is still quite expandable. Do you want some time with your mix of console and handheld gamble, then a charger is needed quickly. Since rapidly raises the question of whether the battery can be replaced or there are other ways to extend the term of the Nintendo switch?

        The Nintendo switch has a lot to offer, but the built-in battery with a capacity of 4310 mAh Unfortunately you sustenance only a small playing time. For this, the Joy-Con controllers come with their own batteries and 525 mAh. The Joy-Con even have their own charging station, with which you can charge them comfortable. Also read our article about the hardware of the Nintendo switch, for more details. But the question remains: Can you replace the batteries of the Nintendo switch?

        37672Nintendo Switch - Everything about the console

         Nintendo Switch: Replacing the battery &# 8211; not possible right?

        Unfortunately, there is no green light for the independent battery replacement. Officially, you are allowed to battery not exchange. you try it nevertheless goes your guarantee. The battery of the Nintendo switch and its Joy-Con controllers are permanently installed and you had to tweak itself to change something. Should you already have experience with the exchange of console hardware have, it may be possible even install another battery. However, it you have to always remember that therefore your warranty expires in case something goes wrong.

        Nintendo Switch BatteryThe Nintendo switch promises a lot, but the battery life could be better.

        Over time, solutions will find out how you can replace the batteries of the Nintendo switch. At the latest, when more and more players from the warranty time. However, this does not mean that you should immediately unscrew it, because the risk of damaging the console is always there. Nintendo has its own service to, in which the battery of the switch changed. However, this does not cost little and you have to grab quite deep into your pockets. One possible alternative is resourceful &# 8220; Third&# 8221; . This can offer an exchange of Nintendo switch batteries for less money.

        Start Photogallery(8 pictures)Nintendo Switch: Install this 7 games and your hard drive is more than full

        Alternatives to change batteries

        You do not directly exchange the battery of the Nintendo switch, unless it is defective. The battery within the console may with a &# 8220; old house recipe&# 8221; be recharged. Worried you a Power Bank. With this you can upload the battery completely so that wear and tear are reduced. Meanwhile, there are operators that assure you that you can charge the battery of your Nintendo switch. Considered when selecting the Power bank that a USB Type-C is present and a high number of mAh given is. We ask you at this point a few examples before:

        • Jackery &# 8211; Quick Charge 2.0 20100mAh *Nintendo Switch: Replace battery and extend the playing time (€ 43.99): A good power bank that can dust off their slightly cheaper if you hurry up.
        • AUKEY &# 8211; USB External Battery 30000mAh C *Nintendo Switch: Replace battery and extend the playing time (50,99 €): This Power Bank is a little more expensive, but a good alternative so that you Nintendo switch battery must not replace, but you can just download it.
        • iMuto 20000mAh Compact External Battery Power Bank *Nintendo Switch: Replace battery and extend the playing time (€ 29.99): A good cheap option, so you can charge the battery of your Nintendo switch. However, the number of mAh is quite low.
        • iMuto 30000mAh external rechargeable battery *Nintendo Switch: Replace battery and extend the playing time (€ 49.99): This version is slightly more expensive than its predecessor, but the high mAh number and customer reviews are compelling.

        With these offers, you can choose you the appropriate Power Bank, as these are the best solution for the battery problem, the Nintendo switch at the time. Unfortunately, it is common for batteries of handheld devices can not be easily replaced. Therefore, the hope that there will be better and simpler solutions in the future, we are left alone.

        Did you "Nintendo Switch: Replace battery and extend the playing time" fallen by Christoph Hagen?Write us in the comments or share the article.We look forward to your opinion - and of course you must like us on Facebook,twitter or Google+.


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