Facebook: disable Birthday Memories – Here’s how

Annoys you Facebook birthday reminders? Then you can turn it off. The display of your own birthday in other contacts can turn her. We show where to find the settings in Facebook.

disable birthday reminder: Facebook

Every time I want to change on facebook a particular setting, I need forever to find it. Today it's about shutting down the birthday reminders. You may meant nice, but help to ensure that the Facebook content that you want to see primarily perish. Just as you already from the display people you might know or by Do you know? knows her.

  • Facebook: people you might know - disable

In the settings, you can turn off the display of birthdays:

  1. Login you one on Facebook.
  2. Click above the right of the lock icon on the small arrow and select Settings.

    Here you open the settings.Here you open the settings.

  3. Selects the left menu item notifications.
  4. Right click on the lettering on Facebook. The point pops up.
  5. For birthdays you can now make right from the drop-down menu for the birthday display is disabled.
Facebook: Here you can disable the display of birthdays.

So you can hide your own birthday

Your Birthday own is also displayed other Facebook contacts. You can turn off the display or limit only to your friends:

  1. Login you one on Facebook and click update information in the header on the button above.

    Here you can change their your profile information including the birthday reminder.Here you can change their your profile information including the birthday reminder.

  2. Scroll down a bit and selects the left point contact information and general information.
  3. Ride your mouse over date of birth and right click Edit.
  4. In addition to the birthday, month and year of birth you can set right in the small drop-down menu, if only you can see only your friends or all your birthday. Represents only one I that you turn your birthday reminder want to disable other contacts.
Here you off that your birthday is shown in others.


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