Forgot Facebook Password: This can be done

Will you use Facebook, you must log in you with your e-mail address along with a password. the password is often secured for convenience in the browser and therefore rarely used. By the time one switches the browser or want to log on your phone, you are faced with a problem when you have Facebook has forgotten password.

Forgot Facebook Password: This can be done

Find out here how to restore his Facebook password.


Forgot Facebook Password Reset by mail or phone

In case you no longer log in to Facebook, you can, because you lost your password is going on, as follows.

  1. Gets the Top of Facebook to below
  2. Click on the top right "You can not log in?"
  3. Give here the personal data that requires Facebook to identify your account.
  4. This may be the login e-mail address, your full name, the stored phone number or username.
  5. If you do not know your username, ask one of your Facebook friends about calling your profile. The user name is found in the final section of the URL of your Facebook account
  6. Click on "Search".
  7. Was your account uniquely identifies the password via a link via e-mail or through a code via text message can be reset.


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Facebook Password forgotten? This can be done

Should you no longer have access to the stored e-mail account can, do the following to her, if the Facebook password has been forgotten:

  1. Opens the Facebook page and uses above the button "You can not log in?"
  2. If you can no longer undo an e-mail address password, click on "Have you no longer have access to this?"
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. As a rule, you can reset it the Facebook password by answering your security question.
  5. You are logged in once again in your Facebook account, in the first step, the email address should be changed so that you can use to reset them if the password to Facebook is forgotten again.


With us you learn also how it behaves with the hacking of Facebook accounts.

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