Syntpenh: unimportant startup program or virus?

SynTPEnh.exe part of the driver program of Synaptic Pointing Device Synaptics. The application file contains programmatic statements regarding the functionality of the touch pad of your notebook. Trojans use the name of that performing driver file like as a mask. But even without the attack by malicious software Startup of Syntpenh can slow down the computer greatly.

Syntpenh: unimportant startup program or virus?

Syntpenh: Synaptics TouchPad Enhancements &# 8211; What is it?

It is an application that controls the functions of your touch pad. The process is part of the startup menu and look at the task manager. The SynTPEnh.exe file in the folder &# 8220; C: \ Program Files \ Synaptics \ SynTP&# 8221; and often as a recovery version of the folder &# 8220; C: \ Windows \ System32&# 8243; find.

The file is not a part of the operating system and the program can generally be uninstalled from the Control Panel without affecting the function of the system. Also the touch pad usually works continue smoothly after SynTPEnh.exe been uninstalled.



but it may be that individual functions of the touch pad, like the wheel, no longer work. If you installed the program again, it may result in error messages that are 99% because the path is destroyed in the registry. You can then either correct the error manually or using a program like Registry Repair Pro.

The computer is slow: Debt has Syntpenh?

Consistently tell users that SynTPEnh.exe drives their CPU usage in the air and greatly minimizes the processing power. In Task Manager, you can read under Processes, how high the utilization by the program. To check the performance of your computer without dedicated computer skills, you can use the excellent Security Task Manager. Software that makes you accessible to much more information than the Windows Task Manager.


Another useful and award-winning tool for optimizing your system is TuneUp Utilities, which allows you many ways to customize your Windows to clean and optimize. With this program you can not then just shut Syntpenh, but also to find out if there are still other reasons for the slowness of your PC.

Stop Syntpenh startup?

Again, this can over manually begin -> perform -> Input: msconfig -> enter -> &# 8220;startup&# 8221; Select, put checkmarks or remove itself on and exhibit.

More recent Windows versions you will from there to the Task Manager referenced here you then removes the check mark in the menu &# 8220;startup&# 8220 ;. create your own startup entries a software-driven alternative that allows you too comfortable, for example, would the Startup Manager.


Syntpenh: error messages and virus threat

Of course, the SynTPEnh.exe may also cause error messages, which are then usually reported by the Windows operating system. This may be due to a missing, damaged or corrupted by Trojans or viruses SynTPEnh.exe file, and lying to the destroyed registry entries. If you have not already done so anyway, it is recommended that at least now, to create a backup of your files.

For a reasonable suspicion of an infection with viruses, spyware, Trojans or worms, it is appropriate to make the pest with appropriate software finished off. The download of a virus scanner or malware scanner that is independent of Windows, as well as the operation of an online virus scanner are necessary measures to make the malicious software identified. 

Furthermore, outdated drivers can be the cause. In the case an update of the manufacturer, Synaptics help.



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