move or store images on SD card: Find it at Android

The internal memory of a smartphone is filled quickly by apps, photos, videos and more. With the SD card can also store data externally to protect the Android space. Who will score a lot of pictures with your phone, should move his pictures to the SD card, or even save it directly.

In the video you see, how you get your images move to SD card:
451294move or store images on SD card: Find it at Android

Find out here how you must do if you want to move existing images on the SD card a) already or b want to secure new images directly on the SD memory). The guide works on all phones on which a current Android version installed, including Samsung Galaxy S devices, the HTC M8 or Sony Xperia Z.

Step by step you see the instructions in our Photogallery:

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So their images move to SD card (Android phones)

In the factory setting, images are automatically stored in the internal memory. The setting makes sense, after all, each unit is not equipped with an SD card. Will you move already taken pictures on SD memory, is as follows:

  1. Open File Manager.
  2. Search "Camera" - "DCIM" folder.
  3. Select folder for moving.
  4. press "Move".
  5. Select SD card as the destination.

Alternatively, you can also select individual images and move.


The phone memory is full? Then it might be time for a new device:

More products on

store images on SD card: Set for Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Sony Xperia and Co.

Ensure that all photos are stored on the SD card in the future, you have the set in the camera options:

  1. To open the Camera app.
  2. Call settings.
  3. Change the "Memory" from the "Device" to "SD Card".

android memory-camera

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