Unidentified Network: No internet access? solve problems

In the ideal case, you start the computer, the LAN cable or wireless stick to the computer connects to and can for settings information on the net surfing. Annoying it when the surfing experience conflicting issues and Windows as an indicating "unidentified network" is. Find out here how to solve the problem.

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The error message is caused usually by a conflict between the router and the PC or notebook. From Windows 7 you get the reference to an "Unidentified Network". To Windows XP, the message was displayed on a "limited connectivity". Before you you make a detailed troubleshooting, turn off the router for a few seconds and remove all connecting cables from the device.

unidentified-network-release centerIn the Network and Sharing Center their mistake with an unidentified network can resolve

Unidentified Network: What does this mean?

The message finds its bottom right of the taskbar next to the system time represented by a yellow triangle. the error is caused when the PC IP address on the network can be assigned. To check which IP address has your computer, give from the Windows Run function (Shortcut: + "Windows" key "R") "cmd" and writes there the command "ipconfig". In the line "IPv4 address" the IP address of the computer is displayed. If the connection is there is there is an entry like "192.168.1.x". There is, however, a different value, the IP address is not assigned directly from the network but by Windows. This causes the error with the unidentified network is created.

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Unidentified Network: What can you do about it?

To solve the problem with the unidentified network provides first ensure that the DHCP function is enabled on your router. The router can trigger a rule by entering the IP address in the browser window. Otherwise, the IP address of the router also takes place via the command line. Give again "ipconfig" as a command, but this time with the "/ all" (ie "ipconfig / all" - all without quotes). Under the "Gateway", the control address of the router is output.

Unidentified Network: No internet access? solve problemsIf calling the router through the browser is not possible, you can your PC for eliminating the error with the "unidentified network"Assign an IP address manually. this is about the Control Panel, "Network and Sharing Center" driven. There you look for the corresponding entry of the Internet connection. Via the "Properties" then under "Use the following IP address" the correct address is entered. This depends on the IP address of the router. Used for this. As the address, selects the address for the computer. For the entry "subnet mask" the value "" is selected, used in "Default Gateway" IP address of the router. So you can you successfully connect to the Internet now, the router must be restarted once.

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