Open ISO file – how it works with different methods

ISO files are nothing more than common archive files. Much information packed into a container. That is why one can open and examine them well.

Open ISO file - important's mit verschiedenen Methoden

Usually ISO files associated with the application that created them. And this is a CD-burning program generally. This burning programs are definitely able to open the ISO file and allow any rework it. But if you get an ISO file from the Internet and want to see just once what is actually put in it, then submit small tools for this task.

An ISO film opened with VLC

While VLC is a popular player for all possible formats of music and video files, but hardly anyone knows that this program can open ISO files, which were created by movie DVDs. Then the VLC media player displays the movies directly.

iso movie oeffnen vlc

This works quite normal from the file open dialog. We click on &Media; # 8220 &# 8211; open file&# 8221; and load the ISO file into the program. Immediately the player to play the movie begins. We can fast-forward, pause, stop here &# 8211; VLV behaves when you open the ISO file as if it would be a normal DVD.

open an ISO file as a CD or DVD

An ISO file is basically yes, the image of a CD or DVD. So some program developers have thought that you then can load like a silver disc this. To this end, there are several drivers that are capable of such images to &# 8220; mount&# 8221 ;. Thus the inclusion of a new drive is meant and is a useful program for this purpose WinCDEmu.

WinCDEmu iso mount

As the program name suggests it already, it comes to the emulation of a CD from a file. Here, the process is simple. After installation, simply double-click to open an ISO file. For this purpose it is integrated as a virtual CD and gets its own drive letter assigned. The possibilities and limitations correspond to the possibilities of a CD when working with this ISO file. To say that we view and open files but not save, edit or delete. The ISO file behaves just like a read-only CD. To free up the drive letter again and unload the ISO file, click with the right mouse button on the drive letter and choose from the menu &Ejecting; # 8220&# 8221 ;.

a nice &In addition to feature; # 8220&# 8221; the program is the option to have to make even ISO files on a CD. Since the start of programs from the hard disk is much faster still, as from a CD, is it worth it thoroughly. Thus, for example, has a game on the hard drive without inserting the CD each time. To create an ISO file from a CD, you have to do is right-click on the CD drive in Explorer and on the shortcut menu &# 8220; Create ISO Image&# 8221; Click. Then specify the location and name yet, and shortly thereafter you can put aside the CD or DVD and henceforth open with WinCDEmu the ISO file.

So if you, for example, 1: got one copy of a DVD movie as ISO file, they can be with WinCDEmu Open and view the enthltenen in film, as if you had the original DVD in the player.

Alternatively, you can the whole thing with Daemon Tools Lite make: Windows 7, 10: Mount ISO - How it works&# 8217; s.

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