Minecraft: Install Texture Packs and paste

You've had enough of the same old Minecraft world and want to finally leave from the default textures package have? Then you invite but Minecraft Texture Packs down, we'll show you then how you install it and get to work.

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Unlike mods Texture packs only change the textures, so the surfaces in Minecraft. So you can choose the Internet from a wide range of texture and resource packs, probably you have already but one that will you now install based on our instructions and paste.

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Minecraft: Install Texture Packs

With this simple guide you easily can your texture pack for Minecraft manage.

After her on one of your favorite texture pack portals (as Minecraft Resource Packs) have downloaded the desired textures package, you pull the file from your download folder to the desktop of your PC.

  1. Opens Minecraft
  2. Selects the main menu &# 8220; Options&# 8230;&# 8221; out
  3. In the window that opens, located at the bottom left of the &Resource packets; # 8220&# 8230;&# 8221;
  4. now selects &# 8220; Open Folder&# 8221; and copies the file to the folder

Thanks for the correction to Felix Asselmann of resource-packs.de.

minecraft-texture-packs-installWith the installed Texture Pack Minecraft becomes a completely new experience

What should note their texture packs in Minecraft

Since the latest editions of Minecraft installing Texture Packs has become more user friendly a lot. Your no longer needed necessarily the MCPatcher to install textures packages. Also, you need no longer create folders into which pushes her pack.

If you are better to be the search for your Minecraft folder, you can by using the Start menu search &# 8220;% appdata%&# 8221; Search and paste the selected packages in the Minecraft list on the list Texture Packs.

Gallery Minecraft Texture Packs

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  • (Figure 5.7):Minecraft Texture Packs
  • (Figure 6.7):Minecraft Texture Packs
  • (Figure 7.7):Minecraft Texture Packs

Note would be even that you should always select only one texture pack. Otherwise, it could lead to complications and system crashes. Furthermore, some texture packs are very demanding in terms of system requirements. This should clarify her on the associated download page before and change accordingly.

This applies mainly to HD Texture Packs to, but also at some other, which contain a high density of pixels.

Minecraft Texture Packs are always free!

Texture Pack for Minecraft should always be free. Should you even have to pay anything for a package might look better on the acquisition, it could be to con artists that you want to pull out of the bag just the money.

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