The Walking Dead: The need her about King Ezekiel & amp; Shiva know!

The sixth season of &# 8220; The Walking Dead&# 8221; ended with a nasty cliffhanger. This is well known and we can not definitively clear at the moment, who kicked the bucket and was carried off by Negan. Also, the latest trailer for the seventh season of the zombie series can not help and so we dedicate ourselves today another topic us. Anyone who has closely followed the preview, is there a gentleman who sits next to a massive Tiger and confident grins at the camera. We tell you who it is and what you need to know about King Ezekiel.

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Atmospheric trailer stretched us to the seventh season of &# 8220; The Walking Dead&# 8221; the torture and irritates the cliffhanger of the previous finals of relish. Nevertheless, we are focusing today on King Ezekiel and his tiger. Here is the first trailer:

97243The Walking Dead Season 7 - Trailer

The Walking Dead: The need her about King Ezekiel & know Shiva

Actor Khary Payton takes on the role of the king Ezekiel, ruler of the Kingdoms and in the comics in addition to his Tiger Lady Shiva an established character, similar to Negan before his appearance in the sixth season of &# 8220; The Walking Dead&# 8221; was.

Ezekiel's name may refer to the biblical prophet Ezekiel, in the comics, he is, however, ruler of an enclave of uninfected people in the middle of the Apocalypse. Accordingly, his &# 8220; Kingdom&# 8221; a counterpart to Alexandria, but with much better infrastructure. Shiva protects the king and former zookeeper against attackers of all kinds and is immune to the zombie virus.

It will be exciting in the moment in which Negan enters the scene, because these subjects in addition to Alexandria and the Kingdom and so it could be in the seventh season of the TV version of &# 8220; The Walking Dead&# 8221; to get that to ally Rick and his followers with the king and form a common unit against Negan.

According to the appearance of Ezekiel could a central plot line in &# 8220; The Walking Deads&# 8221; form future and the seventh season could come down to a battle between Rick's group and the followers of the king against Negan.

Who still wants to deal with the cliffhanger of season six is ​​bundled in this video our speculation Negans victims.

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