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You always wanted to play God once and then to spend a lot alike from a first person perspective? Here, then change a whole world, just as you imagine that? Then WorldEdit is the tool of your choice for Minecraft.

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"WorldEdit" represents in the broadest sense no Mod for Minecraft is, but rather an in-game map editor, you have and with both the Creative- and for the survival mode different options can create their own worlds, as the name it indeed already suggests.

So it creates in the creative mode, for example, structures in days, you have no WorldEdit previously taken weeks or even months for. are helpful here that is diverse among others Copy and paste functions, in which you can repeating structures simply repeat and program so that their like portions (e.g., walls) or shovel not individually need to pile up.

In survival mode, you can eliminate the unpleasant consequences of griefers or exploded Creepern on your server with WorldEdit. So ugly busted lakes are smoothed out again, covered landscapes with snow or transformed whole areas in sweets. Even her so easily can move the building from A to B, even sleeping inside during Someone. Great!

Here are some commands:

  • // wand - you gain the Selection tool
  • to determine left-click with the selection tool on a block to the first selection point
  • to determine right click on a block to the second selection point
  • // set rock - stone
  • // expand 2 up - extended two fields in the air
  • // set glass &# 8211; Glass
  • // move up x - x moving boxes up
  • // walls brick &# 8211; Wall
  • // snow 5 &# 8211; snow
  • // undo - undo

Designed with WorldEdit now your very own cards. No longer several hours of playing time for setting up whole areas need to be wasted, but now you can concentrate on playing at last, what it is actually also thought.

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